Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to Do an Evil Laugh: 6 steps - wikiHow

How to Do an Evil Laugh: 6 steps - wikiHow
Tvtropes Evil Laugh
13/12/2012 - Thursday.
~Haha, I was just cruising the net when I stumbled across these websites! I`ve gotten the deranged giggles covered! Now i`m working on a crazy laugh~
What`s wrong with you, woman? What`s wrong with YOU???
~Today I followed Rae to hear talks on colleges and universities, and I think i`ve finally decided on what I`m gonna study and where! TASMANIA! Yup! Home of the Tasmanian Devil, folks! And another island. There seems to be an unseen force around somewhere, making sure I move from one island to another, never actually living on the mainland.... I just hope i`m able to bear the cold temperatures there. I`m not one whose fond of cold climates, living on a tropical island my entire life and all....
~Mass Communication sounds so awesome, and so does a bachelors in arts!! And I would love so much to become an animator!! And yet, if I don`t do something science related, why did I spend 2 years of my life in the Science Stream?.... So for now I`m planning on majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Geology (but, just as the sky is blue, plans change) I`m probably going to go to UTAS to further my studies.
~My mum said once I complete those studies and start earning, I can study arts in my free time!!!(I`ll have to pay using my own money to study those subjects though. Fair enough!) I really hope I enjoy it at Australia, all by my lonesome ._.
~I haven`t been to Australia before, but my aunty and uncle lives there! The problem is that they stay all the way at Canberra.... Anyway, if I become a permanent resident there, I`m gonna get a Tasmanian Devil as a pet!! It is legal to have one as a pet, right? Is it? I hope it is.... Don`t wanna be doing anything illegal, do I? o.o
~Haha! I just found this website when I was researching on Tasmanian Devils :
Argument vs contradiction~ It`s really funny! Gotta go now, gonna set up a christmas tree at the entrance of our house!! Toodles~
~"There`s nothing wrong with you. There`s a lot wrong with the world you live in." -Chris Colfer.


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