Saturday, November 24, 2012


24/11/2012 - Saturday.
~Found this beautiful wallpaper on Google. Has a magical feel to it. ^^
  ~I realized that i realize most things when i`m using the toilet(It`s an inspirational area, no doubts about it!) Did you notice how humans classify MAGIC??  I mean, how can you classify magic when magic is everything and everywhere around us?? Why do we identify magic with the ability to control the elements or do something most cannot, like to fly or communicate with animals? Is it not silly that we do so? Is magic what we classify as something that can`t possibly be done? Or the idea of doing it is simply ludicrous?
  ~To me, the meaning of magic is, well, everything. There is magic in our ability to perceive and understand . To create and destroy. To care and to love. They say people who are ignorant and do not want to understand something refers to its occurrence as `magic`. 
  ~Such an example would be if i ask you how the liver works. It is commonly associated that an ignorant person would answer `by magic` while an intellectual would reply with scientific facts. The average human would explain it based on their understanding of it. But is understanding itself not magic? 
  ~Can we explain why we understand understanding? Of course we can, but i believe it`s still magic that plays a role in us understanding understanding. Everyone, everything, has magic, however little, in them. It`s just a matter of unlocking it.
Penang Sports Club Entrance!!
  ~A while back, after swimming at Penang Sports Club, me and my mum had a conversation. The conversation began with me asking her "What happened to the Unicorns, Fairies, Ogres and magic? Were they ever real? Did they ever exist? Or is it because we stopped believing in them that they had vanished?"
She replied "Maybe it is them who keep us as myth, thus creating an invisible barrier between humans and magic. Both exist in the same world(space) and same dimension, but are unaware of each others presence "

~I`m gonna live there someday!!

  ~Could she be true? Maybe they are afraid of us, or plainly dislike us? But what did we do wrong? It is, in written truth, that i am beginning to doubt my belief in magical creatures and magic itself that makes me fear the worst. I used to BELIEVE in evil fairies and good pixies, unicorns that healed and even in Peter Pans
existence, the boy who could fly and be a child forever.
  ~That was when i thought all cartoons were real and not drawn. One of my earliest childhood ambitions was to become someone who filmed cartoon characters in action! Mainly the The Powerpuff Girls
(one of my favourite cartoons, spent hours of my life watching it) Then i learned that they were drawn by artists and i would never get to meet them in person.... Life is filled with disappointments *sigh*
  ~Hm, i went off topic. I still have two more exam papers to sit for (Chemistry and Biology), so i shall end this post here. Thanks for reading!! =)
~Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C.Clarke.

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