Thursday, February 7, 2013

Character Encounters

~I decided to do this Character Encounters thing Kendra is having!! Here`s the link => Character Encounters. *Dances* I had fun doing it!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENDRA!!!! =D ) Here`s my character(s) encounters :

A piece of chocolate cake made a full arc before hitting me right in the face. Giggling, I keep moving to dodge the other eatables coming from every direction. What had caused this disaster to ensue? Beats me. One moment we are all celebrating Kendra`s birthday, singing her birthday song, and the next moment her cousin grabs a handful of tiny pretzels and throws them at the boy sitting beside him. Something about wanting the first piece of cake.

Naturally the boy retaliated, and now everyone got dragged into it. The lady with the camera was screaming for order. Tough luck. I looked down at my mustard stained dress and smirked. Mum is going to freak out when she sees this. Told her dresses bring bad luck

But the food fight was getting a little too violent for my liking. I needed a place to shield myself from the chaos until everybody regained their sanity. Frantically looking left and right, I spotted the long food table covered with a what used to be white table cloth which fell all the way down to the ground. Perfect!

Running towards the long table, I ducked a flying pie. I went under the table cloth(which was now stained to look like a rainbow made out of sauces) and into a narrow space. Apparently I was not the only one who thought to take cover. There was a ginger haired girl sitting beside me, her back to me. She was talking to someone in front of her. Tapping her shoulder, I said :

"Excuse me, but could you scoot over? It`s quite cramped over here."

She turned around to face me, her violet eyes making contact with my black ones. I gasped in shock. Her ears! They were the pointiest ears I have ever seen! But that was not the reason I was shocked. I`ve seen people spend good money to get plastic surgery done to make their ears look elf like. I gasped because the face I was staring at belonged to Savera. 

"I`m sorry." Savera said as her companion pulled her closer towards the other end. Only, her companion was Moon, the fox-kind! With the mauve furred fox ears and tail swishing behind her and everything! I was sure they noticed my astonished countenance immediately.

"Are you okay, miss?" Savera asked, waving her hand in front of my face.

"Savera? Is that really you?" I asked, poking her cheek. Then I turned to look at Moon and touched her ears. They were so soft! Like petting a really fluffy dog! 

Moon shoved my hand a way, knitting her eyebrows. "Don`t do that!"

"You guys dimension hopping?" I asked, folding my legs and looking around. "So, where`s Renex, Nixil, Aleha and the rest?" We sat in a sort of circle, unable to make a proper circle thanks to the lack of space. The noise from above has yet to subside.

"Yup! Renex has gone to find an Internet connection and Nixil found- OW!" Savera exclaimed, rubbing her arm.

"Idiot! Don`t tell this person anything! We know nothing about her! How does she even know us??" I heard Moon whisper angrily at Savera. I smiled.

"Don`t you remember, Moon? Our dreams have been linked for ages! You and me and the rest of the gang!" Moon`s   eyes narrowed while Savera`s eyes widened.

"Yes! Yes, I remember! But only in dreams! I told you sooo much of my life! You`re supposed to keep a journal on everything I tell you, right? So how`s that been going?" Savera asked, all in one go.

I scratched the back of my head. "Um, well... I`m still working on it..."

Moon came closer to me, staring at me suspiciously. Then she uttered a very familiar song. "Kiss the moon, dream of noon. Sing a tune, to banish the gloom." 

"Catch a star, from a far. Make a wish, and hatred will perish." I continued with ease. Moon grinned.

"You`re the psychiatrist I keep meeting at Dreamland, aren`t you? How`s your book going?"

I rolled my eyes. "Can the both of you stop asking about it? I`m working on it, okay?"

The table cloth got pushed up and in came a female with similar features to Moon. "Hey guys! Look what some kid threw at me!" Star exclaimed, shoving a bag of potato chips in Moon`s face as she took a seat beside her sister. Her hair was dripping wet with soda, but she seemed not to mind. "No matter where you are in the universe, they charge you for the air inside the potato chip packet!" She turned the packet around and saw the price tag, her eyes widening. "At least where we come from, it`s reasonably priced!"

"Hey Star." Star looked up at me.

"Oh. Hey River."

"Can I know what happened to the rest of you guys?"

"Oh, yeah! As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted." The elf glared at Moon, who rolled her eyes. "Nix found this really interesting plant that eats flies and is trying to see how it works. Aleha tagged along with Ela. Problem is, we don`t know where Ela went!"

"And we were devising a plan to find her before we were interrupted." Moon added. I took notice of the links of silver made to be a bracelet around their hands. Star crunched on a potato chip noisily(but it was subdued greatly by the commotion outside the safety of below the table.) and offered the chips around. I took one and ate it. Salty.

"I say we go out there and scream for her. Nothing works better than yelling. Why do you think parents do it all the time?" Star suggested.

Right at that moment, the table got knocked over. Once again, my being was jeopardized.(and so was my dress.) The scenario had still not changed. In fact, it was just getting worse. I saw Kendra having fun though, so the food fight was not a total loss. 

At that moment, the front door slammed open. Everyone paused in mid action, staring at the entrance. The lady behind the camera earlier now stood there holding a loudspeaker. She yelled into it, warning everybody that if they did not clean up this mess right away, the party would be over and their parents would hear about this. A wave of sighs were heard around the room as food was dropped and shoulders slouched.

 Looking around, I noticed that the elf and the fox-kind siblings were missing in action. Did they just leave me like that? I searched my surroundings in vain. As I slumped my head, I saw a napkin on my shoulder. Yuck! Removing it from my shoulder, I realized that there were words written using mustard on it in horrible writing. Squinting, I attempted at deciphering it.

`Gtg! Wil Upd8 u at DrmLd!` I smiled. 
~In case anyone`s wondering, it says : `Got to go, will update you at Dreamland.`Now, back to my hiatus *crawls under blanket to hide from the cruel world.* Maybe i`ll just update once each week from now on....
 ~*Also, advanced HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! ^^ *~

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  1. My birthday parties don't usually end up with food fights ... but, hmmm ... it's an interesting idea for the bash ...

    Thanks for participating, and sure, it's fine that you met more than one character. The only rule is that you use the location I provided and linked back to me. (Oh, and have fun).

    Tips for battle scenes: I usually don't do a play by play he slashed at the monster, the monster bit him on the leg, and on and on and on. It's more of the monster and the boy bit and slashed at each other for some time before the boy finally killed it. When I come to the climatic part, however, I slow down and make sure that it is written properly.

    I actually get quite a bit of romance in my books ... but I keep it low key.

    An Ankulen is a piece of jewelry that is capable of bringing imagination to life and the titular object of one of my books. If you want to pretend you have one, I wouldn't prevent you.

    Robin is the MC of my published book. Her Fairy Godmother messed up her and her twin brother's gifts. She's the best swordsman in the world, he sews.

    Oh, and my color was indigo ... which fits me pretty well. However, I found it interesting that gold pretty well described the personality of a character of mine - whose favorite color is gold.

  2. Your characters sound like a lot of fun!! I like the names you picked as well. And the fact you have an elf...I like elves. *Smirks innnocently.*

    Oh yes! I forgot killers like to sit in the back seat of the car in parking garages and grin. Why do they have to have creepy grins anyhow? (And does that mean I am destined for a life of crime?)

    Sherlock is the one exception to confronting the villains without telling the police...well...him and detectives in general. Psych does it, Monk, must be safe if you're a detective.

    Aye, Moriarty shows up in Elementary. You still have a ways to go before...well, he doesn't show up. But he is mentioned and kind will see. *Smirk* But yes, he's there. They actually did a kind of cool twist with him. I was impressed.

  3. Hey River! I'm having a short story writing contest over at my blog. If you want to join, that would be great. =)


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