Friday, September 21, 2012

~Hidden Truths~

~Man!! I have not posted anything for ages!! Trial SPM haitus >_< Anyway, here's a random poem(i think it's a poem) FYI, im posting this via handphone.... First time using Blogger app(don't screw this up, please dont screw this up) >_<
I'm trying so hard to shake of this illusion;
Where no one even cares to listen....
Drowning in a sea of confusion;
I search for a path to the solution;
But swirling mist blurs my vision....
I'm in a world of another dimention;
Where everyone has their own issue or problem....
Ignored are their friends and relations;
Ruled by wicked men and their ambitions!
They have stolen away.. the laughter of children....
I'm simply seeking out the truth to salvation
As i'm hoping to find an answer to this equation.
Now i'm positively sure i've mistaken;
For every single path just gets broken....
Oh! But the path i have taken!
Somehow just gets more and more mysteriously hidden....
By people with power who don't want their secrets to be known;
As everyone has long ago lost their freedom....
THE END.... Or is it??

~I don't fancy blogger app for iPhone.... It's pretty difficult to use and i don't know how to pick font colours!! And life's dull with only one colour .____.

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