Saturday, December 22, 2012

I survived the end of the world!!!!

~My cousin`s awesome Christmas tree!!!! =D

22/12/2012 - Saturday.
~My lame Christmas tree at Penang.
~Today I saw a drain. I stared at the drain for a couple of minutes. It was covered by moss. Moss covered places make the place feel magical ._. Seriously, makes it feel all fairyland-like. With its soft greeny-ness and glowy-ness....
~Also, I SURVIVED 21/12/12!!!! WE SURVIVED THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! Woohoo, and we did it like a boss!!!! Me and my cousin, Reen, were at UiTM. We had a meeting with some lady there. Interesting lady. Meen went to see Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin give a speech at Petrosains. Reen and Meen nicknames for my cousins in Kuala Lumpur(KL).
~Yup, I`m in KL now!!!! Came here on Thursday. My blogging privileges and internet access has been limited. Internet here is as slow as a snail. I want to write but I think I have writers block... I`m feeling frustrated and yet happy to be surrounded by my cousins. They give me their attention. I like attention. I feel guilty I`m here now and not giving them my attention....
~Well, might as well post this here, considering the contest ended and I didn`t know cause I`m blur most of the time.... so, yeah.... anyway, I wrote too many words and had to cut so much, so this is the un-cut version? :
Prompt line : By the time I arrived, I knew I was too late. 

By the time I arrived, I knew I was too late. I stood in a damp narrow alley, a dead end in front of me. There was a smell I was only too familiar with clinging to the air, the smell of death. The creature blanketed by shadows rasped for breath as it clawed the cobble floors. Quate! Hot tears streamed down my face as I ran to its side and bend down next to it. I lifted its head onto my lap, trying my best to act brave. To stop myself from weeping like a baby.

"Don`t worry, Quate... I promised... I promised I`d be with you till you die, remember? I said I would protect you, risk my life for you... I promised..." I whispered to it softly, all the time knowing our luck had finally run out. I ran my trembling hands through it`s soft golden mane slicked with sticky blood. As soft as silk, I thought, burying my head in it`s chest, sobbing.

It was growing fainter, I realized. The beat of its heart. My creature rasped again as I looked into it`s amber eyes with my emerald ones. It was suffering. It was in pain. I panicked for a moment, then rubbed the tears away. I kissed the creatures forehead lovingly, closing its eyes with my fingers. Then, I stood up and pulled out my gun.
"Goodbye, old friend. I`ll never forget you. Goodbye" I said, managing a goodbye smile. Closing my eyes, I pulled the trigger. The gunshot sound rang through my head as I walked away, clenching my fists. Revenge would be mine!
~SV wanted his face in a photo ._.
~Anyway, Today me, Meen and Reen went to Amcorp Mall at KL with my parents and SV. We were supposed to pay Inti Nilai a visit, but there was a terrible jam on the road so we cancelled it. At Amcorp the three of us went to eat in McDonalds and OmG the line!! There`s always a line at McDonalds. Wonderful place.
~Then we went to Popular and were browsing through magazines when an elderly dude next to us bent down. Then, he FARTED. It was, like, super loud. PUTTTTT!! ._. Reen started laughing, causing a chain affect. Me and Meen began laughing like crazy people. I felt bad but we just couldn`t stop! We laughed and laughed and walked all the way to the other end of Popular laughing! Poor elderly dude ._. Sorry dude.


~Now I`m at Meen and Reen`s house. Aj`s family -including him- just arrived. Oh yeah, when does one use `-`? I`m not sure when I`m supposed to use `-`....

 ~Got to goo spend time with ma couzins, toodles!! <3
~"Immature love says "I love you because I need you." Mature love says "I need you because I love you." -Erich Fromm.


  1. ~I.K.R!!!! The pain i am feeling is unimaginable >_< Once its over i'll have nothing to look forward to every week anymore....


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