Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~*Searching through my old files*~

Ok, i`ll begin with this one. This is a doodle i did on my iPhone a few months back. I downloaded this cool drawing app and was like, super excited, so i drew a bunch of crap. If i can find the Alice; Madness Returns doodle, i`ll post it up =3
 ~CREAMSICLE!!!! This was my contribution to the Creamsicle fandom on Tumblr!! =D Quick doodle, less than an hour to do, and looks like shit. (If i recall correctly, it was because i did this on the night of my Monthly Exams.... so, yeah....)
~This i did in the beginning of 2012 for Valentines Day. It was supposed to be AppleJack and RainbowDash from `My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic`, but clearly these two girls don`t resemble them.... Gawd I really need to work on my art after my SPM at the end of this year....

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