Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year`s Eve!!!!

31/12/12 - Monday.
~BBQ-ed Foodddd!!
~Happy New Year`s Eve everyone!!!! <3

Happy belated last Sunday of the year and last Monday of the year too!! Goodbye 2012, hell~oo 2013!!
~Today`s also my grandpa`s(I call him Apupa, his name is Jaganathan) 80th birthday!! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! <3 I flew back from Johor to Penang yesterday on Air Asia. My first time flying alone! It was an awesome experience cause I barely said 10 words the whole trip. During the flight, I read 1Q84 while eating a sausage bun my aunty bought for me (Thanks!) I got the window seat (27F). Beside me was a man who slept the whole flight. The view outside the window was.... dark xD Evening flight (7:50P.M. flight). Reached the airport at around 9:30P.M. Mom met me at the gate and took me home~ I miss my cousins so much already!!

~Decoration before adding tables.
~Freemasons notice board.
~Watched tons of movies at Johor. Yesterday I woke up at 9:00A.M. and followed my uncle, Nil and Aj to the Freemasons clubhouse to decorate it for New Year`s party. The upsetting part was that I was supposed to attend the function, but it`s today night and my dad bought my return ticket on Sunday without first consulting my Uncle! He had purchased a ticket for me for the New Year party already.... Anyway, we had fun decorating the hall. An hour after we got started with hanging the balloons, more people came to help us. I also fell when carrying the chairs cause a table slipped and hit my leg causing me to fall on it with the chairs I was carrying.... My body still aches, but I`m fine =) Also, to clear any suspicion, Freemasons are not an occult or anything evil! They are just dudes hanging around chatting with each other. Similar to book club meetings and tea parties females have.

~Senibong Cove.
~We completed the decorating by 2pm and went to Senibong Cove to look at my cousins new house. It. Was. Awesome!! They even had a club house/community house thing and there was a swimming pool and all. Then we went home, had lunch and me and Aj watched SAW. Best movie ever! It was gruesome, I know, but the twist was amazing. I so did not expect the bad dude to be there the whole time! When I thought the bad guy had died, I was rooting for him to die. But when it was revealed that the villain survived, I found myself admiring the villain. I was not against him, I was freaking ADMIRING his genius! Then I realized that there were hints dropped around the movie revealing that the bad dude was not the bad dude we thought but a different dude! I just. I want to watch SAW 2 soon.

~Fishcakes and Sate first
batch burned xD
~After watching SAW I packed by bag and got ready to leave for the Airport. Uncle, Aunty and Aj came to send me off. Nil went to his friends Bday party. The day before that, on Saturday, I had a forest full of fun! We had BBQ at Nil and Aj`s grandparents house. There, I met their cousins. Which make them my cousins cousins xD Their names were Sonya(12) and Dylon(10). We went there in the morning for lunch. Then Sonya asked me if I wanted to watch anything and handed me a whole bunch of CD`s. (They`re from Singapore btw, Sonya`s a huge fan of One Direction~) I picked Diary of a Wimpy Kid cause I have not watched it before.

~I really enjoyed Diary of A Wimpy Kid! Should have watched it sooner! Helped me bond with them too. She had all 3 discs so we watched the first and second one before starting the BBQ. The cheese touch! Lol. First in the series concentrated more on the friendship between Greg and Rowley. The second one, Rodrick Rules, was more on Greg and his relationship with his brother, Rodrick. I find their mom really fun and amusing. Mum bucks. And when they switched the door, lol the dad thought he was growing senile. No lock!

~BBQ-ing Sate~

~We had the BBQ at around 4:30pm. First, I helped Aunty Mei wrap the Miyazaki sweet potatoes in foil and we put them between the charcoals. Before that we got the fire started using fire starters. Hehee, we`re not cheaters, we just do things smart xD Anyway, the charcoal finally caught fire and we sat there fanning it. Then we put the metal thing above the burning charcoal and put the food on it. I had fishcakes, chicken, sate and sausages. When it came the time to roast marshmallows, the bloody electricity died. We were using a fan to keep the fire going, but now we had to use manpower....

~Sate n Banana~
~This resulted in the fire dying. Then, Aunty Mei used a newspaper and fanned with so much energy the charcoals suddenly burned into flames again! Sonya screamed in shock. It was amazing! But once she stopped fanning the fire died down again and all we had was coal heat. It was ok though, we managed to cook bananas and the marshmallows using just heat from the charcoal. On that day I learned that no one there could beat Aj`s marshmallows xD He makes them golden and gooey. Truth be told, I`m no fan of marshmallows, but I did enjoy the BBQ Bananas!! The electricity came back when we were almost done....

~Scary tree ._.
~We then went back in at around 7 and sat in the living room under the air conditioner. Ahhh~ Then, we proceeded to watch Diary of a wimpy kid : Dog days. Sadly, I only watched this half way. At the part where Greg and Rowley go to the funfair. Then Rowley`s parents don't want him mixing with Greg anymore cause he`s a bad influence. See? Told you friends parents judge us when we are with their kids.... I find that uncomfortable.... We had to leave cause Nil wanted to get posters from a shop for his friend as a B`day gift. Sonya and Dylon also leave for Sg at night. They come in the morning and leave when the sun has set.

~The poster shop at KSL mall had cool posters with wonderful prices! I wanted to buy them for my friends but the only Black Butler posters they had were so.... how do I put it? Gay. I couldn`t bring myself to buying such posters in the presence of my uncle and aunty >_< I wish they had more normal posters.... They didn`t have any K Project posters though =( Guess the anime`s still too new. They had Death Note posters, but I didn`t like the quality. *Sigh* FYI, the poster shop is shifting to City Square.

~On Friday I watched Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay(2). I found this movie funnier than the first one. Still perverted and PG18, but hilarious. And I also learned that at Amsterdam, smoking weed/pot is legal ._. We watched Team America : World Police at night when aunty and uncle were out. `America! Fuck yeah!` Pardon my language~ The movie was deeply disturbing and weird but at the same time dirtily funny. And they used puppets to make the movie! Puppets! It shows how America interrupts other country`s business and, usually, causes more damage >_< It also uses stereotypes. BE WARNED! The song it terribly catchy and sticks in your mind, keeps replaying itself like a broken recorder. And, worst part, I can`t sing it aloud unless I want my parents murdering meh!   

~Should be going now, must make a new year`s resolution soon! Toodles <3

~"Spottswoode: From what I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.N.C.E has gathered, it would be 9/11 times 100. 
Gary Johnston: 9/11 times a hundred? Jesus, that's...
Spottswoode: Yes, 91,100. 
Chris: Basically, all the worst parts of the bible."

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