Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Keeps Me Awake


What Keeps Me Awake.

~The moon is out and the stars are gleaming, and I`m awake instead of dreaming.
My bed beside me, it cries for a body. To wrap itself under its cozy sheets and keep it company.
I would go now, turn off my lights and rest my head. If it were not for the toy beside my bed.
It stares at me with glowing, knowing eyes. Waiting for me to rest, to steal my soul at last.
~NO! No, I shall not let it outsmart me! I shall not sleep, not till it is banished!
But how do you get rid of an unmovable object? How would you play the game I`m caught up in?
I`ve grown so old, so very weak and tired. Maybe it IS time for me to sell my soul to the Devil.
They say he`s evil, but why would that be? I have never met him, so I cannot say.
~Why would he torture his subjects, if they did what he wanted them to do?
Why would he hurt those who support him? Who keep halls filled with life?
I get not the logic of the living, but maybe it is because I am slowly fading.
My eyelids are going heavy, my eyes slowly closing.
~Farewell world I have resided in. A world where memories were made and life well lived.
The demon`s toy, it waits. It calls. I hear it whisper, in the halls. 
In the creaks of old staircases and the whistles of latched windows.
I`m going now, and if allowed, I shall tell you if Hell is hallow.
For I go to Hell for the company, as you may go to Heaven for the scenery.
~*RSN*~ Written because I can`t sleep and have the urge to write. Last line is taken from a Mark Twain quote because Mark Twain is AWESOME.

1/4/2012 - Friday.
~Ok, I`ve been doing research about the Three Act Structure. It contains of the beginning, where all characters are introduced as well as the problem is revealed. The second part is the middle, where all the conflict and interesting events take place. It also usually ends with things looking bad for the character. Like, when it looks like all hope is lost and the rivals have won. Try to make your reader cry here? The third part is where everything is magically solved. Either your hero finds a way to solve their problems or they just die.
~Wreck-it Ralph.
~I`m going to compare this to Wreck-it Ralph cause I love that show so freaking much!! At the beginning, we are introduced to Ralph. He`s a dude who just wants to be appreciated. To gain what he wants, he needs to get a medal. Ok, problem, see? Cause he`s not the hero, and villains, well, they usually don`t get medals.
~At part two, he goes off to get his medal. He also has to go through tons of obstacles and conflicts to get that medal. He even meets Vanellope and they become buddies. There`s conflict between Vanellope and King Candy, and later Vanellope and Ralph. The conflict between Ralph and Vanellope even made me cry. And the way King Candy convinced Ralph about Vanellope`s problem, even I believed him! When Sugar Rush was about to be consumed by Cy-Bugs, it made me feel that there was no hope left.
~Then there is Act three, or the third part, where Ralph came up with a brilliant plan and saved them all. Lovely ending. In other words, the majority of wonderful movies use this Three Act Structure formula. My story, however, is so messy I don`t know where the first act ends and the second starts ._. Never mind, I write for the love of writing!!(And to tell my character`s stories. Don`t want them getting upset with me, do I?)
~About the five important elements of a story. I can`t believe this, but my English teacher used to stress on these points and I recall saying `Meh! As long as I understand the story and pass my exams, I`m happy. To hell with your analyzing of every little part of the story` Oh! How I wish I had paid more attention to her during class! 
~I kind of understand about Character, Setting, Plot and Theme. It`s the Conflict that always gets to me! Anyway, it`s well past midnight  and I want to watch more Death Note. And no, i`m not selling my soul to the Devil. I think only white people do that.(No offence, but seriously. I haven`t watched a show or read a story where a black dude makes a deal with a Demon or Devil.) Toodles!! <3
~"I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I'm not the same, the next question is "Who in the world am I?" Ah, that's the great puzzle!" -Lewis Carroll.

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