Monday, December 17, 2012

Practical driving exam

17/12/12 - Monday.
~Found my book today... Little bit too late...
~Yesterday I woke up at 7:30a.m., all zombie like, and parked my bum in my mom`s car. We drove to the written-driving exam center and waited in a darn long line filled with half sleeping people. The exam center was located in a small room above shop lots. We had to line up on a badly lit, steep staircase. Finally they let us in and, no surprise, another line- the registration line.

~Registered and all that, then I took a seat. I waited from 8 till 10 with no one entering the exam room yet. Then we find out the servers have been down for quite a while now. Saturday`s written-driving exam candidates did not even take the exam. Everyone was tired and frustrated and the waiting room was sooo boring and crowded!! Finally they got the servers up and people started entering to take their exams. 

~I told my mum this was a badddd omen. She shrugged. Then someone noticed that I was wearing slippers and told me I could not sit for the exam unless I wore shoes. My mum was all panicky and rushed home to get my shoes, leaving me in the boring room all by my lonesome. Another bad luck sign ._. I wanted to read the manga I downloaded on my phone, but I felt weird cause both to my left and right there were people sitting beside me. Obscuring my hand movements and squashing me. I felt like a pancake-sandwich amalgam....

~Anyway, got no manga reading done there. I dozed off quite many times too. Then, cause I misplaced my driving book, I spent a considerable amount of my time peeping over the shoulder of the girl to my right, trying to read what she was reading. When my mum returned with my shoes, she asked the girl on my left, who was busy staring at the ceiling, if I could borrow her book. OmG the level of embarrassment one feels when mum`s do things like this in unmeasurable!! The girl was friendly(and probably too terrified to say no) and lent me her book. I stared at it. My biggest challenge the whole time there was not to fall asleep.(It`s not easy, believe me. Especially when you got less than 4 hours sleep.)

~It was my turn at around 11 something. They called my number, which was 029. I was asked to put my thumb on a scanner-thing to identify myself. Then they asked me to sit in front of a camera and took a picture of my half sleepy, non-combed hair, countenance. I did not even smile cause they did not tell me when they were gonna snap the photo. Oh well. 

My exam paper-thing.
~Then I entered the exam room and was guided to a computer. I began my exam. First two parts I aced. Not a single mistake! Then came the reading/memorizing from the book part.... Let me make this simple, I FAILED MY ENTIRE WRITTEN-DRIVING EXAM!!!! Yup, flunked it. I think i`m the only one in that entire room who failed her exam.... BAD OMENS!!!!

~Now don`t get me wrong, i`m not blaming anyone for my failure. I just did not study. I opened the book, went `tch`, put it back on the table. Then, the day before my exam, I lose my book.... They gave us a disk too, during the seminar. I tried using the disk... On my television =.= Of course it did not work, so I took it as faulty. Then yesterday after coming home and telling my friends about my `tarded failure, they asked me why I did not use the disk. I said I did but it did not work on my TV. They go `.... It`s for the computer, dummy!` It made me feel like I was one of those dumb people in comedies.... the feeling ain`t a pleasant one, especially after failing an exam. 

~OmG I just realized that this is the first exam in my entire life that I have failed!! Woah, new record for me!!(Should I be happy about this? *Shrugs*) So, I told my mum the next time I`ll ever be retaking my driving exam is next year. She scolded me and, well, lets just say I can`t leave unless someone is willing to take me out. Anyone willing to drive me around? Anyone? Guess not >_< I feel.... Homestuck-ed xD

~Ok, bad puns aside, I went to subway with my family + cousins + uncle yesterday night. Feels like we bought the whole shop ._. The line was terribly long and slow-moving. Then came my family`s turn. We bought so many Subway sandwiches we held the line back for more than 10minutes. It`s like, I could read the minds of the people behind us. Cursing us, scowling at us. This is why family outings can get embarrassing. But I don`t mind, it was fun!! =)

~All the sandwiches! All of it!
 ~"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world." -Leo Buscaglia.


  1. Wait.. what is the second part of the exam? O-o

    1. ~First part is the colour blindness part, next is the number plate reading part. The third part is when the serious stuff starts!!

  2. Be happy, you don't have to worry about car accidents (: And if someone ever gets in your way to read manga then bitchslap the bitches (:


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