Saturday, February 23, 2013

When all the ADGASF in the world just will not suffice

~Why do shows keep telling me that the ingredient that makes food taste wonderful is `love`? How in the love of everything tasty does one add `love` into food? I don`t see them selling it in packets or bottles(But if they did, i bet they`d sell like hotcakes.) I just. How??

~I doubt anyone cares, but I have been in a terrible mood of late... Somehow the fantasy which I have been living in for so long is allowing reality to stick its *** into my life... Gosh I hate writing this but I feel so bad for not updating for so long and I`ve been trying my best to avoid updating, but the time has come... Oh well, from now on I believe I shall be updating on every Saturday or Sunday only.(And any other time I feel like updating, which should be rare.)

~Anyway, I went to Hat Yai in Thailand recently for Chinese New Year, it was awesome... I bought many hoodie shirts and a Death note shirt for RM10.00 with L on it... When I returned back from my trip, i have been feeling sick in my stomach with life... I mean, we are all going to die anyway, so why live??

~L and gang chasing Kira
~Also, my parents have started watching Death Note cause I showed it to them and now they love it. They`re already at episode 30... I watched L die again... life is harsh in so many ways... I love this Gif. I mean, what`s there not to love? YOU HAVE KIRA IN A FRUIT BASKET THING BEING CHASED BY OUR 4 HEROES IN WEIRD BLACK SUITS!!

~I watched the first episode of Amnesia, sadly it`s not to my taste for me to carry on. Why must the female in this show act so helpless? I get it that she`s lost her memory and all, but I just feel like slapping her and screaming `get a grip! Stop using that irritating voice!` She made me shun the show ._. I do like the art though, and the eyes of the characters are really quite... unique.

~Then I watched an episode of Blue Exorcist. It has a good beginning and I`ll watch more once I complete reading Magi manga. Yup. In this time that I have been absent from Blogger, I completed watching Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic anime until episode 19. Now I`ll have the pains of waiting eagerly for Thursdays to arrive to watch the next episodes... At least the Manga is not too similar to the anime so far. (I`m at chapter 10 now, just began reading today afternoon.)

~I rambled on about how awesome Magi was on my private blog because, well, my ravings should be private if I don`t wanna go to jail... That blog has been getting lots of my attention lately, probably because I can write about whatever I like without getting bothered about hurting another party with my words. So my absence over here does not mean I have stopped tapping on the keyboard... I`d die if that happened... Literally.

~Now I have a greater problem to face. STUDIES. Yes. Reality is just stabbing me all over with the most adfyug of esfhweofh. And the novel I am working on I have realized I am writing to tell the stories of these characters who tell me their tales. Which is difficult because sometimes I seriously feel what I am writing is crap and I simply want to quit and hide under a rock like Patrick Star. Oh, how I envy you, Patrick Star... with your epic ability to remain so damn ignorant to the world around you... *raises fist in anger* = =

~I want to go on an adventure. Wait... no. I want to have an adventure with a purpose/destination/quest in mind. Like Bilbo Baggins(needs to retrieve ring) or Aladdin from Magi(dungeon diving and all his awesome journeys). Anyone going on a quest and needs a friend?

~*Sigh* What happened to my writing tone? Where`s the usual cheerfulness? Reality, where did you hide it? 

~I am watching Elementary with my mother in the afternoons. We are already at episode 10. I am not enjoying it as how I enjoyed Sherlock. Elementary feels like i`m watching CSI ._. What makes Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, is, well, Moriarty and Irene Adler. Where in the doodles are they hiding in this show??

~I want an ANIMELAND. Like, Disneyland. Only filled with anime. Does ANIMELAND already exist? Let me google it. *googles it* Okay.... weird language came out ._. Also, Resident Evil(the latest one) was so bad I slept in the middle of it. (See? Writing this here makes me think like a million times before writing it cause the whole world can see it!)

~I`m off to watch Lincoln now. Tomorrow I`m going to watch Cloud Atlas at Gurney with my cousin. Toodles.(Also, can I just begin to post random crap on this blog without thinking so much, please? Like this post. PLEASE!!)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Character Encounters

~I decided to do this Character Encounters thing Kendra is having!! Here`s the link => Character Encounters. *Dances* I had fun doing it!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA!!!! =D ) Here`s my character(s) encounters :

A piece of chocolate cake made a full arc before hitting me right in the face. Giggling, I keep moving to dodge the other eatables coming from every direction. What had caused this disaster to ensue? Beats me. One moment we are all celebrating Kendra`s birthday, singing her birthday song, and the next moment her cousin grabs a handful of tiny pretzels and throws them at the boy sitting beside him. Something about wanting the first piece of cake.

Naturally the boy retaliated, and now everyone got dragged into it. The lady with the camera was screaming for order. Tough luck. I looked down at my mustard stained dress and smirked. Mum is going to freak out when she sees this. Told her dresses bring bad luck

But the food fight was getting a little too violent for my liking. I needed a place to shield myself from the chaos until everybody regained their sanity. Frantically looking left and right, I spotted the long food table covered with a what used to be white table cloth which fell all the way down to the ground. Perfect!

Running towards the long table, I ducked a flying pie. I went under the table cloth(which was now stained to look like a rainbow made out of sauces) and into a narrow space. Apparently I was not the only one who thought to take cover. There was a ginger haired girl sitting beside me, her back to me. She was talking to someone in front of her. Tapping her shoulder, I said :

"Excuse me, but could you scoot over? It`s quite cramped over here."

She turned around to face me, her violet eyes making contact with my black ones. I gasped in shock. Her ears! They were the pointiest ears I have ever seen! But that was not the reason I was shocked. I`ve seen people spend good money to get plastic surgery done to make their ears look elf like. I gasped because the face I was staring at belonged to Savera. 

"I`m sorry." Savera said as her companion pulled her closer towards the other end. Only, her companion was Moon, the fox-kind! With the mauve furred fox ears and tail swishing behind her and everything! I was sure they noticed my astonished countenance immediately.

"Are you okay, miss?" Savera asked, waving her hand in front of my face.

"Savera? Is that really you?" I asked, poking her cheek. Then I turned to look at Moon and touched her ears. They were so soft! Like petting a really fluffy dog! 

Moon shoved my hand a way, knitting her eyebrows. "Don`t do that!"

"You guys dimension hopping?" I asked, folding my legs and looking around. "So, where`s Renex, Nixil, Aleha and the rest?" We sat in a sort of circle, unable to make a proper circle thanks to the lack of space. The noise from above has yet to subside.

"Yup! Renex has gone to find an Internet connection and Nixil found- OW!" Savera exclaimed, rubbing her arm.

"Idiot! Don`t tell this person anything! We know nothing about her! How does she even know us??" I heard Moon whisper angrily at Savera. I smiled.

"Don`t you remember, Moon? Our dreams have been linked for ages! You and me and the rest of the gang!" Moon`s   eyes narrowed while Savera`s eyes widened.

"Yes! Yes, I remember! But only in dreams! I told you sooo much of my life! You`re supposed to keep a journal on everything I tell you, right? So how`s that been going?" Savera asked, all in one go.

I scratched the back of my head. "Um, well... I`m still working on it..."

Moon came closer to me, staring at me suspiciously. Then she uttered a very familiar song. "Kiss the moon, dream of noon. Sing a tune, to banish the gloom." 

"Catch a star, from a far. Make a wish, and hatred will perish." I continued with ease. Moon grinned.

"You`re the psychiatrist I keep meeting at Dreamland, aren`t you? How`s your book going?"

I rolled my eyes. "Can the both of you stop asking about it? I`m working on it, okay?"

The table cloth got pushed up and in came a female with similar features to Moon. "Hey guys! Look what some kid threw at me!" Star exclaimed, shoving a bag of potato chips in Moon`s face as she took a seat beside her sister. Her hair was dripping wet with soda, but she seemed not to mind. "No matter where you are in the universe, they charge you for the air inside the potato chip packet!" She turned the packet around and saw the price tag, her eyes widening. "At least where we come from, it`s reasonably priced!"

"Hey Star." Star looked up at me.

"Oh. Hey River."

"Can I know what happened to the rest of you guys?"

"Oh, yeah! As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted." The elf glared at Moon, who rolled her eyes. "Nix found this really interesting plant that eats flies and is trying to see how it works. Aleha tagged along with Ela. Problem is, we don`t know where Ela went!"

"And we were devising a plan to find her before we were interrupted." Moon added. I took notice of the links of silver made to be a bracelet around their hands. Star crunched on a potato chip noisily(but it was subdued greatly by the commotion outside the safety of below the table.) and offered the chips around. I took one and ate it. Salty.

"I say we go out there and scream for her. Nothing works better than yelling. Why do you think parents do it all the time?" Star suggested.

Right at that moment, the table got knocked over. Once again, my being was jeopardized.(and so was my dress.) The scenario had still not changed. In fact, it was just getting worse. I saw Kendra having fun though, so the food fight was not a total loss. 

At that moment, the front door slammed open. Everyone paused in mid action, staring at the entrance. The lady behind the camera earlier now stood there holding a loudspeaker. She yelled into it, warning everybody that if they did not clean up this mess right away, the party would be over and their parents would hear about this. A wave of sighs were heard around the room as food was dropped and shoulders slouched.

 Looking around, I noticed that the elf and the fox-kind siblings were missing in action. Did they just leave me like that? I searched my surroundings in vain. As I slumped my head, I saw a napkin on my shoulder. Yuck! Removing it from my shoulder, I realized that there were words written using mustard on it in horrible writing. Squinting, I attempted at deciphering it.

`Gtg! Wil Upd8 u at DrmLd!` I smiled. 
~In case anyone`s wondering, it says : `Got to go, will update you at Dreamland.`Now, back to my hiatus *crawls under blanket to hide from the cruel world.* Maybe i`ll just update once each week from now on....
 ~*Also, advanced HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! ^^ *~

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"I want to live my life, not record it." -Jackie Kennedy.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colouring Up

~When I grow up I`m gonna become a pilot and crash the plane on an deserted island in such a way that no one dies but the island is uncharted so that we can have our own episodes of LOST. (Only this will involve real life hardships and friendships being recorded via hand-phone till the batteries run out and maybe, if we`re lucky, a couple of zombies and huge as heck birds we can train and fly on.)

~And that, my friends, is what happens when you take Marijuana and start typing. *Weee!!* Ahem. Okay, back to reality. Colouring up was one of the articles on the Star newspapers (3/2/2013) today. I tried locating the link online to share it here, but I can`t find it. So, here it is :

Most of us know colour plays an important role in our lives, right? It helps us differentiate objects and chemicals, and, obviously, makes life much more joyful. It prevents dullness. It`s also used to persume our moods and personalities.

~The newspapers says each of us has a 'life path colour' To find your life path colour, write down your date of birth, treating each figure as a single digit, then add them together until you arrive at a number between 1 and 9. I was born on 18 September 1995. Add up 1+8+0+9+1+9+9+5 to get 42, then 4+2 to get 6. This means that I`m an indigo person. 

~Erm, okay.... There`s too much to copy from the newspapers and it`s under copyright! Nyehhhhh! I can`t find the link to it either.... Anyway, I`ll just list the numbers from one to nine and their respective colours. You Google to find out more! (Like I did for Indigo.) I`ll also try to find links about the personalities and link them to the colour. Here goes :
  1. Red. - Passionate people. Straight forward and direct. Thrives for success. Dynamic but has short attention span. Leaders.
  2. Orange. - Responds with feelings. Suited career in counseling, community work or politics. Relaxed and sociable. Low self-esteem (sometimes).
  3. Yellow. - Fun and witty. Talented writer when you have the patience. Books draw you in. Journalism, accounting, bank marketing, computers suits you. Prone to insomnia.
  4.  Green. - Likes company but occasionally needs space. Likes order. Plans ahead. Prepares for the future. Doesn`t like taking risks. Cling to emotions and possessions. Suitable careers include aromatherapy, gardening and florist.
  5. Blue. - Great storytellers. Vivid imagination. Need to be able to communicate. Would be a good doctor, nurse and carer. Honesty is important. Good debater. Music to relax. 
  6. Indigo. - Deep and mysterious. Actively involved or opt out completely. Finely tuned sixth sense. Predictive dreams. Good psychotherapist. Optimist. Becomes easily obsessed with people, places, situations. Prone to hormonal imbalances.
  7. Violet. - Career in fashion, interior design or fine art appeals you. Eye for quality than cost. Powerful imagination. Prone to headaches and feeling `spaced out`. Do NOT suppress your creativity.
  8. Rose/pink. - Often move away from where they were born. Prefer to let others take the limelight. Sees potential in everyone and tries to guide them. Job in personnel, administration or as a PA will suit them. Patient and understanding. When feeling stressed, exercise. 
  9. Gold. - Approachable people. As a child, adults confided in you and strangers told you secrets. Drawn to teaching. Has incredible talent. Perfectionist. Sees vulnerability as a weakness
~WARNING : I`m not sure if what is stated on the newspapers (The short points beside the colour) or the links telly >.< So, what did you get? Tell meee!! ^^ (Also, I`m going on a short hiatus from Blogger, around a week or so. Toodles!! <3 )

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~I just made one of those name things!! Hehehehe

~"I shut my eyes in order to see." -Paul Gauguin.