Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thor The Dark World and Loki`s hair

~Yesterday I went on Tumblr and `BAM` LOKI`S HAIR!! IT`S EVERYWHERE!! There were posts comparing his un-cut hair to Skrillex an Gotye and even Snape! This made me go and google the trailer of the next Thor movie, which is Thor The Dark World.(or, as I call it, Thor 2.)
~No, I do not own nor did I edit this Loki picture. It was done by some awesome soul who goes on Tumblr and I copied it from there and pasted it here.

~I heard from a friend that now there`s going to be a love triangle which includes Loki, Thor and Sif. Personally, I`ve shipped Thor and Loki since Thor 1 was released. But I was told that Sif is Thor`s cannon wife on wiki. Sooo, yeah. I shall wait and watch the movie. And after watching the movie, I shall read fanfiction!!(hehehe).

~Other than that, I`m planning to watch Iron Man 3 tomorrow!! Last Sunday I came to Kuala Lumpur with my mother and now she`s gone back but I`m still in Kuala Lumpur staying with my cousins. I have to wake up every Monday to Friday by 8am, take the LRT to Ampang Park and attend German Lessons at the Goethe Institute.

~It takes me one and a half hours to reach home!! First I have to walk from the institute to the LRT, take the LRT, then wait for the bus 309 which has no proper schedule, then walk all the way back home. When I get back its three and i`m starving... What am I doing with my life....

~Anyway, this is a quick post, since i have not been posting lately.... And I feel like I should... For reasons... Also, I found this post on Facebook and they said share it with your loved ones, so here you go:


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    1. ~Yeah I didn`t get an email notification >_< Thanks for the link!! =D


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