Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colouring Up

~When I grow up I`m gonna become a pilot and crash the plane on an deserted island in such a way that no one dies but the island is uncharted so that we can have our own episodes of LOST. (Only this will involve real life hardships and friendships being recorded via hand-phone till the batteries run out and maybe, if we`re lucky, a couple of zombies and huge as heck birds we can train and fly on.)

~And that, my friends, is what happens when you take Marijuana and start typing. *Weee!!* Ahem. Okay, back to reality. Colouring up was one of the articles on the Star newspapers (3/2/2013) today. I tried locating the link online to share it here, but I can`t find it. So, here it is :

Most of us know colour plays an important role in our lives, right? It helps us differentiate objects and chemicals, and, obviously, makes life much more joyful. It prevents dullness. It`s also used to persume our moods and personalities.

~The newspapers says each of us has a 'life path colour' To find your life path colour, write down your date of birth, treating each figure as a single digit, then add them together until you arrive at a number between 1 and 9. I was born on 18 September 1995. Add up 1+8+0+9+1+9+9+5 to get 42, then 4+2 to get 6. This means that I`m an indigo person. 

~Erm, okay.... There`s too much to copy from the newspapers and it`s under copyright! Nyehhhhh! I can`t find the link to it either.... Anyway, I`ll just list the numbers from one to nine and their respective colours. You Google to find out more! (Like I did for Indigo.) I`ll also try to find links about the personalities and link them to the colour. Here goes :
  1. Red. - Passionate people. Straight forward and direct. Thrives for success. Dynamic but has short attention span. Leaders.
  2. Orange. - Responds with feelings. Suited career in counseling, community work or politics. Relaxed and sociable. Low self-esteem (sometimes).
  3. Yellow. - Fun and witty. Talented writer when you have the patience. Books draw you in. Journalism, accounting, bank marketing, computers suits you. Prone to insomnia.
  4.  Green. - Likes company but occasionally needs space. Likes order. Plans ahead. Prepares for the future. Doesn`t like taking risks. Cling to emotions and possessions. Suitable careers include aromatherapy, gardening and florist.
  5. Blue. - Great storytellers. Vivid imagination. Need to be able to communicate. Would be a good doctor, nurse and carer. Honesty is important. Good debater. Music to relax. 
  6. Indigo. - Deep and mysterious. Actively involved or opt out completely. Finely tuned sixth sense. Predictive dreams. Good psychotherapist. Optimist. Becomes easily obsessed with people, places, situations. Prone to hormonal imbalances.
  7. Violet. - Career in fashion, interior design or fine art appeals you. Eye for quality than cost. Powerful imagination. Prone to headaches and feeling `spaced out`. Do NOT suppress your creativity.
  8. Rose/pink. - Often move away from where they were born. Prefer to let others take the limelight. Sees potential in everyone and tries to guide them. Job in personnel, administration or as a PA will suit them. Patient and understanding. When feeling stressed, exercise. 
  9. Gold. - Approachable people. As a child, adults confided in you and strangers told you secrets. Drawn to teaching. Has incredible talent. Perfectionist. Sees vulnerability as a weakness
~WARNING : I`m not sure if what is stated on the newspapers (The short points beside the colour) or the links telly >.< So, what did you get? Tell meee!! ^^ (Also, I`m going on a short hiatus from Blogger, around a week or so. Toodles!! <3 )

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~I just made one of those name things!! Hehehehe

~"I shut my eyes in order to see." -Paul Gauguin.


  1. Can I ride on your plane when you crash it? I don't fancy meeting a zombie and I have yet to see Lost, but still...plane crash. FUN!!

    Stardust is a fun movie, I love the princes 8-D

    I think elves existed. And when they went into the Gray Havens they actually ended up on another planet and ended up calling it Vulcan and because they missed earth they turned annoyingly logical and fun spoiling and traveled through space.

    I heard Harry;s mum choice James because he wasn;t interested in dark magic like Snape. I think she should have ditched them both and found someone Sirius.

  2. Sure, you can take part in Character Encounters. All you need is a character and a blog.

    That list of colors is intriguing ...


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