Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The world is not beautiful. And that, in a way, lends it a sort of beauty." -Kino`s Journey.

~Well, I`ve never made enemies before, but I think I might just have lost two friends. But, I don`t even think they were friends to begin with. I think it`s time to finally move on. I`m not talking to PC and HY anymore. And I don`t think I ever will. HY just suddenly got mad at me and YM(Yen Min) believes she influenced PC into not talking to me too. But i`ll stick to the saying "true friends can`t stay mad at each other for long, because they always have something to share with each other." or something like that. 

~Which brings me to "I never felt they were my `true` friends" to begin with. I mean, seriously. They always ganged up to attack me on anything. I ask them to watch a show with me and their automatic response is NO. I ask them a question and they insult me. Besides, it`s been like, what, a week now, since I last talked to HY. I realized that I can`t remember stuff I missed doing with them. All I did in our chats was waste my time talking about stuff I can`t even recall now >_< OH MY GOD THE TIME I`VE WASTED!!

~Not to mention the feeling of reluctance in being my friend I always get when chatting with HY. And PC is just so hot tempered! Almost all she ever does on the chat is complain about her life. Which is, in truth, FREAKING BORING. For heavens sake, I don`t want to hear about your report which you did not complete on time. Instead of complaining about all the time, go and freaking GET IT DONE, DAMN IT!! But nooo, I just sat there listening to her whine. Wasting time. 

~So, in a good way, i`ve now gained time and, sort of, freedom. I don`t feel tied down to checking if they replied or anything. YM is being sort of counselor-ish, but it`s fine. I`m gonna move on and find new people~~ Any takers? (FYI, if anyone needs friends, I suggest the DRRR chatroom.)

~Also, I skyped with my cousin, Monisha, earlier. She`s a fashion designer. Check out her website!! => Monisha Pillai

~Now, to direct my attention to the ELECTIONS. ARGHHHHHHH!! TOTAL CHEAT!! BN won by cheating! Damn magic trick! I just.... i`m so furious at this I don`t even know what to say!! This post on Facebook:

~It shows how elections really are. =_= Anyway, I should be taking my leave now. 



  1. Maaaaan I'm sorry it took me so long to comment & reply and such... sorry!!!!!! I've been insanely busy, which made me stressed, then sick, and then more stressed because since I was sick it gave me less time to do all the things I was stressed about.
    *deep breath*
    First off I'd like to say; in seeing that Kino's Journey quote as a tittle, I practically fell off my chair. Seriously, I did! You are awesome ^^
    On losing friends, I've been having a similar sort of issue lately. Actually a few. But I often think girl politics are more complicated than real politics, and in this I'm probably right. I'm not going to get into that messy subject right now though.
    As for the replies to all the rest, I'm gonna just send you an email I think. xD

  2. Loosing a friend is hard, even if they were never true friends. There is a lot to go through, but it is when friends go, that we are able to wonder if they ever were good friends.


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