Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"An officer of the law with a criminal past. Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it!" -Ichabod Crane(Sleepy Hollow)

~*bangs head on table* why is it so hard to make friends on Blogger?? What do I have to do to make friends here? Sell my soul to Crowley? *weeps*

~I`m caught up with the series Sleepy Hollow. Anyone else following it? It`s pretty awes-- OMG I accidentally Googled SHeepy Hollow instead of Sleepy Hollow and was directed to sheepskin covers for motorcycles... Anyway, if you enjoy watching Supernatural or shows with demons and spooky creatures, this is the show for you! 
~On a new note, I`m gonna be joining NaNoWriMo! I`m working on a novel about a detective with synesthesia, allowing him to see peoples smells(has anyone here watched/read Perfume: The story of a Murderer? It`s not the same, but something like it) and an introverted vet who, with eye contact, understands a person. The story is in a first person point of view, and the chapters are separated between the two characters. They don`t meet as far as I know-- they don`t even stay in the same area. The setting is Malaysia. Heard of it? :)

~I should be writing(I know this is considered as writing as well, but you know what I mean), and so I shall go and write! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

~Don`t mess with crows unless you want to go down a crows death list.

~Hi there! I`ve finally settled everything and can return to blogging again! I`m in Germany now-- Aachen. Anyone near by? :)

~Random fact I learned today: Crows can remember your face

~Crows are intelligent creatures, so don`t mess with them. They remember faces of people who try to harm them. Unless you want a crow wanting you dead, it`s safer to avoid them than to go at them. PS, They can also get other crows to hate you!(I wonder how many crows hate me already...)

~I`ve noticed how cluttered my `tag` is on blogger... I`m not sure what else to say, so, hello again! Forgive me for the long pause? *grins* I want to read something, but almost everything here is written in German and I`m not very good at the language yet to be reading high class literature...
~Oh, right! Has anyone here heard of Welcome To Night Vale yet?? It`s a super awesome podcast done by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor; It was flooding Tumblr at one point, so I checked it out and it`s quite funny but sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on because I tend to space out easily... If you haven`t checked it out already, here`s a link to all the episodes! HERE You can listen to it for freeee!! Go! Check it out! Now! *prods you with spear*

~Other than that, I`ve made another Tumblr account around two months back and began posting poetry because I really missed typing but blogging took up too much time. (Wow I`ve really missed blogger)

~I`ll post about my classmates tomorrow maybe? When I have time again! Tschuss! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

My movie/shows list.

~The movies/shows coloured in green are what i have already seen(there are lots im just listing the ones i can recall) and the ones in orange are ones I will not mind watching over and over again because I simply enjoyed them so! Shows in blue are ones i am looking forward to watch.


~The Sunset Limited.
~The best exotic marigold hotel.
~Cloud Atlas.
~Shutter Island.
~The Hobbit.
~Spiderman trilogy(Sam Raimi version.)
~War Horse.
~The Devil`s Backbone.
~Race to which mountain.
~The Ladykillers.(Recently watched, funny.)
~Are we there yet?(All.)
~The Colour of Magic.
~The Lovely Bones.
~Life of Pi.
~Kill Your Darlings.
~The Social Network(Good movie, lazy to watch again.)
~The Machinist.
~The Amazing Spider-Man.(Or should I say Spoderman.)
~Fast and Furious(All of them.)
~Up(Watched it too many times.)
~Monsters Inc.(same reason as Up.)
~Iron man trilogy.
~Batman trilogy.
~Star Trek.
~Star Trek 2(Into Darkness.)
~The Avengers.
~Avatar.(James Cameron version).
-Django Unchained.
~Inglorious Basterds.
~The Bucketlist.
~The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
~Big Fish.
~Forrest Gump.
~Some Disney movies i forgot to state.
~Kill Bill.
~Kill Bill 2.
~The Kings Speech.
~Twilight(Red because I regretted watching it.)
~Resident Evil(All. Should this be in red as well?)
~History of Violence.
~White chicks.
~The Incredibles.
~The Great Gatsby.
~Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
~Sweeney Todd.
~Despicable Me.
~How to train your dragon.
~Wreck-It Ralph.
~John Carter of Mars.
~The Hunger Games.
~Alpha and Omega.(Animation.)
~Toy Story(All of them. Watched too many times(WTMT)).
~Hotel Transylvania.
~Harry Potter(All.)
~Team America: World Police.
~Real Steel.
~The Rugrats Movie.
~Kingdom of Heaven.
~Harold and Kumar.(1 and 2)
~The Lorax(2012.)
~Rise of The Guardians.
~Sherlock Holmes(Robert Downey Jr version.)
~Pirates of the Caribbean(all the episodes.)
~Fight Club.
~Hangover 2.
~Black Swan.
~The Dictator.
~The School of Rock.
~Cowboys and Aliens.
~Finding Nemo.
~The Perks of being a Wallflower.
~Captain America.
~Paperman(Short flim. Every single time in the cinemas they show it.)
~Dark Shadows.
~American Psycho.
~A beautiful mind.
~Book of Eli.
~Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.
~Silence of the lambs.
~A Tale Of Two Sisters.
~Warm Bodies.
~The girl with the dragon tattoo.
~Red Dragon.
~James Bond: Skyfall.
~Catch me if you can.
~Shaw-shank Redemption.
~Billy Elliot.
~A Single Man.
~Les Miserables.
~Oz the Great and Powerful.
~Gravity.(He could have been saved.)
~Christopher and his kind.
~He`s just not that into you.
~Now you see me.
~World War Z.
~Man of Steel.
~Monsters University.
~The Godfather.(All.)
~After Earth.
~Seven Psychopaths.
~Despicable me 2.
~Thor 2(The Dark World.)
~The Lone Ranger.
~Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.
~Public Enemies.
~City of Bones.
~The Good, the bad and the ugly.
~Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.
~Easy A.
~Hangover 3.
~Rain Man.
~Dead Poets Society.
~Pulp Fiction.
~Good Will Hunting.
~Star Wars.(All. I wanna rewatch.)
~The Shining.


~Sherlock.(Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman version.)
~Doctor Who. (Ninth.)
~Modern Family.
~The Middle.
~Law and Order. (SVU and ori.)
~The Office.
~40 Rock.
~The Simpsons.
~Once upon a time in Wonderland.
~Family Guy(Episodes can get disturbing.)
~American Dad(Same reason as FG.)
~Bones.(Most of this shows I watch cause my mum watches(Mum watches.))
~Castle(Mum watches.)
~Friends(Mum watches.)
~The X-Files(Mum watches.)
~Once Upon a Time. 
~CSI`s(Mum watches.)
~How I Met Your Mother.
~Keeping Up Appearances(Mum used to watch. I loved it too!)
~Death Note(I think this is under anime, but meh, its epic.)
~Criminal Minds.
~The Big Bang Theory.
~Game of Thrones.
~Drake and Josh.
~Game of Thrones.
~Breaking Bad.
~Hannibal. (Epic!!)
~Bates Motel.
~Welcome to Night Vale. (Podcast. Because Idk which category to add this in but it`s awesome.)
~American Horror Story.
~Ripper Street.
~House of Cards.
~The Following.

Cartoons. (Movies/series.)

~WARNING: HALF OF MY CHILDHOOD IS BELOW!!!! (I can still recall most of their opening/theme songs!!)

~Spongebob Squarepants.
~Teen Titans.
~Wild Thornberrys.
~Avatar: The Last Airbender.
~Legend of Korra.
~Winnie the Pooh Bear.
~Dexters Laboratory. 
~PB&J Otter.
~The Backyardigans. 
~The Emperor`s New School.
~Lilo & Stitch.
~The Proud Family.
~Jimmy Neutron.
~Rolie Polie Olie.
~Out of the Box.
~Phineas and Ferb.
~Mr.Bean. (Animated and live.)
~Brandy & Mr.Whiskers.
~Little Einsteins. 
~Foster`s Home for Imaginary Friends.
~Disney`s House of Mouse.
~The Powerpuff Girls.
~The Fairly OddParents.
~Camp Lazlo.
~Finding Nemo.
~Ed, Edd and Eddy.
~Dave the Barbarian.
~Higglytown Heroes.
~Samurai Jack.
~I am weasel.
~That`s so Raven.
~Cow and Chicken.
~Kim Possible. 
~Jojo`s Circus.
~Special Agent Oso. (Sound`s like a plan!)
~Art Attack!
~Ben 10.
~Handy Manny.
~Upin & Ipin.
~American Dragon: Jake Long.
~Superman/Batman : Public Enemies. (Watch!!)
~Danny Phantom.
~The Replacements.
~Totally Spies.
~Recess. (I miss this cartoon.)
~The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
~Bear in the big blue house.
~Courage the Cowardly Dog. (I love this title.)
~Little Bear.
~The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack.
~The amazing world of Gumball. 
~Ice Age(All of them.)
~Barney and Friends.
~Bananas in Pyjamas.
~The Save-Ums.
~Codename: Kids next door.
~Oh My English!
~Hey Arnold.
~Mickey Mouse Club House.
~Kung Fu Panda.
~Happy Feet.
~Dora the Explorer.
~Sesame Street.
~Invader Zim.

~More to be added when I have time. I`m sorry if my taste is weird. There are a lot of great shows which are in green cause I don`t really want to watch them again right now. I will in the future, maybe. Just not now. All the shows listed are awesome-sauce.

~Also, this list also does not mean I have un-hiatus-ed. I`m just saving this list here to one day show my children(or nieces/nephews) and they could choose if they would want to watch the shows. Plus, I sometimes forget what I have already watched.... Toodles Poodles!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013


~As the title says, i wont be updating anymore for a really reallyyyy long time!! That`s cause i like writing stories and stories don`t really get viewed here =/ Anyway, if you wish to contact me, you can find me on Fictionpress as Riverstardust!!

~Image from Facebook.
~Sorry all for the inconvenience!! If you like writing original stories and sharing them, you should consider checking out Fictionpress as well! Dont forget to drop by the Manga forums! That`s all for a very long time starting from now, toodles all!! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The world is not beautiful. And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty." -Kino`s Journey.

~Well, I`ve never made enemies before, but I think I might just have lost two friends. But, I don`t even think they were friends to begin with. I think it`s time to finally move on. I`m not talking to PC and HY anymore. And I don`t think I ever will. HY just suddenly got mad at me and YM(Yen Min) believes she influenced PC into not talking to me too. But i`ll stick to the saying "true friends can`t stay mad at each other for long, because they always have something to share with each other." or something like that. 

~Which brings me to "I never felt they were my `true` friends" to begin with. I mean, seriously. They always ganged up to attack me on anything. I ask them to watch a show with me and their automatic response is NO. I ask them a question and they insult me. Besides, it`s been like, what, a week now, since I last talked to HY. I realized that I can`t remember stuff I missed doing with them. All I did in our chats was waste my time talking about stuff I can`t even recall now >_< OH MY GOD THE TIME I`VE WASTED!!

~Not to mention the feeling of reluctance in being my friend I always get when chatting with HY. And PC is just so hot tempered! Almost all she ever does on the chat is complain about her life. Which is, in truth, FREAKING BORING. For heavens sake, I don`t want to hear about your report which you did not complete on time. Instead of complaining about all the time, go and freaking GET IT DONE, DAMN IT!! But nooo, I just sat there listening to her whine. Wasting time. 

~So, in a good way, i`ve now gained time and, sort of, freedom. I don`t feel tied down to checking if they replied or anything. YM is being sort of counselor-ish, but it`s fine. I`m gonna move on and find new people~~ Any takers? (FYI, if anyone needs friends, I suggest the DRRR chatroom.)

~Also, I skyped with my cousin, Monisha, earlier. She`s a fashion designer. Check out her website!! => Monisha Pillai

~Now, to direct my attention to the ELECTIONS. ARGHHHHHHH!! TOTAL CHEAT!! BN won by cheating! Damn magic trick! I just.... i`m so furious at this I don`t even know what to say!! This post on Facebook:

~It shows how elections really are. =_= Anyway, I should be taking my leave now. 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Malaysia Elections tomorrow and obese dog!!

~Yesterday I took the plane back from  Kuala Lumpur to Penang. At the terminal, I overheard a conversation of a boy wanting to attend ALL of the OPPOSITIONS ceramahs(Lectures). I will be home in Penang for when the elections take place tomorrow!! I`m still too young to vote, but coming from Penang, you will surely know who i`m hoping wins!! ;)

~After getting off the LRT a few days back, I was ambushed by a crowd of people and they gave me a free curry puff with a yellow tag on its plastic saying `INIKALILAH!` (Meaning, `THIS TIME!`) Totally glad I got the tag! BERSIH!

~I feel so frustrated! Barisan National(BN) is spending so much of OUR money to post up tons of flags everywhere. I mean, seriously. Stop wasting cloth. What are we supposed to do with all that extra material AFTER the elections?? Make clothes? Cause that`s what my friend suggested. My grandma suggested to make pillow casings....
~Flags! Flags everywhere!
~And don`t even get me started on the television and internet AD`s!! They`re everywhere! On youtube and on commercials! EVEN ON ANIME SITES!! I was loading an anime when the prime minister`s face appeared. I was like, WOAH! How much did you spend on THIS??

~Okay, okay. Getting a little too touchy here. I`m sorry ._. I just want a change, is all. Not that i`m saying any party is excellent. I just believe in a strong opposition? I don`t really know anymore. But there are rumors going around that there`s probably going to be a RIOT tomorrow. Possibly after the voting is done. (So much drama!)

~Anyway, yesterday i was in the car and listening to the radio when I heard that now we can be sued for having overweight dogs?! Then the radio hosts made a joke. One of them asked if the rule also goes for children. The other replied that it`s animal-testing, and if it works for animals, then they`ll make it work for humans too in due time.

~I`m not sure how accurate this news is, so I googled it up and found an article about this => Overweight dog custody lawsuit.

~Personally, I do not think it is right to overfeed your pet and make them fat just so that they look `adorable`. It`s bad for their health! And if they become too fat, they won`t even be able to walk.... So, now there`s a custody battle going on for who owns the dog.

~Which brings me to another issue. Can we actually OWN another living creature? Or are they simply under our care? I feel the word `own` is so strong, as if we have the right to do whatever we want with them. It feels as if they are objects.... Like, I own a pencil. Now, I own another life. I dunno, it just feels odd for me. 

~Then again, can we OWN our children? Or do we give them care and nuture them until they are able to live by themselves? We don`t really OWN them. We simply CARE for them. 

~Oh man i`m rambling. I should be working on my story now. I should be catching up with anime now. I should be studying now. Yet I`m here.... What am I doing with my life? :/

~Listening to: Ubah Rocket Style.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How my family sees Sherlock; the series.

Sherlock : The series.

First of all, let me state that I love this show. But I did not exactly watch it by myself. No. I watched it with my almost-entire family. Lets begin with their point of view`s of the show before I give mine, shall we? 

From my grandma`s point of view : I don`t like this guy. He acts like an evil psycho. And he has no class. *Turns to my mother and says* remember the Sherlock Holmes during MY time? SO much class! With is smoking pipe and hat and coat! *Walks away tutting.*

From Nar`s point of view : *Glances at the show(episode 1 Season 1)* This show is gay. There`s not enough hot chicks. I`m not watching two gay dudes in London solve gay crimes. Gay gay gay gay good day. *Heads up to his room*

From my youngest bro`s point of view(he`s 10) : *Is drawing in his book. Then looks up at me and asks*
 Who`s Minecraft?
His name is MYCROFT!!

From my mothers point of view : *keeps using her laptop while watching the show. Then looks up and says* So, what`s going on? Has Sherlock said `It`s elementary, my dear Watson.` yet?

From my dads point of view : They are solving crimes while all of you sit around WATCHING them solve crimes. Go outside and solve crimes of your own, for goodness sake  Your bottom`s gonna grow large with you staring at the screen all day! Shoo! (ME : It`s the night. The night equals TV.) *He walks away complaining about modern-day children.*

~I spend so much of time and effort downloading the entire series to watch in peace, then they go and spoil it for me! I, for one, enjoy a good detective show that makes me think! Sheesh! This is exactly why one should not watch awesome programs with their family. I wanted to watch it on a big screen(house TV, not laptop) for the effects. Not again. NOT AGAIN.
(Waits eagerly for Season 3 to be released. Anyone knows when?)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Funny faces and character writing tips.

~Oh! Look at these:
~HY snapped them with her hand phone yesterday and put it on the FB chat. It was on Star newspapers. Some of the faces really made us laugh. Just look at this one of the Joker:
~We concluded that Joker was a pedophile after James.(Who, in the beginning, was mentioned to be good looking).
~PC said Captain America looks like an `ama`(Grandmother.)
~I decided Thor looks like Joan Rivers. Like, the plastic surgery.
~Anywayyyy, here were the `useful` screenshots she sent :

 ~I believe I should be taking my leave now. Lunch is waiting for me downstairs. 

My anime/manga list

~I`ve made a new blogger buddy! Check out her blog => We were exchanging animes to watch when I found myself racking my brains just to recall all the good animes I have watched in my entire short life. So, I have decided to make my own list of animes i have already seen, like she did! If it`s in light blue/purple, i`m still watching it and if it`s in red, I read the manga version of it. :

~The Law of Ueki. (First anime I watched from beginning to end. I was 12 then.)
~Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.
~Death Note.
~Fullmetal Alchemist.
~Project K.
~Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic.
~Blue Exorcist.
~Kuroko no Basket.
~Samurai Shamploo.
~Rust Blaster.
~Code Geass.
~Soul Eater.
~Paradise Kiss.
~Spirited Away.
~Howls Moving Castle.
~ 07-Ghost.
~Jikan Akima Jinbutsu.
~Pandora Hearts.
~Mirai Nikki.
~Tekkon Kinkreet. 
~Kino No Tabi. (Kino`s Journey.)
~Attack on Titan.
~Are you Alice?

~For some I have watched the anime as well as read the manga, but i`m too lazy to assign a different colour code for that. I`ll be adding more when I have the time!! <3

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thor The Dark World and Loki`s hair

~Yesterday I went on Tumblr and `BAM` LOKI`S HAIR!! IT`S EVERYWHERE!! There were posts comparing his un-cut hair to Skrillex an Gotye and even Snape! This made me go and google the trailer of the next Thor movie, which is Thor The Dark World.(or, as I call it, Thor 2.)
~No, I do not own nor did I edit this Loki picture. It was done by some awesome soul who goes on Tumblr and I copied it from there and pasted it here.

~I heard from a friend that now there`s going to be a love triangle which includes Loki, Thor and Sif. Personally, I`ve shipped Thor and Loki since Thor 1 was released. But I was told that Sif is Thor`s cannon wife on wiki. Sooo, yeah. I shall wait and watch the movie. And after watching the movie, I shall read fanfiction!!(hehehe).

~Other than that, I`m planning to watch Iron Man 3 tomorrow!! Last Sunday I came to Kuala Lumpur with my mother and now she`s gone back but I`m still in Kuala Lumpur staying with my cousins. I have to wake up every Monday to Friday by 8am, take the LRT to Ampang Park and attend German Lessons at the Goethe Institute.

~It takes me one and a half hours to reach home!! First I have to walk from the institute to the LRT, take the LRT, then wait for the bus 309 which has no proper schedule, then walk all the way back home. When I get back its three and i`m starving... What am I doing with my life....

~Anyway, this is a quick post, since i have not been posting lately.... And I feel like I should... For reasons... Also, I found this post on Facebook and they said share it with your loved ones, so here you go:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let`s Art!

 28/3/2013 - Thursday.
~Hi all, sorry I have not updated in a while. I`ve been so busy with life lately! For the whole of two weeks ago I was in Bangkok. I had to go there to take a German Entrance Exam because they were not having it in Malaysia. Why? Too few candidates. When I went for the exam, there was only one other Malaysian boy taking the exam.... There were around 7 or 8 other candidates and I was the only female ._.
~When I got back, my computer crashed because I played around with task manager and disabled Windows at start up. (I`m such a dummy, I know! And I did this right after my brother told me not to!) Once my computer was up and running again, I decided to try out drawing since my tablet was collecting dust in my cupboard.

~So, this is one of the drawings I did using paint tool Sai when I stayed in my grandmas house for a day. It`s a girl with a squirrel. The internet there is slower than a snail, so I decided to be a little more productive. I realized I get so much more done with my life without the internet and all its distractions!
~The next day I drew Kise from Kuroko no Basuke. It was a quick drawing.

~Testing out tools on Sai.

~I drew her before I drew the girl with the squirrel. I was playing and familiarzing myself with the tools in Sai.

~Midorima from Kuroko no Basuke. I have two images here because I still can`t decide which background colour I like more!! Help?

~Did this one for a friends birthday. Completed it around four days ago, but today is my friends birthday(10/4/2013)!! Happy birthday!!(I`ll just head to FB for a while to do the wishing) Oh, also, results came back! I passed the German Entrance Exam! *Dances*

~Anyway, Last week I was in Kuala Lumpur. Nothing much done there. I`ve just got back into the writing mood after like more than a month of not writing my story. (Gaws, I feel terrible!) I`ve decided to name my story Cosmic Latte.(Why? Because it`s the colour of the universe, that`s why.)

~Also, anyone want me to draw them something? I`m willing! (Sorry story, i`m still not too much in the mood for writing. When I draw, i don`t really think. I like just blanking out sometimes. It`s really relaxing.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passing is never easy

 ~My friends mother passed away recently, and I attended the crevice yesterday. Here`s a little poem I wrote for her:

When I was little
They used to sing
Oh sing of merry many things
They never made much sense to me
I heard them, those tunes
Such pretty tunes
But they never made much sense to me 
Now off you go
To lands unknown
As you`ve heard their melodies too
Ringing in tune, in tune
But in your form
In your state
You shall comprehend the words they once said
As children hear
but do not comprehend
and the dead, they remember
and now it all makes sense.
Farewell, for now
We shall soon meet again.
`Karneval`, they say
Goodbye to meet again.
~It`s a random mash up of words(or my feelings ._. ) Thank you for taking me to school when I was Form 3 during when school hours were in the afternoon. Thank you for fetching me home when my mother was unavailable. Thank you for allowing me to come to your house during form 4 and 5 to study there. Thank you for giving birth to Emily, my friend.
~Other than that, here are some writing tips that was on Tumblr, which linked back to this website => Body Language Cheat Sheet for Writers
~Listening to `Carry on` by FUN: