Sunday, October 7, 2012

~*'K' Anime is out!!!!*~

Sunday - 7/10/2012
~OMG THE NEW ANIME 'K' IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I love the animation!! The character's movements are as fluid as water and the main character Yashiro is so adorable!!!! I don't really understand what happened in the first epispde though and wiki doesn't explain much too xD But it was still awesome!! Hehe and there were hints of boy-love in the show =3 I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!
~Also, on Friday when i was watching youtube videos i read a comment that mentioned an anime called 'No.6' so i googled the anime and since it only consisted of 11 episodes, i decided to watch it =3 I'm at episode 9 now and its awesome!!!! I like the concept of an evil controlling city xD
~The main character is this genius boy named 'Shion' (or is it 'Sion'? O_o ). The storu takes place in this city called No.6 which somewhat brainwashes people into making them think that it's a perfect city(which it is not, duh!). Shion begins questioning the city after meeting Nezumi(his name means 'Rat' in English) and incidents of people suddenly dying takes place. He's caught by the authorities, is rescued by Nezumi and the story goes on. I'm still not sure if 'Dogkeeper' is a girl or boy >.< Im voting for girl. I appreciate strong female characters in shows.
~Gtg, gonna watch No.6 and then read 'K: Memory of Red' ^_^ FYI, i do not own any of the pictures xD i hope i dont have to disclaim stuff for every post >_< Ok, to make it easy, i own nothing unless stated =3
~"If you learn to use a perfect afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned the meaning of life." -Lin Yutang.

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