Sunday, July 22, 2012

~*Rain and Fire*~

~Wee, okie, these are also a drawings i did a few months ago. I haven`t drawn for a few months now, cause exams are near and all. I`m just posting all the drawings I did awhile ago which are still on my computer.                    ~Anyway, i drew the raining picture when it was raining(the similar pic without the rain is to compare how i feel when there is rain in the drawing and when there was no rain.... Don`t ask me, i don't know how to explain it properly >_<) and i drew the girl in front of the fireplace when i was sitting in my room with the air-conditioner on and it was raining. I felt super cold, so i decided to draw something that felt warm? xD 
~Also, i`ve decided to end each post now onwards with a quote from a famous person at the bottom for fun!! =D 
  "To infinity ... and beyond!" -Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. (totally random quote xD )


  1. Nice drawings! What program you use? You use mouse to draw all that? That's awesome!!

    1. ~Nope, i used a tablet. I used either Sai or Adobe photoshop i think. So long since i did this, i cant recall what program i used >_< When i remember i`ll let you know!! xD The program is on my laptop and my mom hid my laptop, will get it back after SPM!! ^^


~Everyone loves comments, and so do I! Critiques are much appreciated too! I`ll drop by your blog to reply~ ^^