Wednesday, November 21, 2012

~*Who is Adolf??*~

                                                  21/11/2012 - Wednesday.
Shiro, don`t you look like Weismann??
Weismann got shrank.
~I don`t know if anyone has realized this, but could Yashiro Isana be, could Shiro be.... COULD ADOLF K. WEISMANN BE SHIRO`S FATHER???? It`s just a random theory i came up with when chatting with Nix. Just think about it, Shiro means white in Japanese and Weiss means white in German(i think)!! 
~They both also have silver-white hair. But i don`t think Weismann looks or is old enough to be Shiro`s dad.... I`m also pretty sure a father wouldn`t kick his son out of a flying blimp, but i don`t know what sadistic people are really like, so, yeah, there`s a possibility. Maybe they`re like, distant relatives or something. What was Shiro doing on Weismann`s blimp anyway?? O.o
~Anyway, i told this theory to PC, and she said that it`s impossible. Mainly because Shiro`s name was given to him by Neko, his pet cat turned human.(She`s a Strain.). So, his name and Weismann`s name really have no connection??(And the hair, the hair!!) Ok, FINE!! They`re not related and i don`t know what Shiro was doing in Weismann`s blimp we`ll find out on the next episode.... EPISODE 8, "KINDLING" 
~"The final moment is at the very moment a person gives up." -Project K.

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