Friday, December 14, 2012

Project K episode 11 Killer

14/12/12 - Friday.
I saw Misaki again today. As per usual, he swung his bat and yelled insults when he laid eyes on me. I grinned. Misaki's so adorable when he's angry! <3

~SPOILERS ALERT!!!!  I advice you to read no further if you haven`t watched Episode 11 of K!! <3
~Ok. just. OmG. Reisi has air walking powers. Like. Ichigo`s air walking powers. He just. He walked on air. No surprise there. Wow. Then I thought he died. But he didn`t. He didn`t die and there was not a scratch on him. Kings regenerate. Ok, forgot that.
Lets defy Physics, people!!
~I`ve concluded so far that the Red team has malevolent members and the Blue team is all crazy. Except for Seri. She`s just lame. Yata nearly killed her and she was like "OmG i`m gonna die!" But Fushimi saved her, so everything`s good. I thought Yata doesn`t fight women? =.= Oh, also, Yata`s skateboard defies gravity. He was like, in air and talking to Fushimi and ignoring the laws of physics. Science be damned!! 
~Anna got shot at, but there was no blood and no wounds. So i`m guessing she`s the Black King? Suoh went on his own mission and  found Shiro and gang. Souh was all like "We`re gonna settle this now, man!" and Kuroh was all defensive and protective like "You don`t lay a finger on my Shiro!" Then Suoh flicked Kuroh away like he was a fly ._. I was all "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" and they were about to, when that dummy Munakata showed up!
~Munakata knows! He knows Shiro`s innocent! I know he knows, that bloody dummy! Why won`t he just tell it to Suoh?? Unless, Suoh knows too... Shiro and gang retreat (they`re good at it) and Shiro`s hurt. Kukuri wanted to fix his wound, then she lost it. She literally lost it. Stabbing Shiro with a glass shard and all! Right after that saved her! Then that fox-spirit-thing appeared.
Lets ask Miwa what`s going on, cause i`m lost....
~The fox-spirit-thing reminds me of the `manipulator` from Ghost Trick. Manipulating events and people. I think he`s my favourite character at the moment. The fox-spirit-thing. I think it jumps bodies when you look into the eyes of the body it possesses. Cause, Kuroh shielded his eyes when Kukuri turned to look at him. Is fox-spirit-thing the last king? Like, the White King?
~My favourite part!!!! When Shiro confesses that he`s Adolf!! HE IS ADOLF K. WEISMANN!! THE SILVER KING!! THE FIRST KING!! My Gosh! I was about to throw the pillow I was hugging at the TV screen when he confessed! How can this be?? Then who was the long silver haired dude dancing in the blimp?? I wonder what Miwa Ichigen has to say about all this!(Kuroh, press your recorder-thingy!)... Also, where is the Green King and Black King? And who`s the Colourless King then? I demand to know!! Hehe
~All shall be revealed in two more episodes.... Overall, this was an interesting episode for me!! <3
~"If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up." -J.M.Power.(Shiro woke up in this episode. Wait, no, Weismann woke up... I`m confused.)


  1. Google it. It is in the K project Wiki page

    1. ~So shes a Strain who is also Suoh's niece? How do Strains come? xD i thought Strains were animals turned humans with magic powers....

  2. This episode was extremely interesting! I just love this anime!!! :) Love your blog btw!

    Chibiko! :D

    1. ~Haha same!!!! *high fives!!* Some of my friends don't like this anime, but I LOVE it!!!! =D Every episode gets more and more interesting~~


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