Saturday, September 22, 2012

~*The Meeting In Heaven*~

~Well, i was bored, so i scribbles this random thing here. It's not completed yet, i think. Probably be a part two if im not lazy and inspiration or boredom takes over again....
The meeting in Heaven.
They had summoned me, and i have came. I shielded my face from the blinding white light as I entered the arched gates.
"Welcome" they said in chorus.
I greated them back politely, with words as sweet as sugar. They took hold of my hands and I kept walking forward until my eyes became accustomed to the bright light. The clouds beneath my feet were not made up of water vapour, for i was tredding on them.
"Enter" the tone was the same as the first, monotonous.
They had invited me to a meeting. A meeting where the brilliant, creative, inovative and sometimes dumb minds met. I had accepted, and now i am here, standing in front of a building. The building's top went unseen and its hight unknown. Golden in colour, it had a luminous glow to it and contrasted well with the clouds. I entered, and inside there were creatures. Living, thinking, creatures, like me. They were seated in a circle around what i would call a table, a circular table, but a table with no centre. The middle of the table was a void, looking over the universe. I took my seat among them.
"Living by yout motto, i see. Better late than never, as always" greated WinterWing with a smile so sincere that it made you want to smile back, which was what i did.
"Be grateful that i even came" i replied
"Now that everyone is present" boomed the voice of the head of the table that belonged to The Creator, which was clearly the person with the long, white beard. A beard that was similar to Santa Clause's, only longer. "let us begin!"
And so we began. We began with what shapes and sizes we should and would make the things we decided to name As ''Planets". We decided if we were to make the Planets green, red, blue or Yellow and if we should give the Planets designs. Then we argued on what we should put on each Planet. The meeting went on for days, months, years. Finally we had came with up with conclusions, and only the last planet remained to be created.
This planet, all of us decided, was to be different, unique, spectacular, or simply said, special. We had argued on a name for it for weeks until it came to a point where i blurted any name that popped up in my mind.
"FrostMont" said JackFrost, banging the table with his fist.
"Tick-Tock" countered FatherTime.
"Green Lands!" coined MotherNature
"FrostMont" insisted JackFrost
"What about Earth?" i said in a bored tone, causing all of the rooms occupants to turn their gaze at me, and after quite alot of whispering among themselves, each one nodded. I'll never know what made them agree; maybe they were tired of arguing (if that was possible), or maybe they plainly just fancied the name.
"Very well" boomed The Creator. By this time, i had realized that his voice naturally made him sound as if he was yelling at the top of his lungs "Now let us begin Earth's creation"
And with that, The Creator waved his hands. The Universe, which sat in the centre of the circular table, zoomed into a spot where an oval Planet hovered, suspended in it.
We began again, but the construction of Earth consumed much more time that any other planet did. I watched and contributed in awe as i saw mountains, deserts and valleys unfold before me. Streams, rivers, oceans and seas. I heard the splash of water on water and of water on rocks. I smelled the smell of sluphur released by springs. I shivered when JackFrost insisted on having the season of winter, an i ovserved snowflakes fall. I sweated until my clothes were soaked when HeatStroke showed the season of Summer. Autumn was colourful and Fall was wonderful. Fields of green and skies of blue. This new planet, planet Earth, was a marvel. All made up of atoms. Atoms were our puzzle pieces, our building blocks.
We then created creatures to live on and roam it. There was a time when one of us drew a creature with green, scaly, skin and we created two of them, for reproducing purposes, and sent them down to Earth. They, the scaly creatures, soon bored us with their increativeness, so we wiped them out with comets. We kept on changing Earth's geographical map to satisfy us. Then we created other creature
But something was missing. The planet was too quiet, too peaceful.
"Earth requires Inhabitants to tend, maintain and care for it, just like we require a good grooming every once in awhile" said WinterWing.
"Yes, i agree" nodded Rapheal "We must make Souls, Souls like ours, to live in it"
"They have to be intelligent if they are to survive in the conditions and with the creatures we have created and allowed to evolve" said The Creator
"How about we just send a few of our kind there?" suggested Gabriel.
"But who should we send?" qustioned Michael.
DreamKeeper pointed at me "Why, we send him, of course" she said in a voice laced with dreams and imagination. "After all, he was the last to arrvie to this meeting"
I was in shcok and said nothing.
"Yes. And his kind will have the best materials and qualitles to last on Earth. They are inovative and bright. They are also fighters and survivors in nature. Egoistic and filled with pride" said MotherNature without sounding jealous or despiteful. She was just stating facts.
"Not to mention he was the one who named 'Earth' , Earth"
The Creator contemplated on this idea, then nodded.
"You" he geatured at me"
Are to be sent to populate and care for Earth. We shall stop bothering Earth and let you take over"
And with that, the meeting of the Gods was adjourned.

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