Saturday, February 23, 2013

When all the ADGASF in the world just will not suffice

~Why do shows keep telling me that the ingredient that makes food taste wonderful is `love`? How in the love of everything tasty does one add `love` into food? I don`t see them selling it in packets or bottles(But if they did, i bet they`d sell like hotcakes.) I just. How??

~I doubt anyone cares, but I have been in a terrible mood of late... Somehow the fantasy which I have been living in for so long is allowing reality to stick its *** into my life... Gosh I hate writing this but I feel so bad for not updating for so long and I`ve been trying my best to avoid updating, but the time has come... Oh well, from now on I believe I shall be updating on every Saturday or Sunday only.(And any other time I feel like updating, which should be rare.)

~Anyway, I went to Hat Yai in Thailand recently for Chinese New Year, it was awesome... I bought many hoodie shirts and a Death note shirt for RM10.00 with L on it... When I returned back from my trip, i have been feeling sick in my stomach with life... I mean, we are all going to die anyway, so why live??

~L and gang chasing Kira
~Also, my parents have started watching Death Note cause I showed it to them and now they love it. They`re already at episode 30... I watched L die again... life is harsh in so many ways... I love this Gif. I mean, what`s there not to love? YOU HAVE KIRA IN A FRUIT BASKET THING BEING CHASED BY OUR 4 HEROES IN WEIRD BLACK SUITS!!

~I watched the first episode of Amnesia, sadly it`s not to my taste for me to carry on. Why must the female in this show act so helpless? I get it that she`s lost her memory and all, but I just feel like slapping her and screaming `get a grip! Stop using that irritating voice!` She made me shun the show ._. I do like the art though, and the eyes of the characters are really quite... unique.

~Then I watched an episode of Blue Exorcist. It has a good beginning and I`ll watch more once I complete reading Magi manga. Yup. In this time that I have been absent from Blogger, I completed watching Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic anime until episode 19. Now I`ll have the pains of waiting eagerly for Thursdays to arrive to watch the next episodes... At least the Manga is not too similar to the anime so far. (I`m at chapter 10 now, just began reading today afternoon.)

~I rambled on about how awesome Magi was on my private blog because, well, my ravings should be private if I don`t wanna go to jail... That blog has been getting lots of my attention lately, probably because I can write about whatever I like without getting bothered about hurting another party with my words. So my absence over here does not mean I have stopped tapping on the keyboard... I`d die if that happened... Literally.

~Now I have a greater problem to face. STUDIES. Yes. Reality is just stabbing me all over with the most adfyug of esfhweofh. And the novel I am working on I have realized I am writing to tell the stories of these characters who tell me their tales. Which is difficult because sometimes I seriously feel what I am writing is crap and I simply want to quit and hide under a rock like Patrick Star. Oh, how I envy you, Patrick Star... with your epic ability to remain so damn ignorant to the world around you... *raises fist in anger* = =

~I want to go on an adventure. Wait... no. I want to have an adventure with a purpose/destination/quest in mind. Like Bilbo Baggins(needs to retrieve ring) or Aladdin from Magi(dungeon diving and all his awesome journeys). Anyone going on a quest and needs a friend?

~*Sigh* What happened to my writing tone? Where`s the usual cheerfulness? Reality, where did you hide it? 

~I am watching Elementary with my mother in the afternoons. We are already at episode 10. I am not enjoying it as how I enjoyed Sherlock. Elementary feels like i`m watching CSI ._. What makes Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, is, well, Moriarty and Irene Adler. Where in the doodles are they hiding in this show??

~I want an ANIMELAND. Like, Disneyland. Only filled with anime. Does ANIMELAND already exist? Let me google it. *googles it* Okay.... weird language came out ._. Also, Resident Evil(the latest one) was so bad I slept in the middle of it. (See? Writing this here makes me think like a million times before writing it cause the whole world can see it!)

~I`m off to watch Lincoln now. Tomorrow I`m going to watch Cloud Atlas at Gurney with my cousin. Toodles.(Also, can I just begin to post random crap on this blog without thinking so much, please? Like this post. PLEASE!!)

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