Friday, January 4, 2013

Upside Down movie rewiew

1/5/2012 - Saturday.
~On Friday(yesterday) Kritini came over at around 11:30A.M. This meant that I had to wake up by 10 to prepare for her arrival. Not. Cool. Now I`m so tired I think I`m going to faint on my keyboard..... Anyway, she came here and we had lunch then went to Queensbay. Met some short dude there, her bf apparently(No offence intended, he was as tall as her....) Shush! This is a Serket!
~Upside Down =)

~We watched a movie called Upside Down. The story surrounds a male named Adam, who`s from Down Under. There they have double gravity and all. Anyway, Adam falls in love with a girl, Eden,  from Up Top. Cha! Forbidden Love! Adam`s from the slums, Eden`s from the rich. Usual love story thing.  I`m not one who usually watches romance flims, but Adam`s determination was charming.

~What made me attracted to watch this movie was the idea of dual gravity. That was awesome! Imagine looking up and seeing another person staring back at you. xD And the mountain scene where it rains but the rain falls upwards, that`s so cool!

~Yesterday, me and Nar watched this video called Man Cleaning The Cobra Pit. The MaximBady dude`s face expressions are priceless! So, Nar goes and asks Nil what `flying ****` means over the phone, and I was sitting next to him when he asked the question. (Eavesdropping nyeh nyeh) Yesterday I did not know the answer. Today I do. I am a little wiser today compared to yesterday thanks to Upside Down for providing the answer.
~ The movie Upside Down had a scene where they were rotating/floating in the air, kissing and stuff. The stranger sitting beside me started laughing, causing me to laugh too ._. Anyway, I think the cinemas cut a few scenes, cause suddenly she was pregnant at the end, and she was not laid the entire movie! How is that possible? Anyway, they were floating/flying and doing it, I suppose? So, the Da Vinci Code is solved. What they did was a `flying ****`.

~Ok, also, yesterday night after posting my last crappy post, I stumbled across this website.
Which, in turn, led me to these websites.
More comics :
~I`m reading THIS IS NOT FICTION at the moment, and MY GOSH it`s hilarious!
Coming across this websites reminded me that I used to read and follow MAOH (Minor Acts Of Heroism) a few months back. So I Googled it and realized that I`m already 2 chapters behind! I read the chapters yesterday before starting with THIS IS NOT FICTION. MY GOSH I MISS READING COMICS!!!! <3
~Oh! And I saw Assassin's Creed book at Borders at QB!!!! I wanted to buy it sooo bad, but I didn`t know if it was the first book in the series.... *Walks away feeling dejected* I should have bought it.... Never mind, I`ll just play the game when I go to Johor.... Aj has all three of the games!
~ Have to sleep early cause I gotta go visit Taylor`s tomorrow. Also, Kritini wants to use my laptop. She`s staying the night. Toodles!! <3
~"What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know." -Saint Augustine.

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