Saturday, September 22, 2012

~*Abortion - Baby Killer*~
~This!! This is the video we watched today during Biology!! Tears were shed and eyes averted.... It was sickly disturbing!! Like, the level of disturbing it had was like The Seed Of Chucky disturbing, only times a thousand!! (watch the video, but not ALONE!!) >_< Lords, i pity my teacher for having to watch this every year....
~The goverment should seriously use this video to prevent teenage pregnancies by airing it on TV once in a while.... R.I.P all the innocent babies that have died via abortion....
~My friend (known as Nix online) said that their class was shown an even more grusome video on this topic >_< Well, my class hasn't watched that video yet, but once i have i'll find it on youtube and link it here.... The world should be aware of this torture =(
~"In three words, i can sum up everything i've learned about life = It Goes On." -Robert Frost.

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