Thursday, November 15, 2012

~*Happy Deepavali and what are Love-Hate relationships??*~

Thursday - 15/11/2012.
~Tuesday was Deepavali, so, HAPPY(*coughs* belated) DEEPAVALI EVERY-HUMAN!!!! ^^ HOPE YA`LL GET TO ENJOY YOUR DEEPAVALI!!!!(Cause i know i didn`t.) It`s a few days delayed, i know, thanks to my exams drawing nearer in every breath i breathe and my parents constantly nagging for me to study and avoid any social contact with the world.... (FYI, i`m using larger fonts now cause small fonts make my eyes cry)
~My parents threw a Deepavali dinner function on the eve of Deepavali (Monday evening). Many cousins could not make it and most of the guests were old and well, old. No offense towards the elderly, but they were more of my parents type(boring). All they talked about was how well the house was decorated and how tasty the cookies(most of which were bought) were. My brother invited a few of his friends, and they spent the entire evening in the computer room, playing Minecraft. 
~I don`t get love-hate relationships. But wait, before i enter that topic, let me tell you that i think almost every other exam in my entire life has scared the ghost out of me, but not SPM. It`s like, "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FILLY IS THIS FEELING??" Here`s SPM, major life altering, career deciding, exam. And i`m like, "Hi Exam. I`ve done so many of you, i dunno where all the feeling`s gone to. Sorry"
~There`s so little fear, so little anxiety. Most of my friends feel the same way, too. Maybe we are just too fed up of reading and memorizing the same thing for three months(Since syllabus ended) to answer a paper which will have probably around half of the things we studied on it. And then there will be the few students who know almost nil about the subject, but Lord knows how, will get the spotted questions and study just those chapters and come out with an A+ for the paper =_= It`s so ridiculous it makes me want to cry laughing. I guess the exam spirit is lost mainly cause the majority of us are going to use our Forecast results to apply for scholarships....
~Ok, back to love-hate relationships. WAAATTT IN THE ACTUAL HAY IS THAT RUBBISH?? Can someone please be kind enough to explain this to me?? Cause i wiki-ed it and understood nothing, nil. How does one love someone, and also hate them simultaneously?? Is this what they call `oxymoron`?? What? Does this mean I love to hate you? Or hate to love you? Or is it `I love your funny face but i hate your lousy attitude`(and vice versa)? Are love-hate relationships where one person loves the other person in the relationship but the other person hates them? What nonsense!! Then why get into the relationship in the first place??
~Maybe it`s `I love fighting with you and pretending i hate you to increase my lust and sexual desires for you`?.... Wow! That`s sick.... OMG do people seriously get aroused by hating someone?? O____o Is that even possible?? Wow, cause if it is, what in the beige universe goes on between heroes and villans who don`t kill each other(even if they have the chance), but constantly fight, chase and ruin each other`s plans?? OhMiLawd OhMiLawd OhMiLawd OhMilawd!!!! THIS IS NOT THE THOUGHTS I NEED OCCUPYING MY BRAINS AT THE MOMENT, THANK YOU!!!! Brb, i have to go wash and scrub my brains with detergent....
(~River is currently admitted in a hospital for stupidly playing with detergent and will not be able to continue this post any further. Lesson: Do Not Play With Detergent without your parents supervision).
~"For sleep, riches and health to be truly enjoyed, they must be interrupted." -Jean Paul Richter.

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