Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How my family sees Sherlock; the series.

Sherlock : The series.

First of all, let me state that I love this show. But I did not exactly watch it by myself. No. I watched it with my almost-entire family. Lets begin with their point of view`s of the show before I give mine, shall we? 

From my grandma`s point of view : I don`t like this guy. He acts like an evil psycho. And he has no class. *Turns to my mother and says* remember the Sherlock Holmes during MY time? SO much class! With is smoking pipe and hat and coat! *Walks away tutting.*

From Nar`s point of view : *Glances at the show(episode 1 Season 1)* This show is gay. There`s not enough hot chicks. I`m not watching two gay dudes in London solve gay crimes. Gay gay gay gay good day. *Heads up to his room*

From my youngest bro`s point of view(he`s 10) : *Is drawing in his book. Then looks up at me and asks*
 Who`s Minecraft?
His name is MYCROFT!!

From my mothers point of view : *keeps using her laptop while watching the show. Then looks up and says* So, what`s going on? Has Sherlock said `It`s elementary, my dear Watson.` yet?

From my dads point of view : They are solving crimes while all of you sit around WATCHING them solve crimes. Go outside and solve crimes of your own, for goodness sake  Your bottom`s gonna grow large with you staring at the screen all day! Shoo! (ME : It`s the night. The night equals TV.) *He walks away complaining about modern-day children.*

~I spend so much of time and effort downloading the entire series to watch in peace, then they go and spoil it for me! I, for one, enjoy a good detective show that makes me think! Sheesh! This is exactly why one should not watch awesome programs with their family. I wanted to watch it on a big screen(house TV, not laptop) for the effects. Not again. NOT AGAIN.
(Waits eagerly for Season 3 to be released. Anyone knows when?)


  1. haha I don't watch but I was thinking of starting... I usually wait until my parents go out to use the big tv ^u^

  2. You poor thing! I like watching my TV in peace as well. Sherlock is one of my absolute FAVORITE series. It's one of the most brilliant shows I've ever seen. I can't imagine someone not liking it. But I suppose everyone is different.

    I want to say the 3rd season is coming this Fall, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

  3. Reply to all things on my Nite Hike post:
    -funny faces:
    I actually kinda like innocent characters, but only if they're guys... You're right the girl ones are soo annoying! (double standard much lol)
    Yeah Zetsuen no Tempest does get better after the 3rd episode.. I mean, they start journeying and fighting and stuff... (but then, I like that kind of thing ^W^)
    haha I'm atomically like that with Animefreak too! watchcartoonsonline is my second option tho :P

    -Anime list:
    Ah no I haven't... It's a sport one, right? I'm not the most interested in that sort of thing, but I'll try it out if you think it's that good 'U'

    Uh yeah, we're very multicultural here :P I guess I don't notice anymore xD It's because of the immigration; most families have only been living here for 2 or 3 generations.
    Haha it's not THAT cold here ^u^ Where I live anyway (Vancouver, BC), just rainy. We normally stay from around -2 to 13 degrees (Celsius) in the winter,And we get up to the 30s in the summer ^^ I'm really bad in the heat though, I prefer to be cold than warm
    Huh that's funny, no band? It's really big here, the whole music thing. They get to go on toooons of trips.

    I KNOOOW THEY NEED MORE NO.6!!!! But sadly,there is no way for this to happen... ,_, (have you read the novels? There's this website that did a great translation of all of them to english)

    Oh, I don't have a tumblr... I feel like if I did, I would NEVER do any homework. I didn't even have a facebook until a few months ago!

    also, if you tire of this back and forth complicated commenting, you can always email me: ^w^


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