Monday, December 10, 2012

Make Everyday Special!!

10/12/2012. - Monday.
~River is going to make each even day of the month a special day(because River is terribly bored and wants to blog about something and shes been planning to do this for quite a while now.)
Ok, River shall start with the 1st of every month(River knows, the first is not an even number. But to make things fun for River, she shall make it a special day, too!! It goes under `the-only-prime-number-which-is-not-a-prime-number-according-to-River category`.
~Day 1 - Opposite day!! (Oh no)
On this day, everyone has to walk backwards without fail because River says so. She also hopes in aiding the `We Need More Deaths Community` by increasing the number of deaths caused by `geniuses` who decided to walk backwards and fall of stairs(or hit poles. The choice is yours.)
Ice! Ice! Baby!
~Day 2 - Without a tongue!!
When speaking on this day, the tongue must not be used. Make sure it stays at the bottom of the mouth and does not aid in speech. Only for eating can the tongue be moved around. People may think you a `tard for preforming this action, ignore them. They are the REAL `tards.... =.=
~Day 4 - Iced Day!!
Eat something frozen. Be it an ice-cream, a frozen waffle (Waffle Waffle Waffle), or even an ice cube. As long as it`s eaten immediately after it is removed from the freezer. It has to be kept in the freezer for a minimum of one hour though before being removed and consumed.
~Day 6 - Ten Recent Tunes!!
Download ten new songs onto your gadget. (You have to own a computer if you`re reading this, no? Or an handphone, at the least.) The songs must be sang in a language you do not not understand. No instrumentals-only songs!
~Day 8 - Pick It!!
Pick one song out of the 10 songs you downloaded on Day 6. Play it real loud(Like, REAAAALLLLL LOUD. Until the neighbours can hear it would be good.) Then dance to it. The dance must be energetic and must be done standing up. Make up your own crazy dance. Invite friends.
This is how one does a heart sign using ones fingers.
 ~Day 10 - I <3 You Day!!
Go around your neighbourhood and tell everyone, EVERYONE, whom you see with your eyes that `You Heart Them`. Make the heart sign using your fingers while saying it. It could make them feel better. (Or just have a weird perception of you. Maybe they will even call the Cookoo-House if you are lucky *winks*)
~Day 12 - Say Hi To A Stranger!!
Make a new friend. River does not care how. Go out to the malls and make friends with a shopkeeper; go swimming and make new swimming buddies; or simply say `Hi` the the stranger at the cashier behind(or in front) of you and strike up a conversation. You could even use OMEGLE(although River does not suggest doing so. The internet is a dAAAAngerous place!) to find a new friend. The main task is to get their names and possibly their numbers. Call them again some time to keep bonds strong!! 
~Day 14 - Scream!!

Learn to Scream from Shion. He teaches it for free on `No.6`.
Yes. Scream. At the top of your lungs. Synonyms are cry, screech, holler, yell, howl, wail, and shriek. Have your pick. Go out into a garden, don`t do it at home. Don`t want to give the old people living under the same roof a heart attack, do you? Take a deep breath of air, and let it out with a loud, long scream. Release all that stress, man. All of it.
~Day 16 - Draw!!
Pick up a pencil, pen, crayon, paint brush, stylus(Or just use your blood and a wall/floor if you don`t have drawing tools) and unleash your creative side! Draw what ever you want. Make it a pencil sketch, painting, or digital art. Whatever suits you. Draw a dog, a tree, your computer, the spider on your wall, or even your favourite characters from a show! JUST DRAW!!
~Day 18 - Hugs Galore!!
Hug everyone you come across on this particular day(People whom you know, of course. Hug a stranger and you may end up hit on the head. River is not responsible for any deaths caused by anyone *coughs* crazy enough *coughs* to preform anything stated on this blog. Period(Because it sounds way cooler than `Full Stop`, don`t-cha agree?)
~Day 20 - Story Time!!
Tell, or write, a short story. Tell a story to your younger siblings or friends. If you do not like talking, then pick up that pencil and paper. It can be less than a hundred words, describing your very purple goldfish and how it got that way. Or it can be more a thousand words. Maybe about something you did the day before? Why not
~Day 22 - Grab a camera!!
Become a photographer for a day!! River began reading Loveless Manga (Please do not judge River based on what she reads. She would deeply appreciate it *bows*) and in that manga the protagonist, Ritsuka, catches photos. Why? For memories, of course! River did this when she was his age, believing that she would one day forget if she did not. Now River keeps a blog instead to remember! *smiles* So, you do the same! Go catch some photos with dear friends and family!! Never know when they`re going to die of a surprise attack, right? *winks* Butterflies, fireflies and surroundings are fun to capture on photographs too!!
Day 24 - Child`s Storybook!!
You heard River. Go grab a childrens storybook; the ones with the large pictures and three-sentences-a-page book. Get them from your child, the library near your house, your neighbour, or even your Cat. Then, sit and read the book. After that, analyze it like you would an adult novel. Identify the moral values and appreciate the art. Someone spent precious time drawing that drawing for you to look at!
(River just wanted his face
in the post) ._.
Day 26 - Fanfiction!!
Practically everyone has a favourite show, game or book. Maybe a favourite fictional character? Take as many characters from the medium which you fancy and write about them. Add an original character(or multiple original characters) if you want! It`s your fiction! You are the puppet master. The Joker. The controller of their fates. YOU are ttheir God and their Devil! Your wish and whimsy is their command! HAVE FUN!!  
Day 28 - The Oops!
Because River does not have a liking towards this particular day, it shall be the Oops!. Accidentally(although its done on purpose, make it look accidental) fall down on someone. Or spill a drink. Make them angry, then quickly apologize to them. Notice how fast they accept your apology? Now you can judge on who is a friend and who is sticking around just to use you.
Day 30 - Totally Taffy.
The name deceives you. This is the Random Day.(Because River likes random days and randomness.) But since the name is `Totally Taffy`, eat a sweet. Or simply eat something that tastes sweet. Enjoy yourself with a mouth-watering chocolate cake, or an apple pie. You have made it this far, so relax!!
~River wanted to add `Pick Up A Stray!!`, but she decided against it. Months do not have 32 days. Besides, strays are safer on the roads than with a crazy person like you ;)
~Also, River wonders if the reader is curious as to know why River refers to herself in the third person instead of first person. This is simple. She has been influenced by Yuiko from Loveless Manga. She found it interesting how Yuiko uses Illeism in her speech, and has decided to try it out for today!!
~Toodles!! <3
~"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Undertaker wishes GOOD LUCK to anyone whos read this and is planning to follow!! xD


~Everyone loves comments, and so do I! Critiques are much appreciated too! I`ll drop by your blog to reply~ ^^