Saturday, December 8, 2012

Art class and Queensbay outing

9/12/2012 - Sunday.
My mom signed me up for artclass....
~My mom decided i`m doing nothing at home except staring at the computer, so she decided to sign me and my 9 year old brother up for art classes.... EVERY STUDENT AT THE ART CLASS WAS YOUNGER THAN ME!! EVERYONE!! Do you know how embarassing that was?? Do you?? Cause it wasn`t to me. I actually felt at home surrounded by kids and not by people of my age group. Kids don`t talk yo you, adults do. Kids don`t ask you questions about yourself, adults do. Kids just make noise.
~Anyway, sat there for 2 hours but completed that drawing/painting thing in less than one and a half hours. I only went cause SV(My younger bro) wouldn`t attend the classes without me.(And my mom wanted me to get out of the house and `live`) Classes are every Saturday from 11.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. I had to wake up by 10.00am.... My brains thinking juices don`t function properly until well past 2.00p.m....
~The teachers were 3 ladies of different age groups. I was seated next to this noisy boy who, at one point, started going `Oh, Sexy Ladie` to his christmas tree drawing(Which had anime eyes. Cute tree). He was singing `Oppa Gungdam Style`, and my gosh he knew the lyrics! Then, my bro who sat on my right, began singing `Chasing The Sun` by `The Wanted`....
~The girls in the class were fairly quiet compared to the boys. The girl who sat opposite my bro did not say a word the entire class. Another cute girl, much younger than my brother, smiled at me when I smiled at her. Only one to smile back at me, actually. No one else there seemed to favour returning smiles ._. She kept staring at my painting, and when I was done and was told to keep back my belongings by the teacher, she silently took my opened paint bottles and helped me close them. I thanked her but she did not reply. Maybe she does not know English? She too did not speak at all until her dad came to pick her up at the end of the class. Then she spoke Chinese to him as they walked out of the air-conditioned room. I would have loved to be friends with her, but I did not even know her name....
~As par usual, my mom came late to take me and SV home. She was more than 30minutes late, to be precise. We were the only students left and the teachers started talking to us >_< Thank God my brother did most of the answering. They told us to tell our mom to come early next time cause it was their lunch break and they only had till 2.00pm. I felt bad for them. My mom came in to pay the fees and apologised. Her excuse : Traffic jam.

Couple Yougurt. Bought from JCO Donuts at Queensbay, Panang.
~Later that night we went laptop hunting at Queensbay.(I`m using my bro`s(Nar) computer at the moment. Will need to get a laptop soon for college. Anyone have laptop suggestions? I want a laptop with a removable screen(Like, half laptop-half tablet/iPad kind of hybrid thing) but none of the shops we visited sold them. Then we came across a shop named Switch, and I was like, "Hey amma!(Mom in Tamil) Look! It`s Switch!" FYI, Switch is a character from `Sket Dance` anime. Cool program. Nar got me hooked on it when Animax was airing it. Ended recently. Yeah. My mom watches anime. Problem?
~That shop was no help though, cause all they sold were Apple products, and I`m too fond of Windows to switch to Apple.(Although my phone is an Apple product ._.) Phones and computers are totally different! Period.

Durian Doughnut.
~Then we went to JCO Dounts cause SV insisted we buy him doughnuts.(Erm, why is autocorrect not working on this PC??) The yogurt was originally a tower, standing straight and magestic.... Until my mom said it looked damn disturbing =.= Then i realized what she meant and toppled the tower to make it look less obscene.... My mothers mind is a wonderful place xD I added peaches, some sort of purplish pink jam and oreos as the toppings. I must say, it was deliciously sour. RM10.00(Not sure how much if taxes are added). Grandma bought it for us four to share~
~SV odered his usual Strawberry doughnut, while i decided to try something different. I chose Durian flavoured doughnut. It tasted.... Durian-ish? Self note : Do not buy this flavour ever again, just buy real durians from a durian shop. 
~Also, today during lunch I decided to read the newspapers. Quite a few articles caught my interest, including this one Master`s Manga : Worlds of Wonder.
~Thats it for this post, going to continue with my story.... Argh! I feel so lazy! There`s just no mood to write and the weather here is perpetually humid and warm.... Toodles....
~"Courage is found in unlikely places." -J.R.R. Tolkien.


  1. I quitted art classes when I was 15.... Well at least you get to learn how to be a better artist =)

    1. ~Aw, wanna join back again for this month? You can join me! Then I won`t have to be the only 17yr old there....

  2. No thanks. I have other more important things to do . This month is a busy month for me.

    1. ~*pouts* okkk!! Hehe, I`ve gotten too much free time....


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