Sunday, July 22, 2012

~*Sewed the Wool Felt*~

~Saturday morning was spent creating this key-chain with the materials i bought from Queensbay on Friday night =D It took me around 3 hours to complete, and i plan to give it to my bro for his 14th birthday (31 July) ^^ Hope he`ll like it.~
~I didn`t get to go to Bon Odori on Saturday, but my family and I got to watch the fireworks display at 10:00pm while we were stuck in traffic.... Pretty lame way to experience Bon Odori.... Stuck in traffic, stretching your neck out the car window to get a glimpse of fireworks lighting up the midnight sky with its bright colours.... The fireworks display was awesome though, sadly it was practically impossible to snap any decent photos from where i observed it =( Well, as they say, there`s always next year. Anyone wanna join me next year? =)
~Argh! I`ve gotten school tomorrow.... and a Biology test to sit for which i haven`t properly prepared to face.... Lord, how i wish i could dissolve into the infinite universe when exams are near.... I HATE the need of people needing to evaluate me!!!! That`s the main reason why i dislike going to my friends houses. I always feel as if their parents are judging me.... evaluating me.... watching my every move to summarize if i am a good influence on their child or not. I always feel nervous and out of place when faced with my friends parents. I do know that it is only right that parents evaluate their child's friend to make sure that their child is safe, but i really get uncomfortable with parents around. Even around my parents, when my friends are around.
~Ok, Goodnight, that is all *YAWNS*.
"I lost some time once. It`s always in the last place you look for it." -Neil Gaiman (One of my favourite authors!!!! =D )

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