Sunday, July 22, 2012

~*Sad Girl*~

~I`m feeling bloggy(or is it post-y?) today. Here`s a poem(is it a poem? I really can`t tell poem and non-poem apart xD ) i wrote on the 20/09/2011 which i shall share on my blog. It is called Sad Girl (I know, pathetic name >_< )
 Sad Girl.
She seemed to be in a daze,
Trapped in the maze of life, 
She felt her mere existence was a crime.
Kneeling by the alter at nine,
She prayed for any other different line.
To change the story of her sorrow-filled life.
She was on the worlds stage as another redundant player.
Her acting was as terrible as any other.
She was just too much of a looser,
and knowing it only pained her.
It there was a prize, she`s win it for sure,
The award for an extremely epic failure.
Created by the Lord, the loving saviour,
Why was she made? Was it for humour?
Just a spare, not wanted or required.
But it`s not really her fault,
Oh! How she begged and pleaded!
To be elsewhere and properly guided
By someone who cared and provided.
What was she to do? She was trapped,
Oh! Cursed!
In her body, like everyone else, destined for death.
There`s no changing what fate foretold!
And that is the miserable ending of that.
The end of life, for Oh! the ever so
Sad Girl.
~Damn! I should really get some sleep.... Have a dream-filled night =3
"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." -John Lennon.

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