Monday, July 30, 2012

~*Optimism and Pessimism*~

~Today i did some research and found out the meanings for Pessimistic Optimist(yeah its my blogger name and i don`t know what it means >_<) and Optimistic Pessimism. 
~Okie, first of all, a Pessimist is a person who sees the glass as half empty. They notice the negative sides of events and objects. They are the people who find flaws in things and are usually always prepared for bad events to occur. Its sunny outside? Hey, no harm in bringing an umbrella in case it rains.
~An Optimist is the ying to the pessimist yang; the opposite of a pessimist. They find the rainbow in every storm, and smile at even the worst of events. They always find ways to keep happy and see only the bright side of things. 
~ Pessimistic Optimist - A pessimistic Optimist is neither a pessimist nor an optimist. They hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Somewhat like me, because i always pray for the best, but i prepare for the worst cause i have the stupidest luck, it`s so stupid that it`s stupid!
~ Optimistic Pessimism - In my understanding, i think optimistic pessimism is people who seem happy all the time they even become the envy of others because of their happiness, where else in reality they are as equally miserable as every other person. They wear a mask of happiness whenever they are not alone so that they do not bring sadness to others around them. I do this all the time, apparently it`s really easy to deceive people xD 
~I recall once when i was in Primary school this girl said that i would not understand sadness, and that she bet i have never been unhappy in my entire life( this is because i always smile at school) I just smiled at her without replying. She transferred to an international school when we moved to Secondary school. Believe me, life at home was terrible, although it has gotten better now. We should not judge others before getting to know them first ;)
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." -Abraham Lincoln.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

~*Sad Girl*~

~I`m feeling bloggy(or is it post-y?) today. Here`s a poem(is it a poem? I really can`t tell poem and non-poem apart xD ) i wrote on the 20/09/2011 which i shall share on my blog. It is called Sad Girl (I know, pathetic name >_< )
 Sad Girl.
She seemed to be in a daze,
Trapped in the maze of life, 
She felt her mere existence was a crime.
Kneeling by the alter at nine,
She prayed for any other different line.
To change the story of her sorrow-filled life.
She was on the worlds stage as another redundant player.
Her acting was as terrible as any other.
She was just too much of a looser,
and knowing it only pained her.
It there was a prize, she`s win it for sure,
The award for an extremely epic failure.
Created by the Lord, the loving saviour,
Why was she made? Was it for humour?
Just a spare, not wanted or required.
But it`s not really her fault,
Oh! How she begged and pleaded!
To be elsewhere and properly guided
By someone who cared and provided.
What was she to do? She was trapped,
Oh! Cursed!
In her body, like everyone else, destined for death.
There`s no changing what fate foretold!
And that is the miserable ending of that.
The end of life, for Oh! the ever so
Sad Girl.
~Damn! I should really get some sleep.... Have a dream-filled night =3
"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." -John Lennon.

~*Sewed the Wool Felt*~

~Saturday morning was spent creating this key-chain with the materials i bought from Queensbay on Friday night =D It took me around 3 hours to complete, and i plan to give it to my bro for his 14th birthday (31 July) ^^ Hope he`ll like it.~
~I didn`t get to go to Bon Odori on Saturday, but my family and I got to watch the fireworks display at 10:00pm while we were stuck in traffic.... Pretty lame way to experience Bon Odori.... Stuck in traffic, stretching your neck out the car window to get a glimpse of fireworks lighting up the midnight sky with its bright colours.... The fireworks display was awesome though, sadly it was practically impossible to snap any decent photos from where i observed it =( Well, as they say, there`s always next year. Anyone wanna join me next year? =)
~Argh! I`ve gotten school tomorrow.... and a Biology test to sit for which i haven`t properly prepared to face.... Lord, how i wish i could dissolve into the infinite universe when exams are near.... I HATE the need of people needing to evaluate me!!!! That`s the main reason why i dislike going to my friends houses. I always feel as if their parents are judging me.... evaluating me.... watching my every move to summarize if i am a good influence on their child or not. I always feel nervous and out of place when faced with my friends parents. I do know that it is only right that parents evaluate their child's friend to make sure that their child is safe, but i really get uncomfortable with parents around. Even around my parents, when my friends are around.
~Ok, Goodnight, that is all *YAWNS*.
"I lost some time once. It`s always in the last place you look for it." -Neil Gaiman (One of my favourite authors!!!! =D )

~*Rain and Fire*~

~Wee, okie, these are also a drawings i did a few months ago. I haven`t drawn for a few months now, cause exams are near and all. I`m just posting all the drawings I did awhile ago which are still on my computer.                    ~Anyway, i drew the raining picture when it was raining(the similar pic without the rain is to compare how i feel when there is rain in the drawing and when there was no rain.... Don`t ask me, i don't know how to explain it properly >_<) and i drew the girl in front of the fireplace when i was sitting in my room with the air-conditioner on and it was raining. I felt super cold, so i decided to draw something that felt warm? xD 
~Also, i`ve decided to end each post now onwards with a quote from a famous person at the bottom for fun!! =D 
  "To infinity ... and beyond!" -Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. (totally random quote xD )

Friday, July 20, 2012

~*20 July*~

~Today we had a farewell for Sister Aidan, who is an ex headmistress of SMK Convent Green Lane at school. She`s going back to Ireland(I wanna go there someday!!) We will miss you, Sister Aidan!!!! =) There were many speeches given(which were naturally boring) by many different people. The videos and short clips were awesome though ^^
 ~Do you know those things that usually only happen on TV, like chewing gum getting stuck in your shoe? Well, today it happened to me >_< As i was walking to my tuition class, a stick got stuck to the bottom of my left shoe. I used my other shoe to step on the popping out part of the stick to remove it from the bottom of my left shoe. Then as i continued walking i felt my left shoe feel heavy. I looked at the bottom of it to find chewed gum stuck on it, with twigs, leaves and God knows what else stuck on the gum *bleach* How do i effectively remove stuck gum from my shoe....

~Oh! Also, after dinner, my parents and I went to Queensbay. I went to Daiso(A Japanese themed shop where every item is RM5) and bought this `Animal kit of wool felt` thing, and i plan to do it tomorrow =D I recently saw an article on the newspapers about this, which is the main reason i forced my mom to buy it for me xD
~My cousin, Anil, came to Penang from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, today =D I haven`t seen him yet though, he`s staying at another cousins house while he`s here. I`m gonna ask him tons of questions about college life(the curious mind is never easy to satisfy xD ) Oya, and tomorrow is Bon Odori (Bon Odori) Festival in Penang!!!! My parents said maybe they`d take me to Esplanade to join in the celebration!! I`ve never been to one before, so this is something to look forward to =3 Gonna sleep now, eyelids failing me, world going dark, good night....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

~*Chem Quiz*~

~WOOHOO!! Ok, haha, i just found out how to tag(or Label, as Blogger calls it) posts =D So, Anyway, i`m making this my main blog cause i prefer the layout of this blog to my old one =P 
  ~Sooo, today we had our Quiz Kimia Malaysia 2012, and i think i fared pretty well(Joking, I had trouble answering more than half the questions on the paper) Damn hard man, and a few questions that were asked were questions from the chapters which our teacher has not even thought us yet >_< The questions we have yet to learn were from the ThermoChemistry chapter. Cross my fingers i pass this exam xD On the bright side, all the participants of the quiz received a free copy of the preiodic table of elements ^-^ 
~Okie, so i`m off to read Black Butler(Kuroshitsuji) Chapter 71!!!! So Excited!!!! Was told by PC that this chapter is EPIC =D Go read it if you`re a manga fan!!!! <3 <3 Kuroshitsuji Chapter 71

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~*Found it*~

~Yay I found it!! This is the doodle i did of `Alice: Madness Returns` on my iPhone doodle app( i forgot the app`s name though) I did this doodle when the game was released, but i still haven`t even gotten to play the freaking game!!!! Damn this coming exams!!!! After the exams are over, imma sit in front of the computer and Alice all day long!!!!(i`ll have to get my cousin to buy me the game first....)

~*Searching through my old files*~

Ok, i`ll begin with this one. This is a doodle i did on my iPhone a few months back. I downloaded this cool drawing app and was like, super excited, so i drew a bunch of crap. If i can find the Alice; Madness Returns doodle, i`ll post it up =3
 ~CREAMSICLE!!!! This was my contribution to the Creamsicle fandom on Tumblr!! =D Quick doodle, less than an hour to do, and looks like shit. (If i recall correctly, it was because i did this on the night of my Monthly Exams.... so, yeah....)
~This i did in the beginning of 2012 for Valentines Day. It was supposed to be AppleJack and RainbowDash from `My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic`, but clearly these two girls don`t resemble them.... Gawd I really need to work on my art after my SPM at the end of this year....

~*Good day to you, too*~

~I feel that this blog deserves an introduction, so here i go =3 
~I`ve recently made this blog by accident, but i`ve decided that I shall post my lousy art and doodles here, so feel free to browse at them and leave constructive critics. Sorry in advance for their lameness. Also, i do a lot of fan doodling xD