Monday, September 30, 2013

~Don`t mess with crows unless you want to go down a crows death list.

~Hi there! I`ve finally settled everything and can return to blogging again! I`m in Germany now-- Aachen. Anyone near by? :)

~Random fact I learned today: Crows can remember your face

~Crows are intelligent creatures, so don`t mess with them. They remember faces of people who try to harm them. Unless you want a crow wanting you dead, it`s safer to avoid them than to go at them. PS, They can also get other crows to hate you!(I wonder how many crows hate me already...)

~I`ve noticed how cluttered my `tag` is on blogger... I`m not sure what else to say, so, hello again! Forgive me for the long pause? *grins* I want to read something, but almost everything here is written in German and I`m not very good at the language yet to be reading high class literature...
~Oh, right! Has anyone here heard of Welcome To Night Vale yet?? It`s a super awesome podcast done by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor; It was flooding Tumblr at one point, so I checked it out and it`s quite funny but sometimes I find it hard to concentrate on because I tend to space out easily... If you haven`t checked it out already, here`s a link to all the episodes! HERE You can listen to it for freeee!! Go! Check it out! Now! *prods you with spear*

~Other than that, I`ve made another Tumblr account around two months back and began posting poetry because I really missed typing but blogging took up too much time. (Wow I`ve really missed blogger)

~I`ll post about my classmates tomorrow maybe? When I have time again! Tschuss! 

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  1. Germany! I'm envious.

    I didn't know that about crows...I knew they were creepy though. I might have to put that into a book.

    I don't have a favourite pony, I like all of them 8-D I keep trying to pick a favourite but I always fail. They're all so much fun.


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