Thursday, December 6, 2012

Attended Driving School

6/12/2012 - Thursday.
I really like this. Found it on Facebook and as usual, do not own it or it`s awesome words.
~Today was my first ever lessons on driving. Had a bad start. Yesterday night I told my mother to wake me up by 7:30a.m., set my alarm clock to ring at that time and also set the alarm on my handphone to wake me up at 7:35a.m. in case the other two decided to be retarded. Then i went to sleep at around 3:00a.m. After taking all that steps to ensure i wake up on time, I ended up waking up at 7:50a.m.. My mom overslept, the alarm clock decided to be a jerk and my phone was on silent....
 ~In 5 minutes i managed to wash my face, brush my teeth, change my clothes, pack my IC, notebook, pencils and a pen into my tiny pouch-bag, and drink milk. The van horned, and i was on time. Can you believe it? I WAS ON TIME. During normal school days i usually have around 30 minutes to get ready and somehow i always manage to run late. Time is a weird force of nature....

 ~Anyway, I was the first to be picked up, then the driver went to pick Rae(PC). The cool part about this driving center is that they have this van that picks and drops the students back home. We sat in the car for nearly one and a half hours before reaching the Driving School.(Johan driving school Penang) The driver went all around Penang to pick up another 5 students. Me and her were, like, the only two people in the van socialising. It felt weird. ._.
~I love those two Siamese Cats!!
We talked about Anime and OCs and even about Pocky. Pocky is from Japan. Here at Malaysia we have Pocky`s sister, Rocky. She had just bought a box of Rocky(Or is it Rockies? What is the plural for Rocky? I`m confused.) and was totally psyched about it. I would have been too cause it`s been ages since i ate Rocky(Rockies, whatever!) Then we talked about the Pocky games and we drifted into a topic to do with Lady and the Tramp. I personally think that one of the scenes that had made the movie famous was the time when the dogs ate spagetti and ended up sharing the same strand of spagetti.~
  ~At the school, me and PC realized that the driving school was located not more than 5 minutes away from where both of us live.... I COULD have woken up at 9:00a.m.! We met Tan MC and Neoh SY there, and the four of us sat in the same row.
~Oh. My. Gawd. Registration itself took Hell knows how many hours. By the time the Lecture(Ceramah) started, it was already around 11:00a.m. The lecture was sooo boring. The lecturer kept repeating one sentance like, 3 times. I bet almost everyone there felt like sleeping or yawned at least once. Everyone was bored. Period.
~Then we had break time. After break we had a new lecturer. The previous lecturer was a jolly fellow. Somewhat like the Good Cop in movies. This new guy. He was the Bad Cop. He came in and started rambling about how tons of accidents are caused because of tiredness and lack of concentration.(after seeing all our sleepy faces, that is. Sadly, that was the first thing he saw.) Heck! I even got spotted by him at for yawning.... ._.
~He told us how tiredness is the Ghosts doing.... That when we yawn while driving and when we lose concentration, it`s because the Ghosts are posessing us. They are controlling our minds. Then he said that we should have strong faith in God to avoid being disturbed by the Ghosts. I just nodded, like every other student in class. But in my mind i was thinking, whattttt?? Hey, buddy. Who told you ghosts are bad, huh?
~Clearly he has never watched Ghost Whisperer or Medium before. I mean, i thought Ghosts were our dead ancestors or something. Why whould they want us dead?? It just did not make sense to me. Some people just do not make sense. But no one truly believes in the same thing the same way, right? No one`s point of view of something is ever the same. So i guess maybe he could be right. Maybe in another dimention there is a world where Ghosts do kill people because they`re `evil`.
~Downloaded Sims Freeplay on my iPhone a couple of days back.  I wanted to kill the `Plant Monsters` with weed spray but i ddn`t wanna waste $$ on it so i just asked my Sims to negotiate with the plants.... clearly the plants are no democrats ._.
~This makes me wonder. Am I truly an INFP?? I did the Myers Briggs Personality Test three times. I got INFP two times and INTP one time. Could i be a bit of both? Is that possible? I read that INTP frequently second guess themselves. I do that all the time. But i also portray many of an INFP`s characteristics. Once again i`m second guessing myself....
~Back to the main topic, the lecture ended at 3:00P.M.(See? No `around` 3:00P.M. I`m actually sure for once!) The cool part about this driving center is that they have this van that picks and drops the students back home. I just got home and now, well, i`m online and blogging!! xD
~"Repartee is something we think of twenty-four hours too late." -Mark Twain. 

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