Saturday, May 25, 2013


~As the title says, i wont be updating anymore for a really reallyyyy long time!! That`s cause i like writing stories and stories don`t really get viewed here =/ Anyway, if you wish to contact me, you can find me on Fictionpress as Riverstardust!!

~Image from Facebook.
~Sorry all for the inconvenience!! If you like writing original stories and sharing them, you should consider checking out Fictionpress as well! Dont forget to drop by the Manga forums! That`s all for a very long time starting from now, toodles all!! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The world is not beautiful. And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty." -Kino`s Journey.

~Well, I`ve never made enemies before, but I think I might just have lost two friends. But, I don`t even think they were friends to begin with. I think it`s time to finally move on. I`m not talking to PC and HY anymore. And I don`t think I ever will. HY just suddenly got mad at me and YM(Yen Min) believes she influenced PC into not talking to me too. But i`ll stick to the saying "true friends can`t stay mad at each other for long, because they always have something to share with each other." or something like that. 

~Which brings me to "I never felt they were my `true` friends" to begin with. I mean, seriously. They always ganged up to attack me on anything. I ask them to watch a show with me and their automatic response is NO. I ask them a question and they insult me. Besides, it`s been like, what, a week now, since I last talked to HY. I realized that I can`t remember stuff I missed doing with them. All I did in our chats was waste my time talking about stuff I can`t even recall now >_< OH MY GOD THE TIME I`VE WASTED!!

~Not to mention the feeling of reluctance in being my friend I always get when chatting with HY. And PC is just so hot tempered! Almost all she ever does on the chat is complain about her life. Which is, in truth, FREAKING BORING. For heavens sake, I don`t want to hear about your report which you did not complete on time. Instead of complaining about all the time, go and freaking GET IT DONE, DAMN IT!! But nooo, I just sat there listening to her whine. Wasting time. 

~So, in a good way, i`ve now gained time and, sort of, freedom. I don`t feel tied down to checking if they replied or anything. YM is being sort of counselor-ish, but it`s fine. I`m gonna move on and find new people~~ Any takers? (FYI, if anyone needs friends, I suggest the DRRR chatroom.)

~Also, I skyped with my cousin, Monisha, earlier. She`s a fashion designer. Check out her website!! => Monisha Pillai

~Now, to direct my attention to the ELECTIONS. ARGHHHHHHH!! TOTAL CHEAT!! BN won by cheating! Damn magic trick! I just.... i`m so furious at this I don`t even know what to say!! This post on Facebook:

~It shows how elections really are. =_= Anyway, I should be taking my leave now. 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Malaysia Elections tomorrow and obese dog!!

~Yesterday I took the plane back from  Kuala Lumpur to Penang. At the terminal, I overheard a conversation of a boy wanting to attend ALL of the OPPOSITIONS ceramahs(Lectures). I will be home in Penang for when the elections take place tomorrow!! I`m still too young to vote, but coming from Penang, you will surely know who i`m hoping wins!! ;)

~After getting off the LRT a few days back, I was ambushed by a crowd of people and they gave me a free curry puff with a yellow tag on its plastic saying `INIKALILAH!` (Meaning, `THIS TIME!`) Totally glad I got the tag! BERSIH!

~I feel so frustrated! Barisan National(BN) is spending so much of OUR money to post up tons of flags everywhere. I mean, seriously. Stop wasting cloth. What are we supposed to do with all that extra material AFTER the elections?? Make clothes? Cause that`s what my friend suggested. My grandma suggested to make pillow casings....
~Flags! Flags everywhere!
~And don`t even get me started on the television and internet AD`s!! They`re everywhere! On youtube and on commercials! EVEN ON ANIME SITES!! I was loading an anime when the prime minister`s face appeared. I was like, WOAH! How much did you spend on THIS??

~Okay, okay. Getting a little too touchy here. I`m sorry ._. I just want a change, is all. Not that i`m saying any party is excellent. I just believe in a strong opposition? I don`t really know anymore. But there are rumors going around that there`s probably going to be a RIOT tomorrow. Possibly after the voting is done. (So much drama!)

~Anyway, yesterday i was in the car and listening to the radio when I heard that now we can be sued for having overweight dogs?! Then the radio hosts made a joke. One of them asked if the rule also goes for children. The other replied that it`s animal-testing, and if it works for animals, then they`ll make it work for humans too in due time.

~I`m not sure how accurate this news is, so I googled it up and found an article about this => Overweight dog custody lawsuit.

~Personally, I do not think it is right to overfeed your pet and make them fat just so that they look `adorable`. It`s bad for their health! And if they become too fat, they won`t even be able to walk.... So, now there`s a custody battle going on for who owns the dog.

~Which brings me to another issue. Can we actually OWN another living creature? Or are they simply under our care? I feel the word `own` is so strong, as if we have the right to do whatever we want with them. It feels as if they are objects.... Like, I own a pencil. Now, I own another life. I dunno, it just feels odd for me. 

~Then again, can we OWN our children? Or do we give them care and nuture them until they are able to live by themselves? We don`t really OWN them. We simply CARE for them. 

~Oh man i`m rambling. I should be working on my story now. I should be catching up with anime now. I should be studying now. Yet I`m here.... What am I doing with my life? :/

~Listening to: Ubah Rocket Style.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How my family sees Sherlock; the series.

Sherlock : The series.

First of all, let me state that I love this show. But I did not exactly watch it by myself. No. I watched it with my almost-entire family. Lets begin with their point of view`s of the show before I give mine, shall we? 

From my grandma`s point of view : I don`t like this guy. He acts like an evil psycho. And he has no class. *Turns to my mother and says* remember the Sherlock Holmes during MY time? SO much class! With is smoking pipe and hat and coat! *Walks away tutting.*

From Nar`s point of view : *Glances at the show(episode 1 Season 1)* This show is gay. There`s not enough hot chicks. I`m not watching two gay dudes in London solve gay crimes. Gay gay gay gay good day. *Heads up to his room*

From my youngest bro`s point of view(he`s 10) : *Is drawing in his book. Then looks up at me and asks*
 Who`s Minecraft?
His name is MYCROFT!!

From my mothers point of view : *keeps using her laptop while watching the show. Then looks up and says* So, what`s going on? Has Sherlock said `It`s elementary, my dear Watson.` yet?

From my dads point of view : They are solving crimes while all of you sit around WATCHING them solve crimes. Go outside and solve crimes of your own, for goodness sake  Your bottom`s gonna grow large with you staring at the screen all day! Shoo! (ME : It`s the night. The night equals TV.) *He walks away complaining about modern-day children.*

~I spend so much of time and effort downloading the entire series to watch in peace, then they go and spoil it for me! I, for one, enjoy a good detective show that makes me think! Sheesh! This is exactly why one should not watch awesome programs with their family. I wanted to watch it on a big screen(house TV, not laptop) for the effects. Not again. NOT AGAIN.
(Waits eagerly for Season 3 to be released. Anyone knows when?)