Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year`s Eve!!!!

31/12/12 - Monday.
~BBQ-ed Foodddd!!
~Happy New Year`s Eve everyone!!!! <3

Happy belated last Sunday of the year and last Monday of the year too!! Goodbye 2012, hell~oo 2013!!
~Today`s also my grandpa`s(I call him Apupa, his name is Jaganathan) 80th birthday!! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! <3 I flew back from Johor to Penang yesterday on Air Asia. My first time flying alone! It was an awesome experience cause I barely said 10 words the whole trip. During the flight, I read 1Q84 while eating a sausage bun my aunty bought for me (Thanks!) I got the window seat (27F). Beside me was a man who slept the whole flight. The view outside the window was.... dark xD Evening flight (7:50P.M. flight). Reached the airport at around 9:30P.M. Mom met me at the gate and took me home~ I miss my cousins so much already!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

At Johor now

~Lord of the Rings map. My cousins are hardcore fans of  LoTR.

27/12/12 - Thursday.
~`Lord of the Rings` ring my uncle has.
The white ball glows in the dark!!
Called a moonstone.
~Somehow, I`ve ended up at Johor. Ok, not `somehow`. Yesterday I  decided to follow my cousins to Johor an hour before they left. >_< Just me. No parents. I`m at Aj and Nil`s house now. I haven`t been here since I was what, 12? Yeah. Pretty long time ago. Last time I came here was with my parents and we went to Singapore. Can`t recall much of the event (main reason why I write everything that happens in a blog now).
~Anyway, yesterday we watched The Corpse Bride. Freaking awesome movie and animation!! I felt like it was a totally new world(probably was) and I would have loved to visit that world, but not live in it. The story was romance based, which is usually not to my taste. But this movie was awesome. Made me feel all blushy and I even found myself warning Victor at the part where he went to visit Victoria in her room. Then me and Aj started scolding Victoria for telling her parents what she saw. I mean, come on, wanna go to the psycho ward, lady? Wonderful movie, made me feel feelings.
~Dining room picture.
 ~I stayed up late going online on my phone and reading manga. Slept at 4am as usual. Today morning I woke up at around 10:30a.m.(Very early for me, considering I`ve been sleeping at 4am and waking up at 12pm in Kuala Lumpur) We had breakfast and then watched Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (1). Comedy. Good one too, laughed lots~
~Cool ship on a fish tank.
~After lunch I bought Sims 3 from Steam. They were having a promotion~ Played the game for awhile, then had lunch. Been eating sooo much delicious food for past couple of weeks!! ^^ Then we watched Sinbad; Legend of the Seven Seas. Sinbad reminded me slightly of Pirates of the Caribbean, but the story line was totally different. There was adventure, friendship, amazing evil God Eris, romance, and, of course, pirates. I`m curious to know, are all pirate leaders greedy and selfish(at the beginning)? I don`t know if Sinbad is set in an Alternate Universe(AU) or if it`s on Earth, but at one part someone uses the word `SUSHI`! Hehe.
~We walked Bruno(the dog) after the movie. Now I`m here, hunched in front of my laptop on a cushion in their living room. Gonna go play Team Fortress 2 now, Toodles <3
~"Every artist was first an amateur." -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

25/12/12 - Tuesday.
Le Squashed egg ._.

~I had such an awesome Christmas Eve in my cousins house!!!! In the morning we woke up at around 12 in the afternoon, all sleepy like. Then we had our baths and our lunches and went walking at SS2 playground.

~This is when stuff got interesting. I saw a baby blue egg and pointed it out to Reen. She saw it and gently pushed it with
her foot. The next thing I knew, the egg was squashed by her slipper.... She had thought it was a toy egg, just like me, and stepped on it >_< It really did look toy-like, cause it was SO BLUE!!!! But yeah, we do feel guilty about it.... In a

Meen vandalized the playground with blue
 nailpolish she found on the
 floor. She`s a HUGE Justin Bieber fan.
parallel universe, we would have taken care of it anyway, so all is well(I hope)....
~After our walk we came back and went to One Utama at around 2 o`clock. Only me, Meen and Reen went. There I saw The Peculiar storybook at MPH but I couldn`t buy it cause I already bought a book and magazine yesterday at Popular!! I bought IQ84 by Murakami and Popcorn magazine. We came back at around 4.

Me and Rae discussing IQ84 xD
~It was also my cousin, Aj`s Birthday yesterday!! Uncle Selva(his dad) bought for him a Secret Recipe cake and it was delicious!!!! ^^ We sang the birthday song and ate cake and then went to watch The Hobbit at Paradigm mall. It was a 5.50p.m. movie. The movie was so epic and I love the songs!!!! The beginning was slightly boring and Reen was bored, but as the movie progressed, she began to enjoy it. I had asked so many people before watching the movie if it was good, and all of them said `ya`. NO ONE TOLD ME THERE IS GOING TO BE A PART TWO!!(Rae, y u no tell meee) I read the book and the movie was like, less than half the book xD Enjoyed the movie all the same~

~Firecrackers! Meen says it`s
called Magic Boom!

~After the movie we ate at Chili. Cause it was Aj`s B`day, they gave him a special B`day cake ^^ (I realized it`s so difficult for me to type without using emoticons >_< ) Then I got tummy ache.... So, I had to poop at Paradigm mall. The toilet was clean but the auto flush flushed when I was still using it! I kept the toilet clean though ^^ We had to go home early cause I still had my tummy ache >_<

Le Cake~
~After using the toilet at home, we went to SS2 Playground to play fireworks/firecrackers!!!! It was so very much fun~~ And Uncle Ravi(Meen and Reen`s dad) had the ancient sparklers too! We played dragon eggs and pop-pops and even chilipadi! It was well past 12 when we returned. Then we changed into our PJ`s and Aunty Jan(Meen and Reen`s mom) was showing Aunty Latha(Aj`s mom) her childhood pictures. That was when I realised that I`m waisting my life >_< She joined in concerts and went for parties with her friends and all I do is go online ._. I am enjoying life though! Just not the more active kind, my life is more to the cyber world. Is that good? ._.

~From left to right : Nil at the back, me, Aj the B`Day boy!!,
 Meen and Reen.
~Today(Christmas) was less eventful. We woke up late as usual. Went to Reen`s friends house for lunch. Fun people. 4 siblings in total and all very unique. The eldest male was like the stereotyped responsible child. The second is Reen`s friend, a girl. She`s super pretty and has light brown eyes with green at the endings. She was born with blue eyes but they slowly became light brown-greenish. The two remaining siblings are males younger than 15. The third child was very friendly and talked to me lots about games and anime and even his future. Wants to be an actor~ The youngest I did not like >_< He was so noisy and naughty. Kept running around and kicking people and he even put his foot my cousins shoulder.... Interesting how all of them are so different and fun to watch.

~They then came to Reen`s house cause they`re neighbours. I just downloaded this game called Mabinogi and created an account so the third child helped me create my character. He decided my character should have blue eyes, so blue eyes it was even though I wanted red.... Gameplay for Mabinogi I can`t judge yet cause I just started. Find me! Server: Alexina
Character : Savera

~Today I had the most awkward dinner in my entire life! I sat in the computer room of my cousins house with Reen and Aj, eating, when Meen`s friends decided to enter and use the computer ._. Me, Reen and Aj were awkwardly silent and it was so hard to eat when strangers were less than 5 feet away! The girls were laughing at other peoples suffering on Youtube, yeah.

~I`m being anti-social at the moment cause guests are still here, talking downstairs. Old people, no worries. No friends of mine. But I better get going, wanna play Mabinogi~ Toodles!! PS:Today Aj killed a green chair. 3 wheels came out and he fell backwards. He lived, the chair, sadly, met its end.
~"In three words I can sum up everything I`ve learned about life : it goes on." -Robert Frost.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I survived the end of the world!!!!

~My cousin`s awesome Christmas tree!!!! =D

22/12/2012 - Saturday.
~My lame Christmas tree at Penang.
~Today I saw a drain. I stared at the drain for a couple of minutes. It was covered by moss. Moss covered places make the place feel magical ._. Seriously, makes it feel all fairyland-like. With its soft greeny-ness and glowy-ness....
~Also, I SURVIVED 21/12/12!!!! WE SURVIVED THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! Woohoo, and we did it like a boss!!!! Me and my cousin, Reen, were at UiTM. We had a meeting with some lady there. Interesting lady. Meen went to see Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin give a speech at Petrosains. Reen and Meen nicknames for my cousins in Kuala Lumpur(KL).
~Yup, I`m in KL now!!!! Came here on Thursday. My blogging privileges and internet access has been limited. Internet here is as slow as a snail. I want to write but I think I have writers block... I`m feeling frustrated and yet happy to be surrounded by my cousins. They give me their attention. I like attention. I feel guilty I`m here now and not giving them my attention....
~Well, might as well post this here, considering the contest ended and I didn`t know cause I`m blur most of the time.... so, yeah.... anyway, I wrote too many words and had to cut so much, so this is the un-cut version? :
Prompt line : By the time I arrived, I knew I was too late. 

By the time I arrived, I knew I was too late. I stood in a damp narrow alley, a dead end in front of me. There was a smell I was only too familiar with clinging to the air, the smell of death. The creature blanketed by shadows rasped for breath as it clawed the cobble floors. Quate! Hot tears streamed down my face as I ran to its side and bend down next to it. I lifted its head onto my lap, trying my best to act brave. To stop myself from weeping like a baby.

"Don`t worry, Quate... I promised... I promised I`d be with you till you die, remember? I said I would protect you, risk my life for you... I promised..." I whispered to it softly, all the time knowing our luck had finally run out. I ran my trembling hands through it`s soft golden mane slicked with sticky blood. As soft as silk, I thought, burying my head in it`s chest, sobbing.

It was growing fainter, I realized. The beat of its heart. My creature rasped again as I looked into it`s amber eyes with my emerald ones. It was suffering. It was in pain. I panicked for a moment, then rubbed the tears away. I kissed the creatures forehead lovingly, closing its eyes with my fingers. Then, I stood up and pulled out my gun.
"Goodbye, old friend. I`ll never forget you. Goodbye" I said, managing a goodbye smile. Closing my eyes, I pulled the trigger. The gunshot sound rang through my head as I walked away, clenching my fists. Revenge would be mine!
~SV wanted his face in a photo ._.
~Anyway, Today me, Meen and Reen went to Amcorp Mall at KL with my parents and SV. We were supposed to pay Inti Nilai a visit, but there was a terrible jam on the road so we cancelled it. At Amcorp the three of us went to eat in McDonalds and OmG the line!! There`s always a line at McDonalds. Wonderful place.
~Then we went to Popular and were browsing through magazines when an elderly dude next to us bent down. Then, he FARTED. It was, like, super loud. PUTTTTT!! ._. Reen started laughing, causing a chain affect. Me and Meen began laughing like crazy people. I felt bad but we just couldn`t stop! We laughed and laughed and walked all the way to the other end of Popular laughing! Poor elderly dude ._. Sorry dude.


~Now I`m at Meen and Reen`s house. Aj`s family -including him- just arrived. Oh yeah, when does one use `-`? I`m not sure when I`m supposed to use `-`....

 ~Got to goo spend time with ma couzins, toodles!! <3
~"Immature love says "I love you because I need you." Mature love says "I need you because I love you." -Erich Fromm.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sintel | Fantasy Animation Movie HD 4096p

~I had goosebumps when the large dragon appeared!! I was like "No! Scales! Go back! Go back!" but it was too late.... I felt all sad... The depressing part was the ending. I knew something bad was going to happen from fighting that dragon, but my thoughts were that the baby dragon would not have a parent dragon. It being Scales was even more saddening... so i cried.... :'( And the time passing thing was shocking. For a moment I thought she was linked to the dragon, so when the dragon died she died. Thank goodness that didn`t happen. Maybe she`d take care of the new baby dragon? ._.

 ~I love this short flim!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! Why would anyone want to dislike this? Why? I just... I don`t understand them. The level of feels I had for this short flim! It beats sooo many movies I have seen! I want moreeeeee!! <3
(19/12/12 - Wednesday)
~"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." -Jimi Hendrix.

The Backwater Gospel (HD) DISTURBINGLY AWESOME Animated movie. S...

~This video is so awesome!! And the animation is gorgeous!! I love the Undertaker and the concept of how people can be controlled so easily by just the words of a single person. This video shows what fear does to the mind, causing humans to turn into murderers. It also has violence, but my 9 year bro watched it with me, sooo.... yeah.

~Also, anyone know good websites where I can download Durarara!! episodes? Thanks :)

"Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral? Is it because we are not the person involved?" -Mark Twain

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Durarara!! Episode 8

18/12/2012 - Tuesday.
~I was watching Durarara!! when I decided to Google Dollars group. The password to enter is baccano (Should the password be private or secret? ._. Idk, found it out by Google) It`s a really awesome group!! And the forums and chatrooms are fun~

~I just watched episode 8 of Durarara!! And realized that what the episode was trying to convey was sooo true!! I`m always misplacing my items and they show up at the most useless of times.... My Undang Driving Book, for example =.= (I can almost swear that the book hates me) I remember once when I was searching for my school book and my dad told me not to look too hard. Items turn up when we don`t really put much effort in trying to locate them. Is it true? Or is it just mere coincidence? Cause when I stopped looking and decided to watch TV, during an advertisement, I recalled where I left my book! Or maybe sometimes we just need to take time to reflect to recall where we hide our belongings from ourselves? xD

~There was a stage in my short life when I used to keep everything I thought I ever needed to survive in a bag. Then I`d carry the bag where ever I went. My family eventually found a name to mock me with. Vagabond. Yup, I was a vagabond from ages since-I-could-understand-loss until around the age of 10. Don`t really know what that title has to do with carrying a bag where ever you went, but that was what I was called for awhile. (´・ω・`)

~Shush, we`re the Dollars.
~Used to take a bag everywhere, constantly changing its contents following my interests at that particular moment. There was once when I used to carry all my comic books with me; and another time I would take my musical boxes where ever I went. I had a collection of them; still do but I don`t care for them as much as I did then. I don`t care for much of anything as I did when I was younger.

~Another reason why I used to keep all my belongings I deemed important in a portable bag was because I was still  young. I used to believe that at any moment, something terrible would happen and I would be prepared for it. But not terrible, not exactly. At that time, I took it as an adventure. Adventures happen when you least expect it, and they don`t give you time to pack. It`s like, you are thrown into a new environment and you have to meet new people and survive. So I carried my bag, always prepared. Sadly, in reality, adventures like those in fantasy storybooks choose to remain a fantasy. 
~Have I already used this picture before? o.o

~And then there is Celty, always looking for her head. Imagine losing your head O__o I`d feel so... weird. And people would stare and i`d never leave home.... I can understand why she wants to recollect her past memories, but, like Shinra says, why? In her new life, she has made so many new memories. Why does she need the old ones? I guess she feels that they are a part of her, and losing them is like losing a part of herself. They could play a key role in her understanding her purpose of life, maybe? But first, she has got to find that head she lost ;)

~At the ending of the episode, there was another Celty! So, are they like running experiments and sewing other peoples heads on other peoples bodies?? Head switch! xD And what about the girl going around and finding out what people are searching for? I find it nice of her to care ^^ But what can she do about it? And what is she searching for? Connections? I guess I am, too ._.

~At one part of the episode, Shinra will talk about dreams to Celty. I found that part interesting too!! Dreams are so special and magical! The problem with my dreams are they barely make any sense to me! They may be awesome or just scary, but when I recall enough of it to write it down, I do. So far I have realized a pattern in my dreams. I recall my dreams best on the 10th`s of each day best. It`s weird, but maybe i`ll find someone who can read and decipher them for me some day....

~I`m gonna go watch Drrr!! Episode 9 now, toodles~ ;)

~"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Practical driving exam

17/12/12 - Monday.
~Found my book today... Little bit too late...
~Yesterday I woke up at 7:30a.m., all zombie like, and parked my bum in my mom`s car. We drove to the written-driving exam center and waited in a darn long line filled with half sleeping people. The exam center was located in a small room above shop lots. We had to line up on a badly lit, steep staircase. Finally they let us in and, no surprise, another line- the registration line.

~Registered and all that, then I took a seat. I waited from 8 till 10 with no one entering the exam room yet. Then we find out the servers have been down for quite a while now. Saturday`s written-driving exam candidates did not even take the exam. Everyone was tired and frustrated and the waiting room was sooo boring and crowded!! Finally they got the servers up and people started entering to take their exams. 

~I told my mum this was a badddd omen. She shrugged. Then someone noticed that I was wearing slippers and told me I could not sit for the exam unless I wore shoes. My mum was all panicky and rushed home to get my shoes, leaving me in the boring room all by my lonesome. Another bad luck sign ._. I wanted to read the manga I downloaded on my phone, but I felt weird cause both to my left and right there were people sitting beside me. Obscuring my hand movements and squashing me. I felt like a pancake-sandwich amalgam....

~Anyway, got no manga reading done there. I dozed off quite many times too. Then, cause I misplaced my driving book, I spent a considerable amount of my time peeping over the shoulder of the girl to my right, trying to read what she was reading. When my mum returned with my shoes, she asked the girl on my left, who was busy staring at the ceiling, if I could borrow her book. OmG the level of embarrassment one feels when mum`s do things like this in unmeasurable!! The girl was friendly(and probably too terrified to say no) and lent me her book. I stared at it. My biggest challenge the whole time there was not to fall asleep.(It`s not easy, believe me. Especially when you got less than 4 hours sleep.)

~It was my turn at around 11 something. They called my number, which was 029. I was asked to put my thumb on a scanner-thing to identify myself. Then they asked me to sit in front of a camera and took a picture of my half sleepy, non-combed hair, countenance. I did not even smile cause they did not tell me when they were gonna snap the photo. Oh well. 

My exam paper-thing.
~Then I entered the exam room and was guided to a computer. I began my exam. First two parts I aced. Not a single mistake! Then came the reading/memorizing from the book part.... Let me make this simple, I FAILED MY ENTIRE WRITTEN-DRIVING EXAM!!!! Yup, flunked it. I think i`m the only one in that entire room who failed her exam.... BAD OMENS!!!!

~Now don`t get me wrong, i`m not blaming anyone for my failure. I just did not study. I opened the book, went `tch`, put it back on the table. Then, the day before my exam, I lose my book.... They gave us a disk too, during the seminar. I tried using the disk... On my television =.= Of course it did not work, so I took it as faulty. Then yesterday after coming home and telling my friends about my `tarded failure, they asked me why I did not use the disk. I said I did but it did not work on my TV. They go `.... It`s for the computer, dummy!` It made me feel like I was one of those dumb people in comedies.... the feeling ain`t a pleasant one, especially after failing an exam. 

~OmG I just realized that this is the first exam in my entire life that I have failed!! Woah, new record for me!!(Should I be happy about this? *Shrugs*) So, I told my mum the next time I`ll ever be retaking my driving exam is next year. She scolded me and, well, lets just say I can`t leave unless someone is willing to take me out. Anyone willing to drive me around? Anyone? Guess not >_< I feel.... Homestuck-ed xD

~Ok, bad puns aside, I went to subway with my family + cousins + uncle yesterday night. Feels like we bought the whole shop ._. The line was terribly long and slow-moving. Then came my family`s turn. We bought so many Subway sandwiches we held the line back for more than 10minutes. It`s like, I could read the minds of the people behind us. Cursing us, scowling at us. This is why family outings can get embarrassing. But I don`t mind, it was fun!! =)

~All the sandwiches! All of it!
 ~"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world." -Leo Buscaglia.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Project K episode 11 Killer

14/12/12 - Friday.
I saw Misaki again today. As per usual, he swung his bat and yelled insults when he laid eyes on me. I grinned. Misaki's so adorable when he's angry! <3

~SPOILERS ALERT!!!!  I advice you to read no further if you haven`t watched Episode 11 of K!! <3
~Ok. just. OmG. Reisi has air walking powers. Like. Ichigo`s air walking powers. He just. He walked on air. No surprise there. Wow. Then I thought he died. But he didn`t. He didn`t die and there was not a scratch on him. Kings regenerate. Ok, forgot that.
Lets defy Physics, people!!
~I`ve concluded so far that the Red team has malevolent members and the Blue team is all crazy. Except for Seri. She`s just lame. Yata nearly killed her and she was like "OmG i`m gonna die!" But Fushimi saved her, so everything`s good. I thought Yata doesn`t fight women? =.= Oh, also, Yata`s skateboard defies gravity. He was like, in air and talking to Fushimi and ignoring the laws of physics. Science be damned!! 
~Anna got shot at, but there was no blood and no wounds. So i`m guessing she`s the Black King? Suoh went on his own mission and  found Shiro and gang. Souh was all like "We`re gonna settle this now, man!" and Kuroh was all defensive and protective like "You don`t lay a finger on my Shiro!" Then Suoh flicked Kuroh away like he was a fly ._. I was all "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" and they were about to, when that dummy Munakata showed up!
~Munakata knows! He knows Shiro`s innocent! I know he knows, that bloody dummy! Why won`t he just tell it to Suoh?? Unless, Suoh knows too... Shiro and gang retreat (they`re good at it) and Shiro`s hurt. Kukuri wanted to fix his wound, then she lost it. She literally lost it. Stabbing Shiro with a glass shard and all! Right after that saved her! Then that fox-spirit-thing appeared.
Lets ask Miwa what`s going on, cause i`m lost....
~The fox-spirit-thing reminds me of the `manipulator` from Ghost Trick. Manipulating events and people. I think he`s my favourite character at the moment. The fox-spirit-thing. I think it jumps bodies when you look into the eyes of the body it possesses. Cause, Kuroh shielded his eyes when Kukuri turned to look at him. Is fox-spirit-thing the last king? Like, the White King?
~My favourite part!!!! When Shiro confesses that he`s Adolf!! HE IS ADOLF K. WEISMANN!! THE SILVER KING!! THE FIRST KING!! My Gosh! I was about to throw the pillow I was hugging at the TV screen when he confessed! How can this be?? Then who was the long silver haired dude dancing in the blimp?? I wonder what Miwa Ichigen has to say about all this!(Kuroh, press your recorder-thingy!)... Also, where is the Green King and Black King? And who`s the Colourless King then? I demand to know!! Hehe
~All shall be revealed in two more episodes.... Overall, this was an interesting episode for me!! <3
~"If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up." -J.M.Power.(Shiro woke up in this episode. Wait, no, Weismann woke up... I`m confused.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Do an Evil Laugh: 6 steps - wikiHow

How to Do an Evil Laugh: 6 steps - wikiHow
Tvtropes Evil Laugh
13/12/2012 - Thursday.
~Haha, I was just cruising the net when I stumbled across these websites! I`ve gotten the deranged giggles covered! Now i`m working on a crazy laugh~
What`s wrong with you, woman? What`s wrong with YOU???
~Today I followed Rae to hear talks on colleges and universities, and I think i`ve finally decided on what I`m gonna study and where! TASMANIA! Yup! Home of the Tasmanian Devil, folks! And another island. There seems to be an unseen force around somewhere, making sure I move from one island to another, never actually living on the mainland.... I just hope i`m able to bear the cold temperatures there. I`m not one whose fond of cold climates, living on a tropical island my entire life and all....
~Mass Communication sounds so awesome, and so does a bachelors in arts!! And I would love so much to become an animator!! And yet, if I don`t do something science related, why did I spend 2 years of my life in the Science Stream?.... So for now I`m planning on majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Geology (but, just as the sky is blue, plans change) I`m probably going to go to UTAS to further my studies.
~My mum said once I complete those studies and start earning, I can study arts in my free time!!!(I`ll have to pay using my own money to study those subjects though. Fair enough!) I really hope I enjoy it at Australia, all by my lonesome ._.
~I haven`t been to Australia before, but my aunty and uncle lives there! The problem is that they stay all the way at Canberra.... Anyway, if I become a permanent resident there, I`m gonna get a Tasmanian Devil as a pet!! It is legal to have one as a pet, right? Is it? I hope it is.... Don`t wanna be doing anything illegal, do I? o.o
~Haha! I just found this website when I was researching on Tasmanian Devils :
Argument vs contradiction~ It`s really funny! Gotta go now, gonna set up a christmas tree at the entrance of our house!! Toodles~
~"There`s nothing wrong with you. There`s a lot wrong with the world you live in." -Chris Colfer.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy 12/12/12 Everybody!!

12/12/2012 - Wednesday.
iPhone doodle~
HAPPY 12/12/2012 EVERYONE!!!! <3
~My gosh, 12/12/12 falls on a Wednesday, the middle day of the whole week!! I spent my 12/12/12 playing Ghost Trick (Just got to Chapter16!!) and reading Manga... Yeah, I totally forgot it was 12/12/12 until my cousin wished me on Facebook a few hours ago. Thanks Meen!! I`m just writing this post because i want to write something for 12/12/12(It is a special day, after all! We are never getting another one like it!! Not like we ever get any other day repeated either... Everyday is special and live life to the fullest and all that stuff)
~Also, today marks the 15th day since SPM ended! It`s also the day my cousin, Sham, completes her STPM exams! Woohoo! All the luck! And yet, I have only around an hour left before it ends.... *Sigh* Also, LOVING GHOST TRICK!!!! Will review it once i`ve completed playing it(although the internet has done a marvellous job at spoiling half the game for me already) I`m gonna go complete Ghost Trick now, sayonara!! <3
~Kamila and the adoraaable Missile!! <3
~"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." -Harun Yahya.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Make Everyday Special!!

10/12/2012. - Monday.
~River is going to make each even day of the month a special day(because River is terribly bored and wants to blog about something and shes been planning to do this for quite a while now.)
Ok, River shall start with the 1st of every month(River knows, the first is not an even number. But to make things fun for River, she shall make it a special day, too!! It goes under `the-only-prime-number-which-is-not-a-prime-number-according-to-River category`.
~Day 1 - Opposite day!! (Oh no)
On this day, everyone has to walk backwards without fail because River says so. She also hopes in aiding the `We Need More Deaths Community` by increasing the number of deaths caused by `geniuses` who decided to walk backwards and fall of stairs(or hit poles. The choice is yours.)
Ice! Ice! Baby!
~Day 2 - Without a tongue!!
When speaking on this day, the tongue must not be used. Make sure it stays at the bottom of the mouth and does not aid in speech. Only for eating can the tongue be moved around. People may think you a `tard for preforming this action, ignore them. They are the REAL `tards.... =.=
~Day 4 - Iced Day!!
Eat something frozen. Be it an ice-cream, a frozen waffle (Waffle Waffle Waffle), or even an ice cube. As long as it`s eaten immediately after it is removed from the freezer. It has to be kept in the freezer for a minimum of one hour though before being removed and consumed.
~Day 6 - Ten Recent Tunes!!
Download ten new songs onto your gadget. (You have to own a computer if you`re reading this, no? Or an handphone, at the least.) The songs must be sang in a language you do not not understand. No instrumentals-only songs!
~Day 8 - Pick It!!
Pick one song out of the 10 songs you downloaded on Day 6. Play it real loud(Like, REAAAALLLLL LOUD. Until the neighbours can hear it would be good.) Then dance to it. The dance must be energetic and must be done standing up. Make up your own crazy dance. Invite friends.
This is how one does a heart sign using ones fingers.
 ~Day 10 - I <3 You Day!!
Go around your neighbourhood and tell everyone, EVERYONE, whom you see with your eyes that `You Heart Them`. Make the heart sign using your fingers while saying it. It could make them feel better. (Or just have a weird perception of you. Maybe they will even call the Cookoo-House if you are lucky *winks*)
~Day 12 - Say Hi To A Stranger!!
Make a new friend. River does not care how. Go out to the malls and make friends with a shopkeeper; go swimming and make new swimming buddies; or simply say `Hi` the the stranger at the cashier behind(or in front) of you and strike up a conversation. You could even use OMEGLE(although River does not suggest doing so. The internet is a dAAAAngerous place!) to find a new friend. The main task is to get their names and possibly their numbers. Call them again some time to keep bonds strong!! 
~Day 14 - Scream!!

Learn to Scream from Shion. He teaches it for free on `No.6`.
Yes. Scream. At the top of your lungs. Synonyms are cry, screech, holler, yell, howl, wail, and shriek. Have your pick. Go out into a garden, don`t do it at home. Don`t want to give the old people living under the same roof a heart attack, do you? Take a deep breath of air, and let it out with a loud, long scream. Release all that stress, man. All of it.
~Day 16 - Draw!!
Pick up a pencil, pen, crayon, paint brush, stylus(Or just use your blood and a wall/floor if you don`t have drawing tools) and unleash your creative side! Draw what ever you want. Make it a pencil sketch, painting, or digital art. Whatever suits you. Draw a dog, a tree, your computer, the spider on your wall, or even your favourite characters from a show! JUST DRAW!!
~Day 18 - Hugs Galore!!
Hug everyone you come across on this particular day(People whom you know, of course. Hug a stranger and you may end up hit on the head. River is not responsible for any deaths caused by anyone *coughs* crazy enough *coughs* to preform anything stated on this blog. Period(Because it sounds way cooler than `Full Stop`, don`t-cha agree?)
~Day 20 - Story Time!!
Tell, or write, a short story. Tell a story to your younger siblings or friends. If you do not like talking, then pick up that pencil and paper. It can be less than a hundred words, describing your very purple goldfish and how it got that way. Or it can be more a thousand words. Maybe about something you did the day before? Why not
~Day 22 - Grab a camera!!
Become a photographer for a day!! River began reading Loveless Manga (Please do not judge River based on what she reads. She would deeply appreciate it *bows*) and in that manga the protagonist, Ritsuka, catches photos. Why? For memories, of course! River did this when she was his age, believing that she would one day forget if she did not. Now River keeps a blog instead to remember! *smiles* So, you do the same! Go catch some photos with dear friends and family!! Never know when they`re going to die of a surprise attack, right? *winks* Butterflies, fireflies and surroundings are fun to capture on photographs too!!
Day 24 - Child`s Storybook!!
You heard River. Go grab a childrens storybook; the ones with the large pictures and three-sentences-a-page book. Get them from your child, the library near your house, your neighbour, or even your Cat. Then, sit and read the book. After that, analyze it like you would an adult novel. Identify the moral values and appreciate the art. Someone spent precious time drawing that drawing for you to look at!
(River just wanted his face
in the post) ._.
Day 26 - Fanfiction!!
Practically everyone has a favourite show, game or book. Maybe a favourite fictional character? Take as many characters from the medium which you fancy and write about them. Add an original character(or multiple original characters) if you want! It`s your fiction! You are the puppet master. The Joker. The controller of their fates. YOU are ttheir God and their Devil! Your wish and whimsy is their command! HAVE FUN!!  
Day 28 - The Oops!
Because River does not have a liking towards this particular day, it shall be the Oops!. Accidentally(although its done on purpose, make it look accidental) fall down on someone. Or spill a drink. Make them angry, then quickly apologize to them. Notice how fast they accept your apology? Now you can judge on who is a friend and who is sticking around just to use you.
Day 30 - Totally Taffy.
The name deceives you. This is the Random Day.(Because River likes random days and randomness.) But since the name is `Totally Taffy`, eat a sweet. Or simply eat something that tastes sweet. Enjoy yourself with a mouth-watering chocolate cake, or an apple pie. You have made it this far, so relax!!
~River wanted to add `Pick Up A Stray!!`, but she decided against it. Months do not have 32 days. Besides, strays are safer on the roads than with a crazy person like you ;)
~Also, River wonders if the reader is curious as to know why River refers to herself in the third person instead of first person. This is simple. She has been influenced by Yuiko from Loveless Manga. She found it interesting how Yuiko uses Illeism in her speech, and has decided to try it out for today!!
~Toodles!! <3
~"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Undertaker wishes GOOD LUCK to anyone whos read this and is planning to follow!! xD

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Art class and Queensbay outing

9/12/2012 - Sunday.
My mom signed me up for artclass....
~My mom decided i`m doing nothing at home except staring at the computer, so she decided to sign me and my 9 year old brother up for art classes.... EVERY STUDENT AT THE ART CLASS WAS YOUNGER THAN ME!! EVERYONE!! Do you know how embarassing that was?? Do you?? Cause it wasn`t to me. I actually felt at home surrounded by kids and not by people of my age group. Kids don`t talk yo you, adults do. Kids don`t ask you questions about yourself, adults do. Kids just make noise.
~Anyway, sat there for 2 hours but completed that drawing/painting thing in less than one and a half hours. I only went cause SV(My younger bro) wouldn`t attend the classes without me.(And my mom wanted me to get out of the house and `live`) Classes are every Saturday from 11.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. I had to wake up by 10.00am.... My brains thinking juices don`t function properly until well past 2.00p.m....
~The teachers were 3 ladies of different age groups. I was seated next to this noisy boy who, at one point, started going `Oh, Sexy Ladie` to his christmas tree drawing(Which had anime eyes. Cute tree). He was singing `Oppa Gungdam Style`, and my gosh he knew the lyrics! Then, my bro who sat on my right, began singing `Chasing The Sun` by `The Wanted`....
~The girls in the class were fairly quiet compared to the boys. The girl who sat opposite my bro did not say a word the entire class. Another cute girl, much younger than my brother, smiled at me when I smiled at her. Only one to smile back at me, actually. No one else there seemed to favour returning smiles ._. She kept staring at my painting, and when I was done and was told to keep back my belongings by the teacher, she silently took my opened paint bottles and helped me close them. I thanked her but she did not reply. Maybe she does not know English? She too did not speak at all until her dad came to pick her up at the end of the class. Then she spoke Chinese to him as they walked out of the air-conditioned room. I would have loved to be friends with her, but I did not even know her name....
~As par usual, my mom came late to take me and SV home. She was more than 30minutes late, to be precise. We were the only students left and the teachers started talking to us >_< Thank God my brother did most of the answering. They told us to tell our mom to come early next time cause it was their lunch break and they only had till 2.00pm. I felt bad for them. My mom came in to pay the fees and apologised. Her excuse : Traffic jam.

Couple Yougurt. Bought from JCO Donuts at Queensbay, Panang.
~Later that night we went laptop hunting at Queensbay.(I`m using my bro`s(Nar) computer at the moment. Will need to get a laptop soon for college. Anyone have laptop suggestions? I want a laptop with a removable screen(Like, half laptop-half tablet/iPad kind of hybrid thing) but none of the shops we visited sold them. Then we came across a shop named Switch, and I was like, "Hey amma!(Mom in Tamil) Look! It`s Switch!" FYI, Switch is a character from `Sket Dance` anime. Cool program. Nar got me hooked on it when Animax was airing it. Ended recently. Yeah. My mom watches anime. Problem?
~That shop was no help though, cause all they sold were Apple products, and I`m too fond of Windows to switch to Apple.(Although my phone is an Apple product ._.) Phones and computers are totally different! Period.

Durian Doughnut.
~Then we went to JCO Dounts cause SV insisted we buy him doughnuts.(Erm, why is autocorrect not working on this PC??) The yogurt was originally a tower, standing straight and magestic.... Until my mom said it looked damn disturbing =.= Then i realized what she meant and toppled the tower to make it look less obscene.... My mothers mind is a wonderful place xD I added peaches, some sort of purplish pink jam and oreos as the toppings. I must say, it was deliciously sour. RM10.00(Not sure how much if taxes are added). Grandma bought it for us four to share~
~SV odered his usual Strawberry doughnut, while i decided to try something different. I chose Durian flavoured doughnut. It tasted.... Durian-ish? Self note : Do not buy this flavour ever again, just buy real durians from a durian shop. 
~Also, today during lunch I decided to read the newspapers. Quite a few articles caught my interest, including this one Master`s Manga : Worlds of Wonder.
~Thats it for this post, going to continue with my story.... Argh! I feel so lazy! There`s just no mood to write and the weather here is perpetually humid and warm.... Toodles....
~"Courage is found in unlikely places." -J.R.R. Tolkien.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

7/12/12 - Friday.
Kingdom Hearts Drabble - Zemyx.
His smiles always made Zexion feel warm and fuzzy inside. And they were ever so frequent.

Whenever his aqua blue eyes and the blondes emrald ones met, he always recieved a smile, or was it a smirk? But he doubted it was anything special. Demyx smiled at practically everyone.

Only, when the blonde smiled at the slate-coloured hair boy, he was able to make the boys hands sweaty. He made him stutter and forget his words. He could even make him blush!

Zexion wondered if the sitarist ever noticed him blushing. He doubted it.

And what if he did? They were nobodies. They could not care, so how could they love? But maybe, just maybe...

Who was he kidding? They had no hearts. So how could they have emotions? Zexion sighed. We rarely get the things we want, so why want at all? That was
 just how life was, he figured.

~Idk what I just wrote.... I just.... I recall reading fanfiction about this pairing a damn long time ago, when I was playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on my DS. The first fanfiction I read for Kingdom Hearts was `Show me the money` by an epic writer named Kurosora1984 on (Google it). The story made me fall in love with gay pairings ._. Truthfully, before reading that fanfic, I always thought straight pairings were the only pairings. Fanfics have opened my eyes to an whole new world!
Kingdom Hearts!! *Spot the Mickey*~~

~I played the entire game believing that Roxas and Xion were like, a couple. Then I met the internet ._. The internet is a magical place filled with unconventional and awesome ideas about subjects and topics as random as flying rainbow christmas poops and singing poptart cats. Yes. It is epic.

~My favourite character in the game was Axel. His catchphrase was "Got it memorized?" if i recall correctly. He often said it to Roxas. =3 He also frequently scratches his head.... I wonder if Nobodies can get lice.... He should get a haircut sometime ._.

Axel, Roxas and Xion sitting at the ledge of a building....
 Falling ain`t a problem, we have resurrection :P
~But I read the fanfic a few years back, and now PC just began playing Kingdom Hearts, so i`m all hyped up about it again! She just sent me a link to Kingdom Hearts Manga and I`m at chapter 15 already. Each chapter has around 8 pages, so It`s a quick read. ^^ I really love the concept of Disney and Anime in one game! It`s like, everything awesome ever that has ever existed ever is in one game!!
My favourite pages are:
Chapter 4 Pg 8 (Has a `quote` I fancy)
Chapter 7 Pg 14 (SORA`S FACE OMG!!)
Chapter 11 Pg 6 (Anything with the Cheshire cat in it is just awesome. Period.)

~That`s it so far. Gonna go continue reading KH, toodles!!(Btw, ending my sentance with `toodles` doesn`t make me sound retarded, does it? PC says it sounds gay....)

Sea Salt Ice Cream! 20% more salt than ordinary salt ice creams!
Guaranteed to make you taste the sea, or your money back!
Get them at Twilight Town now while stocks last!
~"Don`t take life too seriously; you`ll never get out of it alive." -Elbert Hubbard.

Attended Driving School

6/12/2012 - Thursday.
I really like this. Found it on Facebook and as usual, do not own it or it`s awesome words.
~Today was my first ever lessons on driving. Had a bad start. Yesterday night I told my mother to wake me up by 7:30a.m., set my alarm clock to ring at that time and also set the alarm on my handphone to wake me up at 7:35a.m. in case the other two decided to be retarded. Then i went to sleep at around 3:00a.m. After taking all that steps to ensure i wake up on time, I ended up waking up at 7:50a.m.. My mom overslept, the alarm clock decided to be a jerk and my phone was on silent....
 ~In 5 minutes i managed to wash my face, brush my teeth, change my clothes, pack my IC, notebook, pencils and a pen into my tiny pouch-bag, and drink milk. The van horned, and i was on time. Can you believe it? I WAS ON TIME. During normal school days i usually have around 30 minutes to get ready and somehow i always manage to run late. Time is a weird force of nature....

 ~Anyway, I was the first to be picked up, then the driver went to pick Rae(PC). The cool part about this driving center is that they have this van that picks and drops the students back home. We sat in the car for nearly one and a half hours before reaching the Driving School.(Johan driving school Penang) The driver went all around Penang to pick up another 5 students. Me and her were, like, the only two people in the van socialising. It felt weird. ._.
~I love those two Siamese Cats!!
We talked about Anime and OCs and even about Pocky. Pocky is from Japan. Here at Malaysia we have Pocky`s sister, Rocky. She had just bought a box of Rocky(Or is it Rockies? What is the plural for Rocky? I`m confused.) and was totally psyched about it. I would have been too cause it`s been ages since i ate Rocky(Rockies, whatever!) Then we talked about the Pocky games and we drifted into a topic to do with Lady and the Tramp. I personally think that one of the scenes that had made the movie famous was the time when the dogs ate spagetti and ended up sharing the same strand of spagetti.~
  ~At the school, me and PC realized that the driving school was located not more than 5 minutes away from where both of us live.... I COULD have woken up at 9:00a.m.! We met Tan MC and Neoh SY there, and the four of us sat in the same row.
~Oh. My. Gawd. Registration itself took Hell knows how many hours. By the time the Lecture(Ceramah) started, it was already around 11:00a.m. The lecture was sooo boring. The lecturer kept repeating one sentance like, 3 times. I bet almost everyone there felt like sleeping or yawned at least once. Everyone was bored. Period.
~Then we had break time. After break we had a new lecturer. The previous lecturer was a jolly fellow. Somewhat like the Good Cop in movies. This new guy. He was the Bad Cop. He came in and started rambling about how tons of accidents are caused because of tiredness and lack of concentration.(after seeing all our sleepy faces, that is. Sadly, that was the first thing he saw.) Heck! I even got spotted by him at for yawning.... ._.
~He told us how tiredness is the Ghosts doing.... That when we yawn while driving and when we lose concentration, it`s because the Ghosts are posessing us. They are controlling our minds. Then he said that we should have strong faith in God to avoid being disturbed by the Ghosts. I just nodded, like every other student in class. But in my mind i was thinking, whattttt?? Hey, buddy. Who told you ghosts are bad, huh?
~Clearly he has never watched Ghost Whisperer or Medium before. I mean, i thought Ghosts were our dead ancestors or something. Why whould they want us dead?? It just did not make sense to me. Some people just do not make sense. But no one truly believes in the same thing the same way, right? No one`s point of view of something is ever the same. So i guess maybe he could be right. Maybe in another dimention there is a world where Ghosts do kill people because they`re `evil`.
~Downloaded Sims Freeplay on my iPhone a couple of days back.  I wanted to kill the `Plant Monsters` with weed spray but i ddn`t wanna waste $$ on it so i just asked my Sims to negotiate with the plants.... clearly the plants are no democrats ._.
~This makes me wonder. Am I truly an INFP?? I did the Myers Briggs Personality Test three times. I got INFP two times and INTP one time. Could i be a bit of both? Is that possible? I read that INTP frequently second guess themselves. I do that all the time. But i also portray many of an INFP`s characteristics. Once again i`m second guessing myself....
~Back to the main topic, the lecture ended at 3:00P.M.(See? No `around` 3:00P.M. I`m actually sure for once!) The cool part about this driving center is that they have this van that picks and drops the students back home. I just got home and now, well, i`m online and blogging!! xD
~"Repartee is something we think of twenty-four hours too late." -Mark Twain.