Friday, July 20, 2012

~*20 July*~

~Today we had a farewell for Sister Aidan, who is an ex headmistress of SMK Convent Green Lane at school. She`s going back to Ireland(I wanna go there someday!!) We will miss you, Sister Aidan!!!! =) There were many speeches given(which were naturally boring) by many different people. The videos and short clips were awesome though ^^
 ~Do you know those things that usually only happen on TV, like chewing gum getting stuck in your shoe? Well, today it happened to me >_< As i was walking to my tuition class, a stick got stuck to the bottom of my left shoe. I used my other shoe to step on the popping out part of the stick to remove it from the bottom of my left shoe. Then as i continued walking i felt my left shoe feel heavy. I looked at the bottom of it to find chewed gum stuck on it, with twigs, leaves and God knows what else stuck on the gum *bleach* How do i effectively remove stuck gum from my shoe....

~Oh! Also, after dinner, my parents and I went to Queensbay. I went to Daiso(A Japanese themed shop where every item is RM5) and bought this `Animal kit of wool felt` thing, and i plan to do it tomorrow =D I recently saw an article on the newspapers about this, which is the main reason i forced my mom to buy it for me xD
~My cousin, Anil, came to Penang from Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, today =D I haven`t seen him yet though, he`s staying at another cousins house while he`s here. I`m gonna ask him tons of questions about college life(the curious mind is never easy to satisfy xD ) Oya, and tomorrow is Bon Odori (Bon Odori) Festival in Penang!!!! My parents said maybe they`d take me to Esplanade to join in the celebration!! I`ve never been to one before, so this is something to look forward to =3 Gonna sleep now, eyelids failing me, world going dark, good night....

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