Saturday, April 27, 2013

My anime/manga list

~I`ve made a new blogger buddy! Check out her blog => We were exchanging animes to watch when I found myself racking my brains just to recall all the good animes I have watched in my entire short life. So, I have decided to make my own list of animes i have already seen, like she did! If it`s in light blue/purple, i`m still watching it and if it`s in red, I read the manga version of it. :

~The Law of Ueki. (First anime I watched from beginning to end. I was 12 then.)
~Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.
~Death Note.
~Fullmetal Alchemist.
~Project K.
~Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic.
~Blue Exorcist.
~Kuroko no Basket.
~Samurai Shamploo.
~Rust Blaster.
~Code Geass.
~Soul Eater.
~Paradise Kiss.
~Spirited Away.
~Howls Moving Castle.
~ 07-Ghost.
~Jikan Akima Jinbutsu.
~Pandora Hearts.
~Mirai Nikki.
~Tekkon Kinkreet. 
~Kino No Tabi. (Kino`s Journey.)
~Attack on Titan.
~Are you Alice?

~For some I have watched the anime as well as read the manga, but i`m too lazy to assign a different colour code for that. I`ll be adding more when I have the time!! <3


  1. Awwww thankzzzzz :)
    Oh man, I totally didn't think to add movies! Maybe I should put those?
    wow we watched a ton of the same anime! And of course, I'm sure we agree; Studio Ghibli is the best (my faves are Howls Moving Castle and Spirited Away)
    I definitely recommend watching the anime version of Samurai Champloo though; there's nothing quite like it xD I'd also recommend the dub, cause though the chick's voice is annoying, the rest is great :)
    grr I'm sorry I just wanted to rant that at someone... and no one else I know watches Code Geass (well one... but she's in New York right now...)
    (heheh I replied to you... )

    1. ~Yea, add the movies! I just added any Anime I could think of xD
      ~Yeah, the manga version of Samurai Shamploo was hanging! I have to get to watching the anime soon!
      ~OMG WHY ARE THEY POSTPONING IT?? *USES GOOGLE TO CHECK* OH MAN!! Luckily we have so many other animes to free our time with!! (You heard of the Swimming Anime? Now renamed `Free!`? I`m waiting eagerly for its release =P )
      ~Woah, she wen there to study?(I`m afraid of New York thanks to Law and Order)

    2. I don't know much about that anime... Like, it's about a swimming competition? I'm not the most into sport stuff, but I'll check it out
      She went to New York on a band trip. Sadly, I am not in band, or I would be there too :(

      reply to Nite Hike comment:
      thanks! I'm second to the left in the first pic :3
      We live in Canada :D (BC) Gosh where do you live? I wouldn't be able to stand that much heat!
      Yeah I agree, lets just leave reaaallly long comments on each other's blogs xD (but with headings like this?) ^^

      reply to music vid comment:
      Haha yeah, I totally didn't realize Kino was a girl either! I always refer to her as a guy tho lol. Just wait until the fight game one, that's hilarious with the whole girl/guy thing xD
      Dogkeeper is a girl, but she's supposed to be portrayed as though everyone thinks she's a guy, and wants to keep it that way (personally though, I always thought she was a girl, based on the animation style)'^'
      Yeah I don't usually either, but at one point i just needed MORE no.6, you know? So i went searching.... (Though I did find an account on youtube that always puts up good ones)


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