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Food for thought

~Psychology Puppies!!

Systematic study of experience and behavior. (I think as in, the experience we have affects our behavior.)
For example : A child has been abused at home (experience) so the child bullies others at school (behavior).
Derived from a Greek word.
Psyche - soul/mind.
Logos - Word/study (My Biology book says it means `study`, therefore `The study of Life`, but the internet says it means `word`. I`m sticking with `study`.) 

  Philosophical Issues.
Determinism - Everything that happens has a cause. Every event is determined. I`m guessing it`s like every action has a reaction kind of thing.
Free Will - Independent decision making. Cannot accurately predict human behavior fully. It`s like for one situation there can be millions of outcomes and we can`t really tell which is going to happen.

~For Determinism versus free will, I wont take sides. I do believe that actions have reactions and every cause/result a reason, but I can`t confidently say it is determined. I`ve read about The Many Worlds Theory/String Theory. For free will, if there are infinite outcomes, one of them has to happen. So the other infinite outcomes that did not happen, I believe, happened elsewhere. In a parallel universe. I believe that both are possible, but I`m not sure which is right. I`m sitting on the fence here, but with a pillow as to not hurt my bottom.

Monism versus Dualism.
Monism - Soul and body are one because conscious experience is generated. Believes that only the soul is real. All can be broken down into one substance.
Dualism - The soul and body are separate but the soul controls the body. Dualism is like the Ying and Yang concept, or good and evil.(Spiritual and Physical elements).

~I find it amusing that I`m a Hindu and I didn`t know Hinduism is a primary proponent of Monism. Truth be told, I don`t know much about my religion. I don`t follow Monism either. I do prefer the Dualism concept, but I`m not all the way with it. I don't believe in only one reality (I believe in the String Theory. Makes me feel good cause I know what ever the choice I make, I`ve tried out the other possibility else where.) too. I cant accept that there are any evil or good people, just people who believe in what's right and what's wrong from their own perspective. Sorry. I`m not police material. I

~DO believe that no one should take another's life though. Be it an animal or plant. Also, back to the String Theory for a moment. I don't really understand the theory well, but if there were different universes with different ME's who made the choices I did not in this world, are they still me? I mean, how can that person be `me`, when there can only be one me. Only one `me` who made that one choice. So the other me.... is not really me??

~If, say, I chose to be good, so the other me chose to be bad. Then she`s not me anymore, is she? She may look like me, sound like me, and even be identical in every physical aspect to me and share same thoughts, but she`s just not ME!! She cant be me cause she did not make the choices I made, which means her memory has different info from mine and she has other life experience not similar to mine, so she`s not ME!! Ok, I`m confused. I`m gonna pause thinking now and go back to researching....

Swirl Theory.
Sherlock from Elementary mentioned this, so i Googled it. Came across this website => Swirl Theory

Ever wonder why it is that you never heard of something and then suddenly you hear and see several references to that very thing in the next few days? Do you ever not see an old friend for years and when someone mentions him/her you cross paths in the oddest location? Have you watched a movie and be impressed by an actor/actress who you never heard of and the next movie or two later, there he/she is again? Well there is Swirl Theory to explain what is going on.  

~That`s the first sentence from the link. Click it to find out more!

From what I understand, it is a theory on how one event effects a chain of other events. I believe it says that events from long ago can also affect events now. Um, There is no such thing as a coincidence? 
~In short, this theory reminds me of Cloud Atlas. Is the swirl theory identical to the wave theory? In which the vibration caused by something sends out waves which intersect with other objects waves, affecting original outcomes? Since there are references to nodal and anti-nodal wave points and all.
~Oh! Look, the author replied to my comment in less than a day!! ^^
Name: River
Date: March 1, 2013
From: 11900
Comment: ~Haha, I Googled Wave theory after watching Elementary too! *High fives Photoymjoy!* ~I guess by posting this you`ve created a ripple in which I am now affected by after reading it? ^^ I`ve read it all, but I`m still slightly confused(I'm always slightly confused so nothing new there.) This theory has lots to do with Waves, right? Its amazing how we affect each other! Reminds me of Cloud Atlas =D (AWESOME MOVIE!!) ~All the same, interesting information, thanks for sharing!! ^^
Name: Author
Date: March 1, 2013
From: 21228
Comment: Mathematically every particle in the Universe has an influence on all the others. The distance between them in space-time diminishes that affect. Trying to recognize intent in the river upon its water or of the water on the river reach in order to 'know the future' is a futile endeavor because of the randomization by so many variables. Listening to the Swirl Theory may only let you know that you are on the correct path ant the correct time even if the destination and future events are not revealed.
 ~Now this theory reminds me of the book Foundation by Isaac Azimov. Hari Sheldon and his probabily theory to determine outcomes of the near future and all. Okay, done for today`s post! Gotta go have lunch, toodles!!

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