Monday, September 24, 2012

~*First interview.... EVER*~

~Today i had a SASA interview with Help college.... Totally screwed it >_< At around 12:30p.m. my grandma comes to school (oh! The embarassment!) and forces me to find a teacher who'll fill in the letter of recomendation for me (got my Moral teacher to do it for me). She also goes around telling my teachers that i was too lazy to get it filled in earlier as my mom has been nagging me to get it filled for 4 days already (which i did not want to do because i did not want to go for the interview), destroying what measly reputation i have.... =_=
~My dad was 5 minutes late picking me up for the interview from my grandma's house (interview registration was at 3). I reached Sunway Hotel (BTW, that's where the interview was being held, at floor 14) at around 3:05 p.m. and got myself registered Like A Boss! xD
~Anyway, the registration lady was very friendly, and there were around 10 more students there waiting to enter the interviewing room (3 females excluding me, one from my school, the rest were males). I sat next to a girl whom i've never met before, and she introduced herself. Definitely a Sanguine personality, very talkative and kept interacting with the registration lady (her name started with S and had 6-8 letters).
~So people kept going in and coming out, each student taking more than 10minutes inside with the interviewer.
The friendly registration lady interacted with us, and when she asked me what i want to do, i said i wanted to join the American Degree Transfer Program and take the Biomedical engineering course.
~Then i would specialise in Genetic engineering and then work to finding a cure for cancer. What motivated me to make such a decision? I said it was because both my dogs died of cancer. (No lie. Both had cancer of the private parts >_< I loved them and miss them greatly. R.I.P Smokey and Rusty) She also showed us an episode of Comedy Court on her laptop =D Cool lady.
~I was not nervous at all, although people around me were. I guess it was because i did not take this interview seriously. The friendly girl kept telling me not to worry and that i looked worried. I just smiled at her. It was 5 and 4 of us were left. A boy, the friendly girl, me (i was the second last to be intervirwed) and another boy.
~My parents came at around 5 (causing me more embarrassment than i needed for the day) and sat on one of the tables in the same room we sat. They kept signaling and calling for me to go to them, i managed to ignore them all the way xD
~The friendly girl went in. Two of us left. Friendly registration lady talked to the other boy, finding out that he speaks Japanease more fluently than he speaks English!! Anyway, my time finally came (friendly girl took like 10-15mins in the interview room).
~I went in and i swear, SWEAR, that the interviewer did not smile even once throughout our whole interview. I was warned by the other students that he'd be grumpy. The room was small, yellow, musty, had a weird smell and was warm compared to the previous rokm. Ok, so he asked me to describe my family. My first interview. I thought they wanted to know about me academicly, not my freakin personal life!!
~So i told what my parents worked as. I did not bother to describe my brothers or my two living grandpas and grandmas. No. Then he said "That's all?" and i thought. Then i said "my mom likes animals" ._.
~Next question, if i recall correctly, was 'what do you look for in the university/college you plan to join" i stutteringly said "If they have the program i want to join" his phone rang, he picked it up, said some words in a language foreign to me, put the phone down, asked me to repeat. I did. He said, once again, "That's all?" with a sour look on his face. I recked my brain for another answer and said "the standard and recognition of the university" and again he said "that's all?" like a broken recording and i replied "Um, yes?" with a dorky smile.
~Then he asked "what would you organize if the college was to fund you(as the leader of the group) and a group of people? This does not involve charity events" I blanked out for a moment. What the hell how should i know Omigod my life is over. "Uh, i would organise a pet helping group" i stuttered. "That's it?" he asked, finally changing his words a little. "and i'll organise a food event and the money raised from the food event would be donated to charity". He looked disappointed, but that was how his expression was from the moment i entered.
~He flipped through my papers (yes, i brought a file with papers of my achievements, which is a miserable amount, with me. Also, the letters of recommendation he kept) and then asked "Do you think you are a good leader?" i replied "No" and he seemed stunned for a millimoment, then "why?" i replied "Because i do not have the ability to lead and motivate"
~"What makes you special from other people?" was his final question. And OH! How i screwed it up so perfectly it was almost impossible to believe. My dad had wailed after the interview "Oh please tell me that was not your answer. ANYTHING but that!" and my cousin, Anil, had laughed, saying "That's the worst thing you could ever say! Ever!" what was my answer to the question? It was "Nothing." I replied "Nothing." N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
~He said he was done with interviewing me, i thanked him and scampered outta the devils room. My interview was by far the shortest there was, lasting less than 5 minutes. The friendly regestration lady looked shocked and slightly concerned. I thanked her and left with my parents. Of course, before leaving my dad had to ask her questions about the purpose of the interview. Man, how i wished i could have just evaporated into thin air at that moment >_<
~We walked to the car, got there, mom realized she left her handbag at the waiting room, we had to run back up and get it, i had to face the friendly lady again, and finally, FINALLY, everything was done with!
~So there i have it! My first interview ever....

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