Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Durarara!! Episode 8

18/12/2012 - Tuesday.
~I was watching Durarara!! when I decided to Google Dollars group. The password to enter is baccano (Should the password be private or secret? ._. Idk, found it out by Google) It`s a really awesome group!! And the forums and chatrooms are fun~

~I just watched episode 8 of Durarara!! And realized that what the episode was trying to convey was sooo true!! I`m always misplacing my items and they show up at the most useless of times.... My Undang Driving Book, for example =.= (I can almost swear that the book hates me) I remember once when I was searching for my school book and my dad told me not to look too hard. Items turn up when we don`t really put much effort in trying to locate them. Is it true? Or is it just mere coincidence? Cause when I stopped looking and decided to watch TV, during an advertisement, I recalled where I left my book! Or maybe sometimes we just need to take time to reflect to recall where we hide our belongings from ourselves? xD

~There was a stage in my short life when I used to keep everything I thought I ever needed to survive in a bag. Then I`d carry the bag where ever I went. My family eventually found a name to mock me with. Vagabond. Yup, I was a vagabond from ages since-I-could-understand-loss until around the age of 10. Don`t really know what that title has to do with carrying a bag where ever you went, but that was what I was called for awhile. (´・ω・`)

~Shush, we`re the Dollars.
~Used to take a bag everywhere, constantly changing its contents following my interests at that particular moment. There was once when I used to carry all my comic books with me; and another time I would take my musical boxes where ever I went. I had a collection of them; still do but I don`t care for them as much as I did then. I don`t care for much of anything as I did when I was younger.

~Another reason why I used to keep all my belongings I deemed important in a portable bag was because I was still  young. I used to believe that at any moment, something terrible would happen and I would be prepared for it. But not terrible, not exactly. At that time, I took it as an adventure. Adventures happen when you least expect it, and they don`t give you time to pack. It`s like, you are thrown into a new environment and you have to meet new people and survive. So I carried my bag, always prepared. Sadly, in reality, adventures like those in fantasy storybooks choose to remain a fantasy. 
~Have I already used this picture before? o.o

~And then there is Celty, always looking for her head. Imagine losing your head O__o I`d feel so... weird. And people would stare and i`d never leave home.... I can understand why she wants to recollect her past memories, but, like Shinra says, why? In her new life, she has made so many new memories. Why does she need the old ones? I guess she feels that they are a part of her, and losing them is like losing a part of herself. They could play a key role in her understanding her purpose of life, maybe? But first, she has got to find that head she lost ;)

~At the ending of the episode, there was another Celty! So, are they like running experiments and sewing other peoples heads on other peoples bodies?? Head switch! xD And what about the girl going around and finding out what people are searching for? I find it nice of her to care ^^ But what can she do about it? And what is she searching for? Connections? I guess I am, too ._.

~At one part of the episode, Shinra will talk about dreams to Celty. I found that part interesting too!! Dreams are so special and magical! The problem with my dreams are they barely make any sense to me! They may be awesome or just scary, but when I recall enough of it to write it down, I do. So far I have realized a pattern in my dreams. I recall my dreams best on the 10th`s of each day best. It`s weird, but maybe i`ll find someone who can read and decipher them for me some day....

~I`m gonna go watch Drrr!! Episode 9 now, toodles~ ;)

~"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller. 


  1. You finally continued! I thought you gave up on DRRR!! already?

    1. ~Yeah, I thought i did, too!! Then I joined Dollars and my love for Drrr!! returned~~ I don`t like watching it alone, though. So I`m downloading the episodes and watching them with my family on TV.


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