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~*Half way through SPM*~

~I`LL NEED IT!!!! =D
Friday - 9/11/2012
~WOOHOO!!!! FIRST FOUR DAYS OF SPM IS OVAAAAA!!!! *celebrates by dancing like a retard to GreenDay songs* The freaky thing was that it did not feel like i was sitting for SPM >_< I think most of my friends had the same feeling too.... The first seriously major exam in our lives, and the tension we have is less than when we sat for trials.... I guess it`s because we`ve sat for so many exams in our lives, this exam has lost its affect to scare us?? xD
~We have one week break before SPM continues on the 19th, on Monday, so i have like, this ton of time to study before my Moral paper xD (SPM Time Table 2012) The papers completed are Bahasa Melayu(on the 5th), English, Sejarah(History) and Maths.
~Oh man, for my first paper(Bahasa Melayu 1, Karangan(essay) paper), i wrote my name in the column where i was supposed to write the name of the paper =_= And i passed up my paper that way because i did`nt notice my mistake until the second paper >_< PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT SUSPEND ME FOR THIS PLEASE PLEASE!!!! IF I FAIL MY BM PAPER, I HAVE TO BLOODY RETAKE MY WHOLE SPM PLEASE PLEASE EXAMINER HAVE A HEART!!!!
~I feel like a complete Stupard(combination of stupid and retard).... Lord how could i have been so dumbbbbb >_< For English essay, i think everyone i know managed to kill someone(or make them mad) in their story, including me >_< It`s like, we cant kill people in real life, so why not do it on paper?? ^^ Imagine what the marker must be thinking of the future generation of leaders of this country, killing their characters to give their stories good endings xD I have a friend, shes so awesome, she wrote about someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) and she threw boiling water over her child for not being `clean` enough!! xD She chose the title `cleanliness`.
~For Sejarah objective paper, i finished the paper in less than 20minutes and had like, 40 more minutes with nothing to do, so i doodled on almost every page of the question sheet(yes, we get to take the question sheet home, so it`s fine) I was not the only one, of course. But for Sejarah paper 2, it`s like half of the things i read and memorized was redundant during the exams.... =_=" Maths was somewhat a relief after 3 days of mugging and reading and memorizing. 
~Man, for BM the second paper was killer >.< For our Prosa Moden, `Hutan Rimba` came out. The story is about this dude who feels totally guilty for destroying tons of trees and forests to earn money when he was in his early adulthood. He even used to bomb rivers to kill em fish inside. So anyway, with the money he earned, he was able to educate all his four children and they turned out to be successful humans. They try to console him, telling him he had to to it to earn money, and because of that they did not need to borrow money from anyone to get educated or start their own businesses cause he was able to loan them the moolah. So, the children decide to make the property he owns(which i think is a part of the forest. He lives in a `kampung`-house now, in the forest) into a protected forest and let visitors come, or something like that. This is so he can pay for his sins. In short, it`s more or less like those stories which ask you if `is it right to kill something for the good of something else?` Somewhat like a dad who steals to support his family, is what he is doing right? It it right to kill if you have to save someone you love? Is it? I dunno xD
~For our `Prosa Tradisional`, the story `Merah Silu` was chosen. Ok, first of, all the traditional stories are slightly weird(ok, very weird), which is what makes them so freaking awesome to listen to when the teacher tells the story. It`s almost impossible to read the stories because ancient BM is used and i don`t understand ancient BM >_< 
~This story begins with some dude named Merah Gajah(Red Elephant) who goes and pulls out his wife`s(Puteri Betong) one strand of hair in the middle of her head, which is the only golden hair on her head, after she told him not to touch it. After he pulls it out(he does this when she is sleeping), blood comes out from all the hair-holes and, i can`t really remember, but i think she dies(or magically vanishes).
 ~Anyway, her father, some king, gets angry and kills Merah Gajah. Then Merah Gajah`s father, also another king, initiates war against Puteri Betong`s father for killing his son. So, yeah. They all go to war xD This is only the beginning, btw.
 ~Ok, they have two sons, Merah Silu(main character) and Merah Hasum. They the sons ran away from the war and went to a country named Beruana and opened their own village there. Merah Silu goes fishing, he sees tons of fish in the water, but everytime he tries to catch them with his `bubu`, all he catches are worms. Finally, he gets fed up and decides to take the worms home to cook.(he eats worms O_O) This is where stuff get weird. The worms turn into gold and their `buih`(bubbles) become silver when he cooks them. Ok, dude is rich now. His brother learns of him becoming rich. (I wonder if he is jealous. Probably)
 ~This Merah Silu is a bit weird. He then begins catching wild buffaloes. His brother gets annoyed, tells Silu to stop waisting his time by catching buffaloes, and if he does not stop, then he has to leave the village. Merah Silu screams `FINE` and runs away with all his belongings and his beloved buffaloes(which he seems to love more than his own brother, cause he actually wants to keep catching them rather than to stay together with his brother) to this new place called Karang. People there hate him and chase him away cause his beloved buffaloes go around eating their crops. xD
 ~So he `s back on the road again, and now he ends up at a place called Buluh Telang. He meets a fellow named Megat Iskandar here, and Megat welcomes Silu to live in that country. Merah Silu tells Megat that he is like a father to him, the father he never had. So touching. =') 
 ~Oh, yeah, this Merah Silu also likes cockfights. Naturally, he begins using his rooster to fight with other roosters in cockfights. Anyone who dares challenge his rooster with their rooster, he will give a free buffalo to them. Then he decides, `hey, i`m so freaking rich, i`m gonna be more generous.` and gives everyone who comes  to watch cockfights a free buffalo. People come from near and far just to watch the cockfights. After all, who does not want a free buffalo?? xD
 ~I recall Megat making Merah Silu the king of Rimba Jerun(the Lords know why). There`s this one king who does not agree to this, and attacks Merah Silu. A few battles pursues, and our hero, Merah Silu, eventually wins the war. The king is defeated and Merah Silu becomes the king of Rimba Jerun.
~THE END!!!!
 ~Weird, right?? xD Man, i think i`m actually going to miss this `Prosa Tradisionals` once i go to college =(
For our `Puisi`(I think Puisi is poem in English) was `Bangkitlah`. The message the puisi is trying to convey is to ask the children of the world to wake up(bangkitlah means wake up) and realize what is going around them. We are asked to start pursuing our dreams and chasing for what we want for nothing in life comes free. The writer tells us to wake up and fight for what we want before all is lost and others take our chance. Or, at least this is what i understand from the puisi.
~Man!! I should have done all this synopsis writing of these stories we had to study before my exams xD Would have probably been more help to me that way.... Next year the students will be learning all new stories for BM and English. MY BROTHER IS LEARNING BLACK BEAUTY FOR HIS LITERATURE!!!! AND IT IS IN COMIC FORM!!!! THIS WORLD HATES ME!!!! I had to learn `The fruitcake special`, `QWERTYUIOP` and `Catch Us If You Can` for literature in Form 4 and Form 5.... For form 2 we read `Robinson Crusoe` and for Form 3 we studied `Prisoner of Zenda`.... Both those literature books were 10times more interesting than what we learned this and last year....
 ~I`m going to go watch `K` episode 6 now, it`s just finished loading.  (link for the episode) RSN OUT!!!! ^^
~"Yeah. I read history. But it doesn`t make you nice. Hitler read history, too." -Joan Rivers (My youngest brother loves her show, Fashion Police. One of his many hopes is to become one of those `judge` people on her show xD )

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