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Show Reviews

27/11/2012 - Tuesday.
~Best shows from the beginning of this year until November. (According to River).
1. The Dark Night Rises(Batman).
~I want iron man`s suit!*pouts*
I love the twist at the ending!! It was just so.... unexpected. I did feel sad when Bane died(he did die, right?) at the ending though. And i really wanted to see Joker again(he did not die, Batman did not kill him. Batman can`t kill, remember? )
2. The Avengers.
I`m on TEAM LOKI *looks around to see if any Avengers are nearby* Yeah. But seriously, the movie was great. I only didn`t fancy the part where they had one main bad guy versus like, THE AVENGERS. A whole team of smart superheroes. Yeah, that bugged me a little. They need more villans. Overall, the movie was cool. *HULK SMASH!!* 
3. Hunger Games.
I really enjoyed the movie. Made me read the book. Book was much better, naturally, but the movie was fun! I`m biased towards strong female lead characters. (You go, Katniss!!)

Animated movies:
1. Rise Of The Guardians.
~Spot the two red elves!!
 Where do i start with this one? Just, the whole movie. From start to end. It was just EPIC!! All the characters are so lovable and unique, the storyline was enjoyable and the animation I fell in love with!! The Tooth Fairy was so adorable and colourful!! Jack Frost is so care-free(Not to mention he can fly! I have a thing for guys who fly)! Then there`s the Easter Bunny and Sandman reminds me of a cuddly golden pillow! Not to forget the Russian Santa! xD I love the Moon, and they have the Moon play such a crucial role in the movie. The movie was just, amazing. I watched the movie in the cinemas at Queensbay on Saturday(24/11/2012) although i was supposed to be studying for my Chemistry exam on Monday. Totally worth it. I REGRET NOTHING!!
 2. The Lorax.
 I`m sorry, i just can`t help myself!! The Lorax is just so adorable!!!! And Once-ler!! And i like anything Dr.Seuss related, they just have so much meaning in them. Plus Dr.Seuss world is filled with life, colour and fun!! The trees are so fluffy!! 
3. Brave.
 I would have said Puss in Boots, but that movie was released last year.(I simply adore that movie because it has cats in it and the animation was awesome!) Brave shows that a girl does not always have to be prim and proper, and i like that. It goes against almost all the other Disney princesses, which is good. Not all princesses like dresses and dances.

Cartoon series:
1. My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic.
~Nothing matters more than FRIENDSHIP!!
 BRONIES UNITE!!!!!!(or in my case, `pega-sisters unite!!`) Heck! I don`t even care if this show was released in 2010, Season 3 was aired this year!! And MLP DESERVES to always be on my favourite cartoon list. Every-pony in that show is just very special. Favourite pony? Pinky Pie!! I just adore her randomness!!!!
2. Avatar : The Legend Of Korra.
~The Legend Of Awesome!!
 I`m not sure if this goes under anime, but whatever. Korra is this kick-ass girl who`s strong and cool and, well, she`s the Avatar!! And Amon makes the story interesting. With his ability to take away bending and all. Awesome bad guys always make good stories more entertaining.
3. Voltron Force. 
Yes, i know. This was released ages ago, but they remade it! Although the remakes were aired in 2010, it`s only now showing in Malaysia. Hey, you can`t blame me for Astro being slow >_< In one episode, Chip returned to his home planet, Balto. The planet is populated by ninja scientists.(Yes, they exist.) But that`s not all, they had to encounter an entire population of NINJA SCIENTIST ZOMBIES!!!! How freaking cool is that??!! Nothing beats NINJA SCIENTIST ZOMBIES. Nothing. Except maybe dancing ninja scientist zombies who sing, but i`m yet to watch such a show.

Anime series:
 1. K Project Anime.
Pretty obvious that this was going to be number one, eh? With me always ranting on about how awesome it is and all. Yeah, it is awesome. Now it`s aired until episode 8 already, and the story is heating up! Did Adolf really kill himself?? I doubt it. He probably teleported somewhere or is not affected by fire or something. Favourite character is Misaki Yata, naturally. My aunty`s favourite character is Kuroh!!(Yes, i got her hooked on K Project, which is an anime. She dislikes anime. Pretty big success for me.) She says she finds his personality very sweet and feminine-like!! Next episode (episode 9) is `Knell`!(Did someone die? Did Adolf REALLY die??)
2. No.6.
Yeah.... This was released last year. But i watched this year, so it still counts in my books!! Even after watching the entire anime, i`m still not sure if Dogkeeper is a girl or a boy.... But my senses say shes a girl, so a girl she shall be! It`s another black and white set of main characters!! xD I like the idea of a `perfect city` and all. Seems like almost all the anime`s i`ve watched this year is set in the future. Hmm....
3. Durarara!!
~Everyone wants to kill Izaya-kun!!
Fine! I give up! Not this year only, it includes all the years up to 2012, ok? Happy now? I`ve just began watching this series, and it seems interesting. My favourite characters at the moment are Celty, Izaya and Shizuo. When Shizuo gets mad at Izaya, buildings topple! I`ve heard and read many positive comments about this show too! My schoolmates who have watched it says the story has a deep meaning to it and the plot is good, because it is confusing.... Still watching this anime, but it`s very captivating!!

~Done! This is my list for this month. I`m probably going to do a list for each month. Toodles!!
~"Chaos in the middle of chaos is not funny, but chaos in the midst of order is funny." -Steve Martin.

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  1. you love anime that i love... this is poetry
    also, no.6 should be 1 because it is the BEST ANIME IN CREATION
    best story even
    i watched it twice, subs and dubs, read all the manga that's available, and read the nine novels plus extra stories book.
    I might be a little obsessed
    just a little...


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