Tuesday, November 27, 2012

~*SPM over!!!!*~

27/11/2012 - Tuesday
~The teachers collect and count the papers andddddd.... SPM`s OVER!!!! ^^ WOOHOOOOO!!!! SPM`s over for me, anyway. WISHING ALL THE REST WHO STILL HAVE PAPERS ALL THE BEST AND GOOD LUCK!!!! =D Now i can finally begin watching this list of movies, animes, cartoons and get myself updated on Homestuck!! 
~Aren`t they just so adorable?? ^^
 ~Its over. Its finally over. It`s just so hard to believe. I`m finally a free human. I can run, jump, scream, sleep the whole day, watch TV until the sofa molds its shape to my backside.... without feeling guilty!!!! I`LL NEVER HAVE TO STUDY 9 SUBJECTS AT THE SAME TIME AGAIN! EVER!
~My gosh i`ve been living in hell for the past few months. Always worrying about my studies when i`m not studying and when i`m studying i just feel bored. Heck, today my friend said even the wall is more interesting when studying! I agree 100% with her! Often i find myself staring at the wall when i`m supposed to be studying....
~Of to watch Durarara!!, toodles!! ^^
~"I don`t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful." -Natalie Portman (You said it,

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