Monday, June 3, 2013

My movie/shows list.

~The movies/shows coloured in green are what i have already seen(there are lots im just listing the ones i can recall) and the ones in orange are ones I will not mind watching over and over again because I simply enjoyed them so! Shows in blue are ones i am looking forward to watch.


~The Sunset Limited.
~The best exotic marigold hotel.
~Cloud Atlas.
~Shutter Island.
~The Hobbit.
~Spiderman trilogy(Sam Raimi version.)
~War Horse.
~The Devil`s Backbone.
~Race to which mountain.
~The Ladykillers.(Recently watched, funny.)
~Are we there yet?(All.)
~The Colour of Magic.
~The Lovely Bones.
~Life of Pi.
~Kill Your Darlings.
~The Social Network(Good movie, lazy to watch again.)
~The Machinist.
~The Amazing Spider-Man.(Or should I say Spoderman.)
~Fast and Furious(All of them.)
~Up(Watched it too many times.)
~Monsters Inc.(same reason as Up.)
~Iron man trilogy.
~Batman trilogy.
~Star Trek.
~Star Trek 2(Into Darkness.)
~The Avengers.
~Avatar.(James Cameron version).
-Django Unchained.
~Inglorious Basterds.
~The Bucketlist.
~The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
~Big Fish.
~Forrest Gump.
~Some Disney movies i forgot to state.
~Kill Bill.
~Kill Bill 2.
~The Kings Speech.
~Twilight(Red because I regretted watching it.)
~Resident Evil(All. Should this be in red as well?)
~History of Violence.
~White chicks.
~The Incredibles.
~The Great Gatsby.
~Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
~Sweeney Todd.
~Despicable Me.
~How to train your dragon.
~Wreck-It Ralph.
~John Carter of Mars.
~The Hunger Games.
~Alpha and Omega.(Animation.)
~Toy Story(All of them. Watched too many times(WTMT)).
~Hotel Transylvania.
~Harry Potter(All.)
~Team America: World Police.
~Real Steel.
~The Rugrats Movie.
~Kingdom of Heaven.
~Harold and Kumar.(1 and 2)
~The Lorax(2012.)
~Rise of The Guardians.
~Sherlock Holmes(Robert Downey Jr version.)
~Pirates of the Caribbean(all the episodes.)
~Fight Club.
~Hangover 2.
~Black Swan.
~The Dictator.
~The School of Rock.
~Cowboys and Aliens.
~Finding Nemo.
~The Perks of being a Wallflower.
~Captain America.
~Paperman(Short flim. Every single time in the cinemas they show it.)
~Dark Shadows.
~American Psycho.
~A beautiful mind.
~Book of Eli.
~Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.
~Silence of the lambs.
~A Tale Of Two Sisters.
~Warm Bodies.
~The girl with the dragon tattoo.
~Red Dragon.
~James Bond: Skyfall.
~Catch me if you can.
~Shaw-shank Redemption.
~Billy Elliot.
~A Single Man.
~Les Miserables.
~Oz the Great and Powerful.
~Gravity.(He could have been saved.)
~Christopher and his kind.
~He`s just not that into you.
~Now you see me.
~World War Z.
~Man of Steel.
~Monsters University.
~The Godfather.(All.)
~After Earth.
~Seven Psychopaths.
~Despicable me 2.
~Thor 2(The Dark World.)
~The Lone Ranger.
~Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.
~Public Enemies.
~City of Bones.
~The Good, the bad and the ugly.
~Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.
~Easy A.
~Hangover 3.
~Rain Man.
~Dead Poets Society.
~Pulp Fiction.
~Good Will Hunting.
~Star Wars.(All. I wanna rewatch.)
~The Shining.


~Sherlock.(Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman version.)
~Doctor Who. (Ninth.)
~Modern Family.
~The Middle.
~Law and Order. (SVU and ori.)
~The Office.
~40 Rock.
~The Simpsons.
~Once upon a time in Wonderland.
~Family Guy(Episodes can get disturbing.)
~American Dad(Same reason as FG.)
~Bones.(Most of this shows I watch cause my mum watches(Mum watches.))
~Castle(Mum watches.)
~Friends(Mum watches.)
~The X-Files(Mum watches.)
~Once Upon a Time. 
~CSI`s(Mum watches.)
~How I Met Your Mother.
~Keeping Up Appearances(Mum used to watch. I loved it too!)
~Death Note(I think this is under anime, but meh, its epic.)
~Criminal Minds.
~The Big Bang Theory.
~Game of Thrones.
~Drake and Josh.
~Game of Thrones.
~Breaking Bad.
~Hannibal. (Epic!!)
~Bates Motel.
~Welcome to Night Vale. (Podcast. Because Idk which category to add this in but it`s awesome.)
~American Horror Story.
~Ripper Street.
~House of Cards.
~The Following.

Cartoons. (Movies/series.)

~WARNING: HALF OF MY CHILDHOOD IS BELOW!!!! (I can still recall most of their opening/theme songs!!)

~Spongebob Squarepants.
~Teen Titans.
~Wild Thornberrys.
~Avatar: The Last Airbender.
~Legend of Korra.
~Winnie the Pooh Bear.
~Dexters Laboratory. 
~PB&J Otter.
~The Backyardigans. 
~The Emperor`s New School.
~Lilo & Stitch.
~The Proud Family.
~Jimmy Neutron.
~Rolie Polie Olie.
~Out of the Box.
~Phineas and Ferb.
~Mr.Bean. (Animated and live.)
~Brandy & Mr.Whiskers.
~Little Einsteins. 
~Foster`s Home for Imaginary Friends.
~Disney`s House of Mouse.
~The Powerpuff Girls.
~The Fairly OddParents.
~Camp Lazlo.
~Finding Nemo.
~Ed, Edd and Eddy.
~Dave the Barbarian.
~Higglytown Heroes.
~Samurai Jack.
~I am weasel.
~That`s so Raven.
~Cow and Chicken.
~Kim Possible. 
~Jojo`s Circus.
~Special Agent Oso. (Sound`s like a plan!)
~Art Attack!
~Ben 10.
~Handy Manny.
~Upin & Ipin.
~American Dragon: Jake Long.
~Superman/Batman : Public Enemies. (Watch!!)
~Danny Phantom.
~The Replacements.
~Totally Spies.
~Recess. (I miss this cartoon.)
~The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
~Bear in the big blue house.
~Courage the Cowardly Dog. (I love this title.)
~Little Bear.
~The marvelous misadventures of Flapjack.
~The amazing world of Gumball. 
~Ice Age(All of them.)
~Barney and Friends.
~Bananas in Pyjamas.
~The Save-Ums.
~Codename: Kids next door.
~Oh My English!
~Hey Arnold.
~Mickey Mouse Club House.
~Kung Fu Panda.
~Happy Feet.
~Dora the Explorer.
~Sesame Street.
~Invader Zim.

~More to be added when I have time. I`m sorry if my taste is weird. There are a lot of great shows which are in green cause I don`t really want to watch them again right now. I will in the future, maybe. Just not now. All the shows listed are awesome-sauce.

~Also, this list also does not mean I have un-hiatus-ed. I`m just saving this list here to one day show my children(or nieces/nephews) and they could choose if they would want to watch the shows. Plus, I sometimes forget what I have already watched.... Toodles Poodles!!


  1. HA! You listed John Carter! *High fives*!

    And you like Nine. *Double high fives* *Grin*

  2. I have heard that about BC, becoming the next Doctor. I think he'd do a great job, but then I also heard he was going to be playing the Master in the 50th, so I'm no longer sure. Either way, having him in Doctor Who would be WAY cool.

    I think the books were written after the movies, but I'm not sure. They are really close to the movies, with just a little more character depth.

    anyway, I was wondering if you could read this short story I wrote? Pplz haven't really been reading my blog lately, and I really want some imput on it...
    thaaaaaank youuuu ^w^


~Everyone loves comments, and so do I! Critiques are much appreciated too! I`ll drop by your blog to reply~ ^^