Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"An officer of the law with a criminal past. Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it!" -Ichabod Crane(Sleepy Hollow)

~*bangs head on table* why is it so hard to make friends on Blogger?? What do I have to do to make friends here? Sell my soul to Crowley? *weeps*

~I`m caught up with the series Sleepy Hollow. Anyone else following it? It`s pretty awes-- OMG I accidentally Googled SHeepy Hollow instead of Sleepy Hollow and was directed to sheepskin covers for motorcycles... Anyway, if you enjoy watching Supernatural or shows with demons and spooky creatures, this is the show for you! 
~On a new note, I`m gonna be joining NaNoWriMo! I`m working on a novel about a detective with synesthesia, allowing him to see peoples smells(has anyone here watched/read Perfume: The story of a Murderer? It`s not the same, but something like it) and an introverted vet who, with eye contact, understands a person. The story is in a first person point of view, and the chapters are separated between the two characters. They don`t meet as far as I know-- they don`t even stay in the same area. The setting is Malaysia. Heard of it? :)

~I should be writing(I know this is considered as writing as well, but you know what I mean), and so I shall go and write!