Friday, March 8, 2013

That New Swimming Anime

8/3/2013 - Friday.
6:06PM, computer table, Moth.
~Has anyone heard of the Swimming Anime video? It`s been everywhere since yesterday! My friends say it is just a parody or advertisement of sorts, so I do not think it is going to be made into an actual anime anytime soon, but if they do make it into an anime, I`ll watch! *giggles* The guys in it are so cute! Here`s a link to the YouTube video of it:
~The anime/advertisement sort of reminds me of Kuroko no Basuke/Basket(mainly because both the shows are to do with sports). I`m watching Kuroko now with a friend, at episode 4 at the moment. I can only watch it when my friend wants to watch it, so I have lots of free time now.
~Back to Swimming Anime, so far the best description for this short anime video is done by Chae/Squick on Tumblr. (Click the link! Come on! The description done by Squick is awesome its even on Crunchyroll!)
~Magi episode 21(The Dungeon Zagan) came out yesterday!! *Dances* Magi always manages to put a large grin on my face! I hope it carries on as long as Bleach or Naruto, cause it has been ages since I liked an anime as much as I do this one!! <3 The frustrating part is waiting for a whole week for the next episode. *sigh*
~Here is my favourite scene in Magi yesterday xD HAKURYUU`S VOICE!! It`s stuck in my head!! xD BAKA! BAKA! Oh man, I have the perfect one liner for this show: IN MAGI, MEN CRY!
~Lastly, I finished watching Ao no Exorcist(Blue Exorcist) yesterday. Finished the entire anime(25 episodes) in like, 4 days? I really liked it(AND WANT MORRRRE!!) The characters are cool and the story is interesting. Will do a proper review sort of post for it tomorrow (Maybe) ;)
~That`s all for now(wow its been ages since I have updated this blog ._.) Do you have any cool anime`s to suggest I watch while waiting patiently for Magi to release an episode every week?


  1. Blue Exorcist is the best! Not better than no.6 best, but still the best. and awesome. Juuuuuuuuuust thought I'd mention that.
    Did you watch subbed or dubbed?
    if you'd like the full list of anime I've watched along with my recomendations of them, I'd be happy to give it to you :)


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