Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Living Cartoon Girl

4/12/2012 - Tuesday.
~I joined Animax Asia Community awhile back, and recently i recieved an email from an Animax buddy. Thought I might share the links here =D Also, add me on Animax Community!! FoodFanatic
~ found this article really interesting, and also sightly disturbing(It`s probably because i am scared of dolls ._. Result of watching Chucky.... Damn freaky movie).
~Anastasiya Shpagina (She looks like a real Barbie, right?! So awesome!! I don`t own the photo btw)

~Imagine being able to turn yourself into a real life cartoon character!!(Cosplay??) Some may regard this with a negative view. Imagine, tons of anime-looking girls everywhere xD Some might even take this as how the future generation is going to turn out. People starving themselves and spending tons of time on make-up. Yeah.
~But, truthfully, I find this girl, Anastasiya, amazing. She has the talent to transform herself to look like a cartoon character with mere make-up! When i saw her photos, it took me quite an amount of time to actually believe that she was human!And if she`s enjoying what she does, why judge her? Almost everyone is striving to reach perfection, right? Besides, my cousin(Yes, Squirrel, refering to you!!) once told me, do whatever makes you happy!! =D I hope I get to meet this person someday.... (Probability of this ever happening : 2%)
~"Don`t cry because it`s over, smile because it happened." -Dr.Seuss. 

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