Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liebster Award!!

~OHMIGOSH OHMIGOSH AAHHHH!!!! I`ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by two awesome bloggers!! They are Jake from Jake`s Writing Adventure and Sabrina from Insanity!! Thanks guys!! *Copies rules from Jake and pastes it here*
The Liebster award is where Bloggers nominate other bloggers they like with 200 followers or less. Any type of blog can be nominated. It's a way to get to know new bloggers and to network with them. Here's how it works:

1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you left.
3. Ask 11 new questions for those who you nominate.
4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate.
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

~For the 11 facts about myself. Here goes :

1. I only began immersing myself in reading past the age of thirteen. Before 
    that, I was a gamer addict.  Before that, I was a television addict.
2. At age 12, I used to copy comics from the newspapers and draw tons of pokemon with my school buddy, CXZ(a.k.a. Squank.) I also created an imaginary land with my brother (Nar) drawn on paper(we used up more than 3 exercise books!). It was more or less computer game based, and we named the land 'Book Book'... Imagination shortage on naming, it seems... We could travel to different lands via the boat we drew. I recall even having a land with dragons in it (My dragon drawings looked like mutated lizards) dedicated to `Dragon Booster` cartoon. (The show was all the hype then, back at school.)
3. Squank left the school we were in together since age n9 to go to a private school when we were 15. That`s when I met Nix, then Rae. Storybooks(and manga) more or less is the glue that bonds us. It`s also what started our friendship. Black Butler caused me and Rae to become buddies while Artemis Fowl was a book the three of us read and exchanged ideas on. The two of them seeded the love for literature in me. Thanks, guys! That`s also when I joined DeviantArt(not a member anymore, no time.) and began writing short stories and doodling.

 4. I love the moon. I can stare at the midnight sky for hours, contemplating about life and it`s meaning. (So far, no proper answers.)
5. I`ve gotten stuck in improperly functioning lifts(elevators) many times before. There was once when me and my mum got stuck in a very packed lift, and two guys wanted to call the emergency button and lie to the workers outside (who were trying to free us) that there was a pregnant lady in the lift about to give birth. I was twelve then, I think. Fun times...

6. I`ll marry the person who buys me a balloon filled with helium! (Just kidding!)

7. This is getting difficult.... I speak very fast. My grandpa used to call me Gatling gun because of the speed at which I spoke at.

8. I currently only speak two languages fluently. (sort of.) They are English and Bahasa Melayu.

9. I have tons of online aliases. (One day I should spend some time listing them all out!)

10. I have a poodle named Roxyie and a dog which has similar futures to a fox named Lucy. 

11. I have a love hate relationship with spiders.
~I`ll have to answer two sets of 11 questions for part 2. Ok, first the questions asked by Jake :

1. What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Surf the net!! (Or stare at any screen around the house.)
2. Favorite desert?
Second time I`ve been asked this question today.(First was at German class by teacher, in German.) I`ll have to say practically anything sweet. I told my teacher it was Chocolate (Cause Chocolate is almost the same when pronounced in German...) but I also love the RM1.05 McDonalds ice-cream!

3. Give two or three adjectives that best describe you.
Bald (For now. Hair has started growing already! Now my head feels like those carpeted grass, where your leg sinks inside it then it is pushed back up.), hungry and sleepy. (Are these even adjectives?)
4. Do you have a role model? Who?
At the moment they are : J.R.R.Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell, Eoin Colfer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Ok, I can`t do this anymore! I have too many to list and they date back to many manyyyy years ago!)

5. Favorite music genre?
Anything and everything with a catchy tune.

6. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
To fly. (Unless having Magic is considered a superpower. Cause then I`d pick Magic, hands down. No competition there. I mean, it`s MAGIC! You can do almost anything with magic!)
7. Do you like working alone or with others?
Depends on what I`m working on. I want to write a novel with someone, but nobody seems interested. I`m working on a novel of my own now, but one is a lonely number... And if it`s on school projects, definitely group work. Cause I usually space out when the teacher is giving instructions, then I`ll need help from my class mates...
8. Do you prefer starting tasks or finishing them?
Both! You can`t finish without starting, and it`s no real use to start without finishing!

9. If you were a (hopefully nice) dictator what would be the first thing you'd do?
I`d make chocolate and ice-cream free for everyone!!!! 

10. Cats or dogs?
Both! I really can`t choose! Both the creatures being so adorable and loving!

11. Why did you start your blog?
Because before I started blogging, I had used up four books as diaries. My mum was getting fed up with me wasting paper, so here I am on Blogger. Although I have a separate(and private!) blog for my diary entries now. Here`s to share my thoughts, writings, reviews, etc. But not to share what I do or eat everyday; that`s for my private blog ;) 

~Now for the questions asked by Sabrina :
1. Whats your name?
Woah! Too personal, don`t you think? But since you asked so politely, I`ll tell you my first name! It`s Resna. KEEP IT A SECRET!! I`m not telling you more cause who knows if you have a Death Note lying around somewhere? Must keep precautions, you know? Sorry!
2. how long have u been blogging?
Blogger says my first entry was on July 2012, but I started "seriously" blogging about a month or two back.
3. What do you like most about Blogging?
I get to write! I simply love writing and pressing buttons on the keyboard! Been pressing buttons ever since I had my first memory! Pressed buttons on toys, lifts, phones, etc. (Not to forget keyboards.)
4. Will you check out my Youtube channel please? (FallingRainStudio1)
Sure! By the way, Love Izaya in the Thrift Shop song! *Presses subscribe button* (FYI I`m Savera there.... Unless I was logged on as PokemonElf? *Sigh* I have too many accounts...)
5. If the world was covered in lava while zombies were chasing you , what would you do?
I don`t think I could do anything. The world`s covered in lava, I would have been cremated under it... *runs away crying*
6. What music you like?
 *Copies and pastes*
Anything and everything with a catchy tune.
7. are you INSANE? 
As said by Nora Ephron (and I quote) :
"Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they are crazy." 
So, erm... I`m not sure how to answer this...
8. Summer or Winter?
I live in a tropical island, so Summer it is!!
9. Heaven or Hell?
Go to Heaven for the scenery, Hell for the company! ;)
10. did you like school?
I can`t say I hate it. 
11. Will you be my friend :)
 Heck yeah! I need more, anyways! *Hugs!*


1. If you could have named yourself(not given name by parents), what name would you have chosen?

 2.Your dream job/career? 
3. What type of books do you like reading? (Like, romance or adventure? List a few!)

4. What do you think you were in your previous life?
5. Did you start your blog to write stories or keep track of the events in your life? In other words, why did you start blogging?

6. What is the question you find silliest that you have asked someone? Describe the reaction of the other party!
7. What would you do if you have only 24 hours left to live?
8. You are to be sent off to another livable world with other creatures in it. If you could take only one thing along, just one, what would it be?
9. Describe your imaginary friend/character. (I`m pretty sure everyone has one, right? If not, describe the personality of a person you would like to meet some day.)
10. Do you LOVE the moon? *Holds shotgun at your head* Choose your answer wisely...

11. (I`m gonna copy this question from Sabrina because I love it lots! Will you be my friend? *Puppy eyes looks up pleadingly at you*

 ~Here`s the list of the 11 bloggers I`m going to nominate!! :

Nominees :
 1. Jack
3. Rae
4. Joey
6. Stefan 
 7. Noodle
8. Chibiko
9. Brogan

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1Q84 book one review

1Q84 is a book written by Haruki Murakami. What I write now is my personal view of the first book in the trilogy and it contains spoilers. 

~Let me just start by saying that the first of the three books is 442 pages long. Some books end in that many pages or less. This book, however, took this many pages to progress painfully slow... If I had bought just book one, I would not have bought the next book because the cliffhanger at the ending was... not a cliffhanger... Probably why the book is sold as a trilogy in one book...

~Character wise, the characters are pretty well developed (well, yeah. The author had 442 pages to develop them. I`m still not sure what the plot is though.) I`m also slightly confused as to why there were so many sexual scenes. I mean, why?? Couldn`t he and his girlfriend(which i`m pretty sure is still unnamed unless I missed reading her name somewhere.) be just be having tea for once? Meh. I`m still a kid, I wouldn`t get it.

 ~For now, I gather that the plot for Aomame`s part of the story is that she has to... erm... I`m not sure yet. As far as I know now, the dog Bun exploded. This reminded me of a conversation I had with Nix back when I was attending school. We talked about spontaneous human combustion. Yeah, people randomly going up in flames. 

~So as far as I gather, Aomame is this pro killer (kills people with an ice pick, LIKE A BOSS!) who`s also an exercise trainer. Her name means green peas. She kills evil men. She`s the one who somehow got into the new world with two moons. Then she named the new world 1Q84. I think she transferred worlds when she was climbing down the emergency stairway and reminiscing an event with an old friend(Tamaki) who she had an sexual encounter with. (See?? Chapter 3 and i`m having sexual stuff shoved in my face!) 

~In this new world, things have changed. There`s also this new religion/occult thing called Sakigake. Near the ending of the first book, we meet a new character introduced by the dowager (the old lady she works for by killing men who abuse their wives) called Tsubasa. (It means `wings` in English.) Tsubasa talks about the Little People. Before this, however, most of Aomame`s story was about her needing to get laid... And making a police officer partner(Ayumi) to help her in her conquest...

~Tengo is an interesting character. He teaches maths in a cram school three times a week and is working on becoming a published novelist. His story begins with him talking to a man named Komatsu. He wants a story called Air Chrysalis to be added into the finals. Komatsu says nah, lets let you rewrite it and make it awesome. Then we can make it more famous! And so Tengo agrees. (FYI, this is illegal during that period.)

~So Tengo meets up with Fuka-Eri, the original author of Air Chrysalis. (Rae spoiled this one for me by telling me she`s an alien! At least her spoiler peaked my interest in the book.) Fuka-Eri reminds me of a Mary Sue... Anyway, the main plot in Tengo`s part of the story was him rewriting the book and it becoming best seller. Also, his relationship with Fuka-Eri.Fuka-Eri speaks of the Little People, too. I wonder what they are...

~There`s a part in the book where it is mentioned that Tengo dislikes responsibility, which is why he wants an older girlfriend. (So she can take the lead, apparently.) He also dislikes being the leader of groups. And he`s super talented in many aspects of life. Yeah. I enjoy his conversations with his older girlfriend.

~My favourite character so far would be Tengo`s girlfriend. Probably because of the last chapter. I find her as a very cool, relaxed lady. Sure, she`s cheating on her husband, but there`s this sort of aura that radiates from her speech when I read about her. It`s like she`s contended with her life. (The part where she doesn`t want to change the past.) Yet she knows lots, like how she`s able to differentiate `lunatic` and `insane`. 

~This part of the book is my favourite! Cause now when I look at the moon, I can ask people if they know the difference between a lunatic and insane person! FYI, `Insane` is a person with probable mental problems. `Lunatic` is to have your sanity temporarily seized by the moon, (Luna, hence lunatic.) as said so in the book.

~I`m also bugged by the fact that the first book took place during April up to June, but there was not even one mention of the Sakura Season! Whenever I think of Japan, the first image that pops up in my mind is those pink flowered trees. I do recall reading how it rained very much there though... It rains everywhere in the world, not new news...

 ~I guess it`s not fair since i`m comparing this book to most adventure books I have read, which have very many events occur in very few chapters. In 1Q84 it`s like you`re following the life of Aomame and Tengo in whatever they do. When they eat, when they sleep, practically everything! The story takes time to progress, but I do enjoy the conversations the characters have. They often leave me pondering about their conversations, which is a thing I fancy about this book.

~My gosh! I feel like an idiot for reviewing the book this way, when it seems the rest of my friends (which are two, to be exact. I`m a lonely person.) liked the book(s) lots. Not to say I dislike the first book. No. I like it. (I read it, didn`t I?) It`s just that I usually read fast paced books. This book is a change for me, absorbing and entwining me slowly with the two antagonists. It brings up many thoughts and issues to contemplate on.

~Overall, I suggest that if you plan on reading this book, buy the trilogy, not book one alone.

~"Don`t let appearances fool you. There`s always only one reality." -Haruki Murakami, 1Q84.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chapter 2 - Why are information brokers such donkeys?

 Dude set firecrackers to my cat!

<< Chap 1 
 Eva may be beautiful, but that in no way made her dumb. No, she was far from it. She just didn`t like showing it. Keep a low profile and people expect less of you and all that, you know? She liked the television. A lot. Showing she was smart would surely have gotten her into college, but that would have meant that her time with her loved one would be shortened, right? No good risking it. She had Kyo to leech from, after all.

When Kyo had entered his room only to come out screaming moments later, pointing at something inside the room accusingly, she had deduced it was Kia before giving it much thought. How? Well, why else would he be screaming "You bloody bastard, Kia! I`m gonna call the polic on your smug face! How the hay did you get in?!"

She sighed. Not gonna get any proper television watching with him screaming like a maniac. She got up, turned off the television and walked into Kyo`s room.

"Kia." she said, her voice cold.

My brother, the suicidal Spiderman

1/19/2013 - Saturday.

~I`m not sure if i`m supposed to be proud of my brother, or be scolding him and giving him advice...

~ Let me tell you a little about my brother. (Nicknamed Nar.) He`s fifteen, has dark brown(black?) hair and eyes, is dark skinned, taller but younger than me, and is to sit for a major exam this year. (PMR) He also has the blood of Spiderman/DareDevil flowing in his veins ._. 

~I`ll tell you why I say this. Tell me how many people you know is willing to climb the roofs of their house after midnight every night just to get to their computer? Cause I only know one. And he`s my brother.

Friday, January 18, 2013

What`s all this nonsense about luck that you speak of?

Dude set firecrackers to my cat!

This is Kyo, our protagonist. At this moment, our blond friend hides behind a dumpster in a dingy graffiti decorated alley with a brand new camera in his hands. Now, what was our protagonist up to? Well, he was being a stalker. He was snapping shots of the ruby eyed male selling drugs to a shabby looking teen whose countenance portrayed the futures of one who seemed to always be higher than Heaven.

No, this was not his job. He was not even being paid to do this. He worked as a journalist for Pets Weekly. But that animal abuser a few feet away from him deserved justice called upon his sorry ass, and this was proof enough. Smiling to himself smugly, Kyo got up from his crouching position as soon as the teen entered a rusty red door at the other end of the deserted alley.

"Ha! You`re so screwed, Kia! Or should I call you dick instead? Your parents should have named you dick!" Kyo shouted to the red eyed man he was stalking, who was now striding towards him.

"See this camera? Has your illegal crud all in it! You`re over, dude. So screwed!" Kyo continued, now taking small steps back. Kia smirked as he picked up a trash can lid from the floor. Kyo`s yellow eyes widened.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I wish criminals were smarter...

1/18/2013 - Friday.(2:21am)

~It would probably be stupid of me to say this, but i just don`t think there`s enough smart badness in this world. If there was, our police won`t be deciphered in cartoons all fat like and eating doughnuts most of the time. When I watch shows like Sherlock or Monk where genius detectives are involved, there`s always a cool crime waiting to be solved. 

~In reality, everyday I read my newspapers to find some politician having dirt dug up on him, or suicide cases. The most common trending cases now a days are rape cases. Everyday there`s a rape case without fail. Seriously? Intelligent bad dudes, where the heck are you guys hiding?? These `tarded criminals are soiling your reputations!

~There have been cases of robberies where criminals rob stores without wearing masks =.= There`s also epic cases with robbers robbing the same store they work in during their break. Best part is that they wear their uniform, with their name tag and all still on it, while attempting the robbery. Gosh, what did I just research?

~And truth be told, many crime cases go unsolved. What ARE the police doing anyway? We need more private detectives ._. You know, the ones who always have some disguise up their sleeves. Just add a mustache, it does the trick. Who knows, if police stay this way, maybe i`ll rob a bank someday?(Anyone wanna join me? Jk, jk) Reminds me of Flypaper, where the two groups decide to rob the same bank on the same day. What are the odds?


Lets become thieves!
Who wear masks and mustaches
We`ll roam the nights in leather tights
Darkness be our cover
Shadows be our eyes

Should we learn how to climb rooftops first?
Probably so, lets take lessons in acrobats.
You`ll do all the swinging, I`ll do the thinking.
Then let me in.
I`ll be waiting.

So many victims, such little time.
Who shall we rob first, that house along street nine?
There`s a widower there, with her Coo-Koo cats.
Careful of her cookies.
They say they`re made of bats!

We`ll set sleeping gas inside her house.
What? No, no murder. There`s cats as her witness!
Do I believe in hell, you ask?
Of course!
Else where would I end up in once i`m gone?

Oi! Careful! Don`t break the lady`s vase.
She may be drugged, don`t mean her neighbours are!
Hush! I know we live next to her!
Just. Keep a low profile, please!

Yes, i`m stealing her chicken, got a problem?
I`m hungry. Can`t rob a house on an empty tummy...

I`ve gotten all the jewelry
Have you gotten all the money? Good.
What about the pearl necklace
That fat cat has around its neck?
No? Fine then we`ll leave it.

Shit! What the heck was that?
Oh, just that sleeping dreaming cat.
Gosh it`s a feline land mine in here!
I wonder how many she has now.
98 you say? You counted?
Should we leave her note to thank her?
Oh, great! You`ve thought of it before I did!

Now off we go, before some cat decides to get up.
The demons pets, them are, hurry!

And off we go with our booty
Lets do this again sometime, shall we?


~These horrible post-midnight posts should teach me not to write past midnight.... I never learn, do I? I type while i`m sleeping. It`s like sleepwalking, only it`s called sleeptyping. It`s a thing. It exists. Fine, toodles!!

~"Nature was in her beryl apron, mixing fresher air." -Emily Dickinson.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Studying the German language in a German Institute (Duh, obvious much?)

~10min doodle.... I miss art ._.

My journey to Earth domination.

 Learning a new language to make communication with various races a simpler task.
 Recall a time when I blogged about how I rarely complete anything or stick to a subject till the end without taking a detour? Apparently this doesn`t just apply to posts and my pattern of speech with the humans I tend to communicate with. Mother alien has gotten the INTI college humans to postpone my A- Levels using her awesome persuasion skills. Now my task has been changed to studying the various languages of the Earthlings. German, to be exact. At the Malaysian-German Society in Penang.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Posing as a student on her first day of college life

My journey to Earth domination. 

Assimilating young adulthood to further study and comprehend humans and their queer behaviors.

As much as an alien robot would love to say the first day of college was like being under the deserts sun for hours without water, it wasn`t. Me and my mother alien left home in our CRV Space Shuttle at 9:15am for INTI campus in Penang. I am to take Cambridge A-Levels Courses(CAL) at the aforementioned place.There my mum took out her lazer gun and threatened a few staff members and got me my timetable. My first class was Statistics. (STA1311A3 YGL LR301.) After searching the forest for a specific leaf, (and failing epicly! Humans label their buildings in such a queer manner!) we decided to interrogate students for answers. One finally squealed and leaded us to the right door that would supposedly lead me to a room where knowledge on Statistics would be imparted from teacher to her fellow followers. She broke free from our captivity once we were glad we found the right portal. Sadly, the portal was out of service. A notice saying `Moved to 502` was stuck on the portal, and so we were back on our hunt for the Statistics room.

 My alien vision spotted a cherished human acquaintance which I had grown particularly fond of entering a room from a mile away. I recalled her contacting me some time back to inform me of her joining in said college. She would be learning Maths(which included Statistics), Physics, Chemistry and Biology as her plans for the future was to travel in a steel bird to Europe to master the art of healing. As she entered, I told my mother that I had identified an ally in the crowd of humans. My mother asked `where?` only to be ignored by me as I was already running towards the room.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

~*How to get your book published*~

 13/1/2013 - Sunday.
Time : 6:17p.m, Moth.
~Carrot in a Coffee cup.
~I had carrot juice in my coffee cup to drink today. Just look at that stupid carrots face, all smug looking. Makes me feel like punching it... My mum says if I don`t want to wear spectacles, I have to drink carrots. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with this post. It`s just an event that happened that was inevitable. Today I`m gonna talk about getting a story published. I played Assassin`s Creed till late last night and needed a break, so I decided to research on book publishing.

~There are many ways to get your story published. Some do self publishing while others find publishers. I Googled `how many ways to publish a book` and tons of sites popped up. Here are a few I liked :

~When getting a book published, you`re about to let the whole world read your story. It`s a really big event in one`s life, no? If your story gets rejected by publishers, don`t feel glum. You could always self publish. Here`s a link that directs you to other links to sell your story/poems/etc online :
 ~Lulu and Blurb look like interesting sites. Maybe i`ll join Lulu when I don`t feel like a pile of fat walruses waiting for Armageddon. Tomorrow`s the first day of college, and it seems that the majority of people I never want to cross paths with again after graduating from school are there. My mum just signed me up for another 6 months in hell`s pit. Argh!

~The issue with these people is not that they`re bad or bullied me or anything. It`s just that they`re indifferent. They were the students in my school who, when we had conversations, all we were able to say were `hi` and `bye`. We share nothing in common, and can proceed no further in our friendship. That`s the problem. It`s like a lost cause sort of dilemma. You know them, you don`t hate them. But you can`t (and don`t want to) be friends either. They`re just there, existing. Filling up spaces where new people could have filled up. New people who I could actually have a chance of becoming friends with. It`s so frustrating, and I don`t think anyone really gets it >_<

~My gosh... why is it so hard to stick to the main topic?.... So, if you`re into freelancing, here`s a site that may be of help :

~Wow, I actually feel lazy posting up all this links instead of explaining them myself. Fifteen hours left till my first day in college ._. Toodles, Wish me luck... I can actually feel all the carnivorous butterflies eating at my intestines...

~"The opposite of love is not hate, it`s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it`s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it`s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it`s indifference. -Elie Wiesel.

Friday, January 11, 2013

~*Assassin`s Creed!!*~

~Assassin`s Creed!!!! <3
 ~The picture says it all. I`m waiting for Assassin`s Creed to install while I post this. I just came back from Bukit Jambul Mall with my mom and SV. Before that I went to Inti in Penang to register. So, now I`m a student there taking A-levels. 3 subjects : Maths, Chemistry and Physics. (Engineering course.) Then we went to check out the dorms near Sunshine Mall. The rooms are tiny, but the apartment is lovely. There`s even a huge swimming pool!

~Ok, so after that we went to pick SV up from art class and headed to Bukit Jambul Mall. We had lunch at KFC. SV was bugging my mom to buy for him Sims 3, so we went to the top floor to purchase the disk. Then I saw Assassins Creed 3 there and I wanted it but I haven`t played even the first one yet ._. Better late than never, right?? Omg my hands are shaking I want to play this game so bad my train of thought is being derailed argh!!  I only got Assassin`s Creed, once i`m done i`ll go buy the others!!

~Oya, apparently you can get a lackey to park your car for you by entrusting your car-keys with them, then spending more than RM30(or was it RM40?) at Mydin to get back your car and keys from them. Cool deal? My mum made it. OMG OMG OMG OMG IT`S DONE INSTALLING!!!! GOODBYE 2013, HELLO 1191 AD!!!!  

~ "Men must be free to do what they believe. It is not our right to punish one for thinking what they do, no matter how much we disagree!" -Altair Ibn-La`Ahad.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

~*Do smart people play chess? Why? and Family Memories*~

1/10/2013 - Thursday.
Time : 5:26P.M., Moth.

~I have caught the running nose.... or is it the flu or fever? I have been encompassed by the safety of the four walls of my home, yet somehow I have managed to fall ill. The mystery is how and who passed it to me? None of my family members are sick, so why me when all I do is stay in my room? How did the virus find me when there are so many more well qualified specimen to infect? This shall be a case I shall work on in my free time, which is scarce.

~My question for today is, do almost all smart people play chess? For example, Ciel Phantomhive plays chess. Izaya plays his own modified version of chess called orthello-chess-shogi or something. I don`t think Lawliet plays chess, but I don`t know for sure. Near plays with toys on a chess board. Sherlock plays chess. Spock plays chess. Artemis Fowl plays chess.
My aunty agrees with this statement because she says chess is a very intelligent game that requires strategy and thinking to be good at.
There`s a trope for this => Smart People Play Chess

~Sooo, does this mean i`m dumb? I used to play chess when I was younger, but I got bored. My brother still plays it and now he kicks my ass in it. Nar`s also sort of a bragging winner, so I don`t want to play chess anymore.... Not with him, at least. But he`s like the only other person that plays chess in my home other than my dad. (Who`s barely at home and is better at chess than Nar but has this `I-won`t-let-you-win-even-if-you`re-a-beginner-cause-I-have-an-ego` attitude.... Not good news for me.) 

~Anyone wants to teach me chess? Maybe I could ask Ruci.... Nah. I`m happy the way I am now. But seriously, if anyone wants to teach a noob chess, tell/message me please. I`d love to learn. 

~Another trope => Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
In which the use of such preposterously confusing syllables, nouns and words are used to portray a character as intelligent in a story or show. They just do not know how to use simple words to save time in a world where time is usually scarce. Oh! How marvelous it would be to be able to purchase or sell time! Or maybe not have time at all? But that would just cause no one new beings to be born or for the old to cease to exist. Problems such as high chances of the world`s progress being halted would arise as new ideas are at a minimum. *squints at what I have wrote* Ok, this is rubbish.
~Also, random question. How many freaking pages does the Death Note have?! It seems so thin, but never ending. Can the user erase a name once it`s written and the person is dead to add more space? Or does the dead person suddenly come back alive if you erase the name from the book?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

~*My four diaries*~

~My first Diary`s first page.
~All my diaries.

1/9/2013 - Wednesday.
Time : 5:34p.m, Moth. (The name of my room.)

~Because video-loading is taking tortoise slow and i`m dying with boredom, i`m gonna post images of all my old diaries here.

~Let me tell you about Moth. My room got its name because when we first moved in in the middle of 2012, there was a dead moth at the entrance of my room. At the door actually, as if it was waiting my arrival.... but died waiting ._. It was quite large and had dark grey wings. In its memory, I gave my room the name Moth. Also, I`m now adding the date and place i`m at during that period of time because I did it in my diaries.

~I hope he looks this way ._.
~Following the neon orange of ugly written numbers are the order of my diaries from one to four. All diaries are almost completed (save for around 4 pages at the end for me to write in after 6 years pass since I began that diary.) Only the fourth diary isn`t completed because I started blogging instead. I wrote almost everyday in my diaries. The difference with a diary and blog is that for diaries, you have space limit. As in, I try to keep an entry at most 4 pages long to save space. With a blog I get to type to my hearts content. Downside, i add photos instead of getting to doodle on my blog as I do on my diary. I`m going to post the doodles I did from the first two diaries here. 

~This Death picture I doodled cause on that day we went visiting the new house when it was still under construction. Me and Nar were the only ones in the third story. My curiosity got the better of me as I went to a part of the room which was still being constructed. I fell through the roof ._. Ok, my leg went through the ceiling and before I could fall any further, Nar grabbed my hand and struggled to pull me up. I owe him my life! o_o Shush! Don`t tell him I said that! I remember the fear I felt and the way my heart pounded. It was horrible. But no, my life did not flash before my eyes. *Thank God!*

~Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!!
~This I doodled after watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Animax without using pencil to sketch first first. Elric`s eyes are so screwed >_< No, I have not completed watching the series. Let me tell you a bit more about me. I start many things and then leave it uncompleted. I suck that way, I know. It`s a flaw which I find truly difficult to correct.

~The two people dancing was drawn beside a poem I wrote. I dedicated this poem to `The Graveyard Book` by Neil Gaiman in my diary. It`s just that when I read that book, at the Dance Macabre chapter, I had feels. I can`t recall how I felt now cause it was what? Two or three years since Nix lent it to me to read. Hold on, i`ll copy the poem from my diary here.
Another Memory.

Laugh, cry, sing and dance
I take my hat off to your rhyme.
Merry, merry as can be
brings back old memories.

Some with glee
Others with pain
But what`s one
Without the other?

Take my hand
and i`ll take yours.
Together we`ll dance
Till morning comes.

All for one
and one for all.
Dance where all the
white flowers fall.

When the moon yawns
It`ll just be
One more memory
for you and me.


~The Messiah Code.
 ~I could have sworn the words took up more place on my diary ._. My poems last time consisted of so few words in a sentence.... Probably because I wrote using big fonts.... The next doodle I did after reading `The Messiah Code` by Michael Cordy. It`s of the four main characters and how I imagined them to look like. Holly`s such a brave adorable girl!

~Jammy Dodgers.
~Jammy Dodgers! Author is Bowering Sivers. Thanks Nix for introducing me to this book! I read two of them. Both of which she lent me. Ned, Jem and Billy`s mischief's are simply such fun to read. And I like the setting of the story. I`m a sucker for Victorian era stories. Or anything set in post Britian really. I admire the clothing designs of Victorian Era <3 I`ve read Jammy Dodgers on the run and Jammy Dodgers go Underground.

~A meme?
 ~This I doodled after Chemistry class. No, i`m not good at making meme`s or whatever. I just did this for fun. It`s fun to doodle, you know? The joys of art-ing shall forever remain in me, even when i`m old and prune-like and probably sour. (Which I hope to avoid becoming.) Who knows, maybe I`ll kill myself if I end up living for too long and becoming a burden to others. *shrugs* Tomorrows a mystery.

~Really old Elaris and Aleha doodle.

~Elaris Evalias and Aleha Onzran.
~Elaris and Aleha are one of the many Original Character`s (OC`s) I have. Elaris is a ladybug-kind while Aleha is a Cloud child. I`m still in the process of writing a novel with them in it. =) I had these characters for ages, but I only recently decided to give them a story. Anyway, the coloured picture of them I did ages ago. Elaris now has red hair instead of orange, and her eyes are emerald green. Aleha`s pretty much the same though. The full body drawing of them is retarded, I know. I drew this back in 2011.(Look properly at the image and you can spot the date.) Their heads are too large for their bodies....
~Super Tiny Ciel doodle.

~Here`s a Ciel Phantomhive doodle. He`s asleep.There`s a rumor going around that a Black Butler movie is going to be made!! I hope it doesn`t suck!! *Fingers crossed* Looking back at my old diaries and diary doodles make me feel nostalgic.... Ok, Death Note episode 33 has finally loaded! Toodles! <3

~"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Life of sadness, lost to lust.
Close your eyes, and you will see.
The world`s not a place, deemed fit to be.
 ~*RSN*~ (Me!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

~*Mello and Near*~

 1/8/2013 - Tuesday.
~Near and Mello.
~I`m at episode 30 now, and i`ve already met Mello and Near. They seem like likable characters to me. Although I still miss L.... Gosh! I`m watching this anime fast! Gonna read the manga once i`m done with the anime! Any suggestions of anime to watch similar to Death Note? =3

~It`s games we are playing. It`s all we are ever doing.
~Life is like a game, is it not? And no one gets out alive anyway. (Some quote, I think.)

~It`s adorable how Mello`s name could contradict his personality. Just add a `w` behind Mello and his name becomes `mellow`. Mellow means soft/free from harshness, but the way he behaves says other wise. His real name is Mihael Keehl (so fancy!). I have no problem with Mello really, even if he acts on emotion. I can understand jealousy. He`s probably jealous of Near for coming first all the time. Besides, he has an inferiority complex. He just wants to win so bad. Is that a quality he share`s with Lawliet, I wonder?

~You`re never too old for toys.
  ~How old is Near anyway? He`s playing with toys. I like that. He`s maintaining the child in him. I wouldn`t give such toys to my children though ._. Don`t need them playing with Shinigami`s and robots with green skulls in them. No, thank you. Oh! And I spot lego! ^^

~Oh! Wow. Near, you`re a Virgo and the manga states that your blood type is B. *high fives!* I`m the same! And your real name is Nate River. o.o My alias is River. Coincidence? I think not! How did you get your alias anyway? I`ll keep watching to find out =3 

~Choo-choo! Oh! Hi Mello =)

~It`s like Mello and Near are the two extreme opposites of each other. Mello acts on emotion and shows it clearly. Near, for me, acts cool and collected. Mello wears this tight fitting clothes that make me uncomfortable just looking at it. Near wears comfy baggy clothes that looks like pyjamas. Mello`s hair is straight, Near`s hair is kinda curly? 
 One thing they both share in common, they want to catch Kira!

~I agree with Near. Nothing good can come from accepting Kira. Simply because now the majority of the world will be living in fear of him. It`s like communism or dictatorship. Coming from a democratic country, i`m against this. Just watch  the ending of episode 30 again, you`ll see. All those mad peoples wanting other people dead. *sigh*

~Light thinks he`s making an ideal world, but what about the criminals who had families? What about those he killed that had loved ones? Won`t they end up hating him? Then they would just want Kira dead. It`s just like how Misa worships Kira for killing her parents murderer, some other person may loathe Kira for killing their parents! How come there`s no larger rebel force? I guess the police, Near and Mello are the rebel force, but that`s so little people.... Meh. The world is weird.

~He reminds me of L in the certain ways he behave.

~There should be a Scare Note or something. Where it makes the criminals suffer mentally until they become good or realize their sins. Hehhee torture. Somewhat like what the dude from SAW was doing, just without the `they end up dead` part. The bad guys should suffer in their minds until they atone for their sins! But not die. No. That`s God`s power. To take another person`s life.

~Besides, a perfect world? There can never be a perfect world because without bad people, how do we know what good people are like? We need one type to compare with the other. If everyone was good, the world would be boring and more than half the world`s population would be out of job. The criminals, and the police. Heck! If everyone was good, no one would be good! We would all just be normal, or indifferent. Just like in The Incredibles, when Syndrome says and I quote :

Syndrome (to Mr. Incredible): "I'll give them the most spectacular heroics anyone's ever seen. And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that everyone can be superheroes. Everyone can be super. And when everyone's super, no one will be." [evil laughter]

~Major blunder on my part for this screenshot >_<

~See? When everyone`s super, no one will be. So if everyone`s good, no one will be. Truthfully, I`ve been living by this quote ever since I saw the movie when it was released. After that, I just didn`t want to do what ordinary people did. Though luck. I`m as ordinary as the closest person next to you probably.

~Besides, who gives us the right to judge who is good and who is evil? To a person doing evil, they may think that what they are doing is good. Everyone has their own view of justice on events and situations. Maybe God actually likes evil? Has anyone thought of it in that context? Hitler for example. Dude had some weird mojo protection going on. Avoided death many times too. Could God have enjoyed him playing with us humans that he prevented an early death for Hitler? He changed History, played an important part in it. 

~I know what Hitler did was evil in my point of view, but to others he could be a savior/hero. Just like Tok Janggut (Or other of our Nation`s heroes.) To us, they fought for our freedom. They are heroes in our eyes. But what about the British? To them our heroes could have been villains or rebels. There is a possibility that our `penjajah`(colonizers) were trying to make us a better nation. But to us, they just wanted to steal our freedom, land and resources. It all depends on how we look at it. Therefore, who has the right to say what is right and what is wrong? The one wrong I believe in is taking another`s life with our own hands. It is the one thing I am sure of that should never be done.

~Sometimes I feel weird typing all this then posting it here. I`m beginning to type in my blog just as how I write in my diary, which is bad cause I don`t take into account the other party`s thoughts and feelings.... Hmmm. Idk all my posts are my personal opinions. If anyone feels deeply offended, here`s a Ilama. *Hugs you*. Now, forgive meee!!Also, DEATH NOTE ROCKS!!!! <3

"Humans are SO interesting!" -Ryuk. (Death Note.)

"Humans are so appealing and interesting." -Izaya Orihara. (Durarara.)
"Death: Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom." -Terry Pratchett.

 * I feel so honored to be a human at the moment.*