Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too much free time

~Drew this on Dec 16 2011.... Her eyes are retarded ._.
 18/11/2012 - Wednesday.
~One can have too much free time on their hands after exams. All i`ve done the whole day was sit in front of the computer! Chatting with friends and, well, killing time.... I did do something constructive(I guess it`s constructive) by finally writing the first chapter(Erm, it`s called a Prologue, River.) of my going-to-be-story. Story Project.(Because i have not thought of a name yet) *Stretches in chair*

~Stretching always feels good! =3 My buddy linked me to this website about Kitsune`s. I think they are like, half fox, half human or something. *Actually reads contents of the website* Yeah.... still confused....

~Also found out that LADYBUGS and BEETLES are NOT THE SAME bugs. >_< Man, where have i been living all these years?? *Crawls under blanket*

~Hmmm, i googled `when is it safe to use other people`s images`, and tons of info came up. So, i`m just going to post my own crappy images from now on instead. You can`t blame me for being scared of the Copyright Police, right?? 

~Going to read Death Note, Toodles!! (Wow, i think this is one of my shortest posts so far!!*Presses ENTER for each paragraph* There you go! Looks longer now!)

~ "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." -Albert Einstein.


  1. Wow... I did not know that you are great at art!What media did you use?

    1. ~i cant recall it was so long ago =( But I think i used either Sai or GIMP =) Lol everyone can draw, it just depends on who likes your drawings and who doesn't. I dont particularly fancy mine....


~Everyone loves comments, and so do I! Critiques are much appreciated too! I`ll drop by your blog to reply~ ^^