Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

7/12/12 - Friday.
Kingdom Hearts Drabble - Zemyx.
His smiles always made Zexion feel warm and fuzzy inside. And they were ever so frequent.

Whenever his aqua blue eyes and the blondes emrald ones met, he always recieved a smile, or was it a smirk? But he doubted it was anything special. Demyx smiled at practically everyone.

Only, when the blonde smiled at the slate-coloured hair boy, he was able to make the boys hands sweaty. He made him stutter and forget his words. He could even make him blush!

Zexion wondered if the sitarist ever noticed him blushing. He doubted it.

And what if he did? They were nobodies. They could not care, so how could they love? But maybe, just maybe...

Who was he kidding? They had no hearts. So how could they have emotions? Zexion sighed. We rarely get the things we want, so why want at all? That was
 just how life was, he figured.

~Idk what I just wrote.... I just.... I recall reading fanfiction about this pairing a damn long time ago, when I was playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on my DS. The first fanfiction I read for Kingdom Hearts was `Show me the money` by an epic writer named Kurosora1984 on (Google it). The story made me fall in love with gay pairings ._. Truthfully, before reading that fanfic, I always thought straight pairings were the only pairings. Fanfics have opened my eyes to an whole new world!
Kingdom Hearts!! *Spot the Mickey*~~

~I played the entire game believing that Roxas and Xion were like, a couple. Then I met the internet ._. The internet is a magical place filled with unconventional and awesome ideas about subjects and topics as random as flying rainbow christmas poops and singing poptart cats. Yes. It is epic.

~My favourite character in the game was Axel. His catchphrase was "Got it memorized?" if i recall correctly. He often said it to Roxas. =3 He also frequently scratches his head.... I wonder if Nobodies can get lice.... He should get a haircut sometime ._.

Axel, Roxas and Xion sitting at the ledge of a building....
 Falling ain`t a problem, we have resurrection :P
~But I read the fanfic a few years back, and now PC just began playing Kingdom Hearts, so i`m all hyped up about it again! She just sent me a link to Kingdom Hearts Manga and I`m at chapter 15 already. Each chapter has around 8 pages, so It`s a quick read. ^^ I really love the concept of Disney and Anime in one game! It`s like, everything awesome ever that has ever existed ever is in one game!!
My favourite pages are:
Chapter 4 Pg 8 (Has a `quote` I fancy)
Chapter 7 Pg 14 (SORA`S FACE OMG!!)
Chapter 11 Pg 6 (Anything with the Cheshire cat in it is just awesome. Period.)

~That`s it so far. Gonna go continue reading KH, toodles!!(Btw, ending my sentance with `toodles` doesn`t make me sound retarded, does it? PC says it sounds gay....)

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~"Don`t take life too seriously; you`ll never get out of it alive." -Elbert Hubbard.

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