Tuesday, January 8, 2013

~*Mello and Near*~

 1/8/2013 - Tuesday.
~Near and Mello.
~I`m at episode 30 now, and i`ve already met Mello and Near. They seem like likable characters to me. Although I still miss L.... Gosh! I`m watching this anime fast! Gonna read the manga once i`m done with the anime! Any suggestions of anime to watch similar to Death Note? =3

~It`s games we are playing. It`s all we are ever doing.
~Life is like a game, is it not? And no one gets out alive anyway. (Some quote, I think.)

~It`s adorable how Mello`s name could contradict his personality. Just add a `w` behind Mello and his name becomes `mellow`. Mellow means soft/free from harshness, but the way he behaves says other wise. His real name is Mihael Keehl (so fancy!). I have no problem with Mello really, even if he acts on emotion. I can understand jealousy. He`s probably jealous of Near for coming first all the time. Besides, he has an inferiority complex. He just wants to win so bad. Is that a quality he share`s with Lawliet, I wonder?

~You`re never too old for toys.
  ~How old is Near anyway? He`s playing with toys. I like that. He`s maintaining the child in him. I wouldn`t give such toys to my children though ._. Don`t need them playing with Shinigami`s and robots with green skulls in them. No, thank you. Oh! And I spot lego! ^^

~Oh! Wow. Near, you`re a Virgo and the manga states that your blood type is B. *high fives!* I`m the same! And your real name is Nate River. o.o My alias is River. Coincidence? I think not! How did you get your alias anyway? I`ll keep watching to find out =3 

~Choo-choo! Oh! Hi Mello =)

~It`s like Mello and Near are the two extreme opposites of each other. Mello acts on emotion and shows it clearly. Near, for me, acts cool and collected. Mello wears this tight fitting clothes that make me uncomfortable just looking at it. Near wears comfy baggy clothes that looks like pyjamas. Mello`s hair is straight, Near`s hair is kinda curly? 
 One thing they both share in common, they want to catch Kira!

~I agree with Near. Nothing good can come from accepting Kira. Simply because now the majority of the world will be living in fear of him. It`s like communism or dictatorship. Coming from a democratic country, i`m against this. Just watch  the ending of episode 30 again, you`ll see. All those mad peoples wanting other people dead. *sigh*

~Light thinks he`s making an ideal world, but what about the criminals who had families? What about those he killed that had loved ones? Won`t they end up hating him? Then they would just want Kira dead. It`s just like how Misa worships Kira for killing her parents murderer, some other person may loathe Kira for killing their parents! How come there`s no larger rebel force? I guess the police, Near and Mello are the rebel force, but that`s so little people.... Meh. The world is weird.

~He reminds me of L in the certain ways he behave.

~There should be a Scare Note or something. Where it makes the criminals suffer mentally until they become good or realize their sins. Hehhee torture. Somewhat like what the dude from SAW was doing, just without the `they end up dead` part. The bad guys should suffer in their minds until they atone for their sins! But not die. No. That`s God`s power. To take another person`s life.

~Besides, a perfect world? There can never be a perfect world because without bad people, how do we know what good people are like? We need one type to compare with the other. If everyone was good, the world would be boring and more than half the world`s population would be out of job. The criminals, and the police. Heck! If everyone was good, no one would be good! We would all just be normal, or indifferent. Just like in The Incredibles, when Syndrome says and I quote :

Syndrome (to Mr. Incredible): "I'll give them the most spectacular heroics anyone's ever seen. And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that everyone can be superheroes. Everyone can be super. And when everyone's super, no one will be." [evil laughter]

~Major blunder on my part for this screenshot >_<

~See? When everyone`s super, no one will be. So if everyone`s good, no one will be. Truthfully, I`ve been living by this quote ever since I saw the movie when it was released. After that, I just didn`t want to do what ordinary people did. Though luck. I`m as ordinary as the closest person next to you probably.

~Besides, who gives us the right to judge who is good and who is evil? To a person doing evil, they may think that what they are doing is good. Everyone has their own view of justice on events and situations. Maybe God actually likes evil? Has anyone thought of it in that context? Hitler for example. Dude had some weird mojo protection going on. Avoided death many times too. Could God have enjoyed him playing with us humans that he prevented an early death for Hitler? He changed History, played an important part in it. 

~I know what Hitler did was evil in my point of view, but to others he could be a savior/hero. Just like Tok Janggut (Or other of our Nation`s heroes.) To us, they fought for our freedom. They are heroes in our eyes. But what about the British? To them our heroes could have been villains or rebels. There is a possibility that our `penjajah`(colonizers) were trying to make us a better nation. But to us, they just wanted to steal our freedom, land and resources. It all depends on how we look at it. Therefore, who has the right to say what is right and what is wrong? The one wrong I believe in is taking another`s life with our own hands. It is the one thing I am sure of that should never be done.

~Sometimes I feel weird typing all this then posting it here. I`m beginning to type in my blog just as how I write in my diary, which is bad cause I don`t take into account the other party`s thoughts and feelings.... Hmmm. Idk all my posts are my personal opinions. If anyone feels deeply offended, here`s a Ilama. *Hugs you*. Now, forgive meee!!Also, DEATH NOTE ROCKS!!!! <3

"Humans are SO interesting!" -Ryuk. (Death Note.)

"Humans are so appealing and interesting." -Izaya Orihara. (Durarara.)
"Death: Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom." -Terry Pratchett.

 * I feel so honored to be a human at the moment.*

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