Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

25/12/12 - Tuesday.
Le Squashed egg ._.

~I had such an awesome Christmas Eve in my cousins house!!!! In the morning we woke up at around 12 in the afternoon, all sleepy like. Then we had our baths and our lunches and went walking at SS2 playground.

~This is when stuff got interesting. I saw a baby blue egg and pointed it out to Reen. She saw it and gently pushed it with
her foot. The next thing I knew, the egg was squashed by her slipper.... She had thought it was a toy egg, just like me, and stepped on it >_< It really did look toy-like, cause it was SO BLUE!!!! But yeah, we do feel guilty about it.... In a

Meen vandalized the playground with blue
 nailpolish she found on the
 floor. She`s a HUGE Justin Bieber fan.
parallel universe, we would have taken care of it anyway, so all is well(I hope)....
~After our walk we came back and went to One Utama at around 2 o`clock. Only me, Meen and Reen went. There I saw The Peculiar storybook at MPH but I couldn`t buy it cause I already bought a book and magazine yesterday at Popular!! I bought IQ84 by Murakami and Popcorn magazine. We came back at around 4.

Me and Rae discussing IQ84 xD
~It was also my cousin, Aj`s Birthday yesterday!! Uncle Selva(his dad) bought for him a Secret Recipe cake and it was delicious!!!! ^^ We sang the birthday song and ate cake and then went to watch The Hobbit at Paradigm mall. It was a 5.50p.m. movie. The movie was so epic and I love the songs!!!! The beginning was slightly boring and Reen was bored, but as the movie progressed, she began to enjoy it. I had asked so many people before watching the movie if it was good, and all of them said `ya`. NO ONE TOLD ME THERE IS GOING TO BE A PART TWO!!(Rae, y u no tell meee) I read the book and the movie was like, less than half the book xD Enjoyed the movie all the same~

~Firecrackers! Meen says it`s
called Magic Boom!

~After the movie we ate at Chili. Cause it was Aj`s B`day, they gave him a special B`day cake ^^ (I realized it`s so difficult for me to type without using emoticons >_< ) Then I got tummy ache.... So, I had to poop at Paradigm mall. The toilet was clean but the auto flush flushed when I was still using it! I kept the toilet clean though ^^ We had to go home early cause I still had my tummy ache >_<

Le Cake~
~After using the toilet at home, we went to SS2 Playground to play fireworks/firecrackers!!!! It was so very much fun~~ And Uncle Ravi(Meen and Reen`s dad) had the ancient sparklers too! We played dragon eggs and pop-pops and even chilipadi! It was well past 12 when we returned. Then we changed into our PJ`s and Aunty Jan(Meen and Reen`s mom) was showing Aunty Latha(Aj`s mom) her childhood pictures. That was when I realised that I`m waisting my life >_< She joined in concerts and went for parties with her friends and all I do is go online ._. I am enjoying life though! Just not the more active kind, my life is more to the cyber world. Is that good? ._.

~From left to right : Nil at the back, me, Aj the B`Day boy!!,
 Meen and Reen.
~Today(Christmas) was less eventful. We woke up late as usual. Went to Reen`s friends house for lunch. Fun people. 4 siblings in total and all very unique. The eldest male was like the stereotyped responsible child. The second is Reen`s friend, a girl. She`s super pretty and has light brown eyes with green at the endings. She was born with blue eyes but they slowly became light brown-greenish. The two remaining siblings are males younger than 15. The third child was very friendly and talked to me lots about games and anime and even his future. Wants to be an actor~ The youngest I did not like >_< He was so noisy and naughty. Kept running around and kicking people and he even put his foot my cousins shoulder.... Interesting how all of them are so different and fun to watch.

~They then came to Reen`s house cause they`re neighbours. I just downloaded this game called Mabinogi and created an account so the third child helped me create my character. He decided my character should have blue eyes, so blue eyes it was even though I wanted red.... Gameplay for Mabinogi I can`t judge yet cause I just started. Find me! Server: Alexina
Character : Savera

~Today I had the most awkward dinner in my entire life! I sat in the computer room of my cousins house with Reen and Aj, eating, when Meen`s friends decided to enter and use the computer ._. Me, Reen and Aj were awkwardly silent and it was so hard to eat when strangers were less than 5 feet away! The girls were laughing at other peoples suffering on Youtube, yeah.

~I`m being anti-social at the moment cause guests are still here, talking downstairs. Old people, no worries. No friends of mine. But I better get going, wanna play Mabinogi~ Toodles!! PS:Today Aj killed a green chair. 3 wheels came out and he fell backwards. He lived, the chair, sadly, met its end.
~"In three words I can sum up everything I`ve learned about life : it goes on." -Robert Frost.


  1. It's a robin's egg my dear.. Robin's egg are easily distinguished because of it's baby blue coloured shell. How sad that your cousin accidentally stepped on it. haha! Merry Christmas too!

    1. ~Merry Christmas to you too Viv!!!! <3 It's amazing how knowledgeable you are!! I thought we never would have found out what egg it was~ Yeah, we could have kept it and raised it =( We checked on it today and the ants ate all the yolk....


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